Sociopath (EUW)
: New bug is banning other people accounts
takes about 24 hours for a response
: I don't type often this is the first time I've ever typed on this account and all I said was: Game 1 In-Game BishopoLnVf: gio afk BishopoLnVf: go afk gragas iron 4 BishopoLnVf: red smite on gragas kekw pepega BishopoLnVf: pepega BishopoLnVf: HOW CAN I R BishopoLnVf: IDITO BishopoLnVf: WHEN U FKCI9NG BishopoLnVf: R HER INTO THE BISH BishopoLnVf: WITH NO VISION BishopoLnVf: idiot BishopoLnVf: red smite BishopoLnVf: if u didnt R we would have killed her BishopoLnVf: bg BishopoLnVf: rep jg I was just so triggered when he didnt listen to me and coudln't understand that I couldn't R to his R when they are in a bush. Maybe my bad but a fricking 14 day suspension is not a good apropiate punishment for this .
Just dont type if you cant control yourself , There is an option to turn chat off. Gragas did the right thing in ignoring you, If you respond to flamers you end up getting punished yourself. Reform, the game is more fun when you understand its just a game. If you cant hack playing with randoms find a group of like minded people and play with them. Also you want focused people , play ranked not normals. Try not to pass on your frustrations at being bad to your team. I understand your learning to play Yasuo but flaming people is never effective, Its proven that encouragement actually improves performance (100% Fact ). You got 2 weeks to reflect on this. Best of luck.
: Why do I get suspension?????
I dunno how you kids feel the need the type , i only ever say GG WP or GL & HF , Maybe offer some advice. But for the most part there is not time to type unless your one of them Grey screen simulators. Just play well , remember its only a game and if you dont enjoy it there are other games out there. Wish you luck with your reform and see you on the rift {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Quınn (EUW)
: Quinn has a bug so simple to fix it hurts
open a support ticket and take screen shots of their replies
CMriss (EUNE)
: Champion shards in Chests
disenchant them for BE and wait for shop then buy Gemz for the rare skins
: > [{quoted}](name=ToastAndJam,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gY308EAM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-21T22:58:45.372+0000) > > Each player has the option to ban one champion. My advice? > > Use it, instead of always banning Zed. well zed with new presece of mind sounds more unfun
and yet you want to nerf yas ? why not zed ?
: Buy ad version of spellthief. Stack it. Sell it and buy ap version. U lose wards for gold
HercaZ (EUNE)
: Its not that bad guys... It really issint just finish minions with the relic and youll get those wards in no time, the income difference issint that big actually. People only complain because its different than it used to be, but just try it out you wont feel a huge difference at all..
i dunno what you mean , The problem is the Gold stops at 1k. So after you hit 1k gold you have 0 Income.
: Dragon adjustments to the map IS NOT SOUND FX
i have not noticed this , i think you have your volume way too high
: i dont like flaming and misstreating low levels but RIOT forces me to do so
Or just turn your chat off ?? seriously if you cant control yourself seek therapy
Uraraka (EUNE)
: If we're playing any champ that is not {{champion:235}} or {{champion:555}} , just ignore lane and get drakes. Of the games I played in new patch, the two games I lost are simply because my jungler didn't take any drake and opponent jungler took 4, got soul for the team. Every other game my jungler took drakes and we win even when few lanes were losing.
Ye ive noticed this , Im seriously considering taking Smite for drakes as they are so strong right now
JustClone (EUNE)
: Yes. Tax. At least this is what I am doing. Jungle camps. Scuttle. Cannon minions. Last resort - melee minions. {{champion:555}} feels more OP than ever. "Your cut" gold takes you MILES AHEAD of the enemy support. Yesterday I was on my way of 3rd item, when he had just 1. (Lagging behind in level aside, pyke doesn't really care about pre-season nerfs.) Good luck.
i thought about just One tricking Pyke as he wouldnt be affected by this at all. I think the major issue is that they removed klepto and Supports income in the same patch it feels untested and not thought through
Wex0r (EUW)
: Hyper rolling for 1 or 2 cost units usually gives 1 or two 3 star units. The other option is they are extreemly lucky and get multiple neeko drops.
If i hyper roll from the start i can usually go druid woodland and get 2 or 3 , 3 star units. The problem is that while they are 3 star they are rubbish compared to a 2 Star Olaf or Veigar.
: About tft and lvl 3 champs
Hyper rolling for 1 or 2 cost units usually gives 1 or two 3 star units. The other option is they are extreemly lucky and get multiple neeko drops.
: Also as Senna collecting souls is counting as CS ? logic no
I dunno if it counts, It shouldnt but i think it does, i will join a game and check
Rioter Comments
: I think is all cs include jungle farm. Riot need make this to prevent mid picking support item and get free gold or top and adc
But the previous support items stopped gold generation after killing minions anyway. the problem is the new items actively punish the support. Not to mention as soon as you hit 1k the item stops giving the passive gold so you are completely screwed. The way it is now is support is allowed 1k gold per game and somehow have to stay relevant. Also as Senna collecting souls is counting as CS ? so getting punished for stacking passive.
: to get 20 cs you need cath 3-4 waves cath 1-2 is just 12-14 cs will not make problem for you
Does it include jungle farm ?, I hit the 80% due to base defending with 3 inhibs down i was struggling to keep the nexus turrets alive. Previously in this situation the income would be so good i could buy a couple of items and have a chance of making a come back, Now i cant afford half an item and it feels once inhibs are broken the game is over.
: "Receive diminishing gold from excessive minion kills": Farming more than 20 CS per 5 minutes (3 out of 10 waves) reduces gold from minions by 50%. The penalty increases with further CS to a max of 80% reduction at 50 minions. Once the penalty kicks in, your CS gold is reduced to (70 - CS within 5 minutes)%. I think its stays until you reach less of 20 minions on last 5 min (or on average) but im not sure
Ok i understand this , but it shouldnt last the entire game sometimes i need to splitt as support or just catch a wave
: Is not a bug is the massive farm protection to adc/mid and other roles not buy support items if you farm more of 20 cs on last 5 min you get gold cut
: Yeah the new gold intake for Supports is really baffling me... I'm on the fence with it, on one hand it means the ADC are now the main focus botlane but on the other hand Support seems to irrelevant, i main leona and i just dont see much point anymore lol
i mean the adc should always have been the focus but now im in games where the jungle ganks they kill the adc and just leave not even attempting to kill me. Jungle seems to have found new power in this patch as they are all lvl 2 ganks going on. Guess we will have to wait a few days and see how it is after it settles down.
: I mean it's made the map bigger which is great i guess, the dragon effects are pretty cool and add atmosphere but i just feel like it should of been implemented bit by bit, i just kinda feels like a full on warzone at the minute which some may argue is great, maybe im just reluctant to change, the map i will get used to eventually but the support structure seems a bit like an idea someone had while on the pooper, NA is going wild about it on their boards and they don't seem to like it either but then when i becomes the norm maybe it will be great!
The support system is completely screwed i agree with that , the only upside is i am no longer contested for the support role. But its in a really bad way even with a stacking champ like senna or bard im feeling really weak mid to late game just because instead of being 2 items behind a solo laner im now 3 sometimes 4 items behind due to the lack of gold income. Also no klepto to try and counteract it.
: Get hacked = Permaban
They will check IP address it takes time , wait for a response. Also change your password to something difficult Use atleest 6 numbers two or three upper case letters and 5 special characters
: Can't get used to the new map layout...
the thing is its new to all so your at no disadvantage. I already found a cool trick for the outcove.
OveraidLP (EUW)
: Leauge is down till 0:00 - 23:00 GMT lets have a conversation while we wait
: How long will it take
bigger problems right now , Client wont even load
: League of Cant start a game
cos its EUW we gonna be waiting a while
: Snow Rift
i would like the client to just work , that would be nice
Reverse (EUW)
: Blank screen
Mine is doing this , any fix ?
: Wich champ is harder to win a game with: Qiyana or Illaoi
Yraco (EUW)
: Did some quick research. A single game gives around 650 mastery points on average, assuming a 50% winrate. I took game duration stats from bronze to platinum because that accounts for 90% of the ranked playerbase so the average game takes around 29 minutes, disregarding champion select entirely. My most played champion has 70k mastery points so it would take around 3000 minutes, or 50 hours, of gameplay if I was starting a new champion to change a single icon on my profile, and Lux will still show as my second champion once I'm done with that. That's also not even saying that 70k is low compared to what some other people have on their most played champions.
Well i looked at your account and it wouldnt take much to push lux to 4th and bring vlad syndra or kaisa to 3. Also your still playing lux so thats not helping. But i already agreed it would be nice to customize but its not a priority while the client is barely able to function atm
Just Cat (EUW)
: after you collect 1000 gold you wont gain anymore bonus gold, no gold over time or on procs
hmm i dunno , buy a cull {{item:1083}} after you hit the 1k cap :P
Just Cat (EUW)
: So... support was not only put back where it used to be deadrole but actually nerfed beyond that?
Think your going about it the wrong way, support items is for supporting if your farming in other lanes ect then something is wrong. For extra gold instead of farming else where try to push the lane for tower plates.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wex0r,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=cb7KkGGA,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-20T15:24:15.376+0000) > > Just play the new champion you like more problem solved Mate wouldn't you like to customize your profile 100%? To change the background image, change the mastery sample 7 to be displayed? Change the praises or goals to be displayed etc.
I never really look at it to be honest , I think mine is thresh at the moment or Teemo ,But if i have time to play a game im usually just jumping straight into a que and after the game ends either straight into another que or back to work/ life. I think it would be nice to customize it but considering the other problems with the client right now i think the players would be pissed if they spend time on this until they fix the recent flood of bugs.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wex0r,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=cb7KkGGA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-20T13:32:54.436+0000) > > Its based on your most played champion Maybe I dont like that champion anymore but I've to see it for years 'cuz I dont play anymore like few years ago, no sense actually
Just play the new champion you like more problem solved
: Mastery 7 on my profile
Its based on your most played champion
Belore (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wex0r,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=AnfB3Wcj,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-20T13:20:01.522+0000) > > change the resolution I already tried that. The problem is in league.
change the resolution in league {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Belore (EUNE)
: Client size issue
change the resolution
: I got to gold but i didin't get the victorious aatrox skin help?
Rewards can take up until the 4th of december to arrive
: Victorious Adjusted
My problem is for the 3rd year in a row its a champion i dont play at all {{champion:266}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:19}} luckily the tokens dont expire so ive just been holding onto them.
Madingus (EUW)
: Decay in preseason?
You can play to make sure , as the rank you were at midnight on the 19th is what is counted.
WoW PIayer (EUNE)
: End-Season Rewards
They stated there wouldnt be a prolongation this season.
: RIP Twisted Treeline
: pre-set Items list disappear
They removed this feature right ? it now only shows item pre sets on the individual champions ?
Rioter Comments
Radiocatt (EUW)
: Playing on smurf
Playing on a second account is not against TOS. Since the new account will be the same rank as the friend its not boosting , smurfing yes but thats not against the rules
Torkl (EUW)
: Vayne sup ftw
suprisingly effective the knock back to stop ganks or stun for the engage ,would defo need rfc to harrass
Temp14232 (EUW)
: Must have champions?
For any role ?? Erm Champs who can play every role are limited i would just recommend some for each role but ile try to stick to ones that can cover a range of roles. {{champion:36}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:86}} These guys can play any role decently without much skill they may not be the best in any particular role but if your just filling they can do almost anything ( i would avoid Lux , Heimer jungle )
: Same reason they like banning people, they buy new skins on new account
Well anyone who gets banned deserved it
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