AlexFl36 (EUNE)
: my account have been hacked - please help
nothing apart from try to log in to take control of the account
LordChampa (EUNE)
: new champion?
1 post is enough dude no need to repeat post
papriker (EUNE)
: Another support ticket will cause another bot reply, i want human to speak with me tho
there is a certain way to get to a person. You have to answer the questions in a certain order. But even with this i didnt get reply over a weekend. best chance is Twitter
papriker (EUNE)
: My email got hacked and support made it even worse
erm no chance of help from here. Support ticket maybe try their twitter account. Best of luck
: When does it count as one-tricking?
You might be interested in this list Top 50 players in EUW
: When does it count as one-tricking?
when you make top 100,000 on your server ?
Croffins (EUW)
can you give me a quick run down on what funneling is ? like does it only work with master YI , im kinda lost cos from it sounds like is you just boost 1 champion on your team to insane proportions .
: I am stuck at 100%
repair tool ? 4gb is not allot considering WIndows 10 is evil Sounds like a repair or a reinstall is required.
: [Champ idea] Let's get ourself a yordle jungle
{{champion:17}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}}
I always find adding your OP.GG to help with finding people. I main sup and looking to climb but my play times are restricted due to work. Would only be after Midnight during the week.
Lufakia (EUW)
: How to deal with so many smurfs...
Smurfs dont go away , You might see slightly less of them towards the end of the season as they try to push their main account further.
: Game 1 In-Game nDkQuintion: ward my blue 130 nDkQuintion: 130 ward pls nDkQuintion: uu can ward crab nDkQuintion: if u want nDkQuintion: q,q nDkQuintion: ill come tio nDkQuintion: top nDkQuintion: dw we gfot this nDkQuintion: ill come mid nDkQuintion: dont tilt buddy nDkQuintion: both others lane are even nDkQuintion: can u relax nDkQuintion: just dont fight him nDkQuintion: just cuz u cant lane doenst mean every other lane isnt winning nDkQuintion: cancel him maybe nDkQuintion: ??? nDkQuintion: dont fight him nDkQuintion: psl nDkQuintion: every lane is winning nDkQuintion: illc ome now nDkQuintion: thats why u should never tilt nDkQuintion: the game doenst always makes fun nDkQuintion: but win is win nDkQuintion: why you go on xin nDkQuintion: when there are 2 squshisy nDkQuintion: zoe is nice nDkQuintion: bard is running it down nDkQuintion: who is smurfing nDkQuintion: 3 bot nDkQuintion: +1 nDkQuintion: 3 11 nDkQuintion: zoe is fine nDkQuintion: 4 top tryn bo nDkQuintion: t nDkQuintion: gj nDkQuintion: dude 300g nDkQuintion: 230 nDkQuintion: go top nDkQuintion: ffs nDkQuintion: go top when tryn is splitting nDkQuintion: the cait is srly gooed nDkQuintion: tryn stfu nDkQuintion: wtf is ur problem nDkQuintion: im trying my best nDkQuintion: and our bot is trolling nDkQuintion: what is ur problem nDkQuintion: YES I CANT 1v1 CAIT nDkQuintion: STOP FLAME nDkQuintion: FFS nDkQuintion: WE GOT NO BOTLANE nDkQuintion: ITS 3v5 nDkQuintion: acc is 4$ for me but yeah nDkQuintion: im so sorry then nDkQuintion: XD nDkQuintion: no i cant nDkQuintion: we cant nDkQuintion: u inted nDkQuintion: stop blame nDkQuintion: others for ur shotcalls nDkQuintion: gg nDkQuintion: report bard trolling btw nDkQuintion: ROFL nDkQuintion: i didnt say a word but repor tme nDkQuintion: +1 nDkQuintion: XINIS TOp nDkQuintion: GOGO nDkQuintion: 5 bot now nDkQuintion: gg nDkQuintion: what a game q.q nDkQuintion: cait wp bzw nDkQuintion: btw nDkQuintion: u nearly won that 2v8 nDkQuintion: with zoe Game 3 In-Game nDkQuintion: merry christmas nDkQuintion: where? nDkQuintion: win or loose, i hope u guys are all enjoying ur holidays with ur friends/family nDkQuintion: dw about it nDkQuintion: i can counter gank nDkQuintion: dont go forward if i gank nDkQuintion: then she knows nDkQuintion: q.q nDkQuintion: thats why u always ward blue as laners nDkQuintion: sorry game crashed nDkQuintion: cuz ur bad nDkQuintion: sorry team i need to nDkQuintion: report jixn for flaming nDkQuintion: its christmas and still ppl are toxic nDkQuintion: toxic over a video game nDkQuintion: you flame in chat dude q.q nDkQuintion: gj nDkQuintion: gg lets open nDkQuintion: time waste nDkQuintion: ill try to sit top nDkQuintion: bot is over nDkQuintion: dude idc about promo nDkQuintion: i got enough accounts above plat nDkQuintion: u guys all just dont know how to play nDkQuintion: thats it nDkQuintion: ignoring free kills nDkQuintion: wp nDkQuintion: rip winrate q.q nDkQuintion: sorry game crashed nDkQuintion: no dude nDkQuintion: my game crashed nDkQuintion: I cant move nDkQuintion: we got this nDkQuintion: ? nDkQuintion: im not trolling? nDkQuintion: dude i give them our lp? thats their present nDkQuintion: dont be that egoistic nDkQuintion: dont say that dude nDkQuintion: thats not nice nDkQuintion: she is a nice lady nDkQuintion: dont flame her nDkQuintion: dw we got this nDkQuintion: why? nDkQuintion: why me thi nDkQuintion: just unlucky game nDkQuintion: u guys r 2 toxic nDkQuintion: its just a game nDkQuintion: system knows when u buy 6 tears nDkQuintion: close game btw nDkQuintion: but gg! One Account for an example. I shouldn't be banned for this tbh.
: report bard trolling btw nDkQuintion: tryn stfu nDkQuintion: cuz ur bad nDkQuintion: report jixn for flaming nDkQuintion: gg lets open i would still like to see screen shots of the logs instead of copy paste with you possibly removing anything you want. From the current logs you have provided i dont think its enough for a ban chat restriction for sure but some things you said deserve a ban such as: nDkQuintion: acc is 4$ for me but yeah admitting to buying accounts against T&C
Wex0r (EUW)
: Jungle has the most impact in the game. If your jungle is bad and theirs is good a game can go from even to unwinnable real fast.
Saying that Mid probably 2nd as they can roam if they are winning lane.
: best lane to hard carry?
Jungle has the most impact in the game. If your jungle is bad and theirs is good a game can go from even to unwinnable real fast.
: Riot isn't banning people
So title is "Riot isn't banning people" But then you said "But when I tell them about their mistakes, no flame no verbal abuse, im getting banned for telling them. " but you said "straight up, i'm a toxic af player and idgaf if your gold challenger or anything else, if you play like %%%%ing bronze you belong there." Making me think you were toxic but by all means post the chat logs and display your innocence.
Zarranok (EUW)
: Supp main looking for duo q
I always find linking the helps with these posts :
: Report "him"
i dont do this and others shouldnt just because if you make false reports your genuine reports wont hold any weight. Its basically the boy who cried wolf , You report just because you tilt but then you have a genuine report later but your account has already been flagged as false reporter. I only report when needed and i get allot of notifications that the people i report get punished either because im not the only 1 to report them and they have been consistent with their actions in the previous games. People want the report system to be improved but the people who say its broken are also likely the people who report anything that displeases them. For example there is a over rated youtuber who ruined the ability for streamers to reach out for instant assistance with reportable offences. Now streamers and youtubers are stuck with the same system we have.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wex0r,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3pR9q3KM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-24T14:07:14.631+0000) > > but even this can be avoided with a counter flash He can input buffer his R such that you can't counter flash to prevent it since it will still got through. (I'm not arguing here that cho or tanks are op or what ever, just wanted to correct this :D)
prediction flash then :P
: I mean there’s more than that but you’ve got the gist of it. There are 19 (and a half, gnar is complicated for classes) true tanks in the game currently {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:20}}
i did forget a few but i dont think {{champion:79}} {{champion:20}} are tanks and im on the fence with {{champion:54}} if you include these guys you might aswell accept {{champion:8}} into the list.
: looking for a team or a duo
teamspeak* I would but i also main support. List your most frequently played champions tends to help. i seen allot of people looking for a {{champion:16}} OTP
Wex0r (EUW)
: this ! , True tanks are {{champion:12}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:223}}
: Chogath, garen, nasus, and Dr. Mundo are all not tanks, they are bruisers (specifically all juggernauts) so they are designed to deal high damage... Ornn only deals high damage if you get hit by litterally everything, something that is relativity simple to prevent especially out of lane Maokai deal negative damage, seriously if your being killed by a maokai with no damage items you must have let him. True tanks don’t deal damage unless you let them, bruisers on the other hand are fully meant to be damage threats... with juggernauts being the ones that push through the front line not maintaining it. It’s a good idea to direct your anger at the correct group of champions
this ! , True tanks are {{champion:12}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:223}}
: Logging in, in an other region with your account.
you would still need to trasfer your account to the other region
: Tanks are fun, aren't they?
Ok if cho is flashing into Drake and leaving alive you guys are doing something wrong, He is slow and easy to poke he has 1 play that is close to no counter , "Flash R" but even this can be avoided with a counter flash or hourglass. Tanks are only dealing huge dmg Mid to Late game unless they are building dmg items. Try the rune Cutdown will help the tanks health unhealthy.
: So is it useful to pick like a Support Tank for Jungle like {{champion:113}} or what could be a good pick :D ? Any Tips what to pick so i can help the ADC on Top not to feed so hard, cause its always a mess^^
as a jungle you need to go with your strengths and work around your winning lanes. The current meta benefits snowballing lanes over trying to save loosing ones. For a top ADC that normally means you gank early or not at all. Great junglers at the moment with little skill are {{champion:245}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:24}} normally one of these will survive the ban phase and they can do really well into almost anything.
: Boxes! We need more ways to get Boxes!
Free 2 play game , you want more free boxes. You wanna come up with an idea how they pay the bills if they just give even more away for free. we already get 52 chests per year pluss 2 orbs and chests from missions/events then thers the Ranked and Honor rewards. Then comes the Blue essence shop with loads of cool chromas a few skins and even Gem stones for Blue essence. End of the day everything that is free to enjoy for anyone costs Riot money.
Shaebadu (EUW)
: When will Nautilus get finally nerfed?
He just got his dmg nerfed , Laughable but a nerf none the less
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: Man i wont even bother with you, stay on topic or get reported for derailing topicks
Chill dude im just having fun. i looked into it and no skin where jinx fires a rocket like a blue bird. Even if there is such a skin, it appears to be so rare it doesnt even have a youtube spotlight
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: ***
Stay still i hear their vision is based on movement ! :P
: ADC Toplane is often game loosing. True or not ?
Some ADC have the kits to pull it off, The great ones are {{champion:51}} and {{champion:235}} as their range advantage can keep the enemy top health to low to make a gank likely also they are able to farm just infront of turret. Its important to be just infront of turret as if your let the wave get under turret the chance for a dive goes up most top laners wont attempt the dive unless a minion is going to take atleest the 1st couple of hits while you get ontop of the adc.
: The fact ekko got throught this patch without a nerf is a joke
m0zz4r3ll4 (EUNE)
: Yes When URF was originally released, several champions were banned over time. This improved the mode a lot. URF is suppose to be fun. If your idea of "fun" is to avoid enemy champs and only push, then play practice mode instead
Anyone can play how ever they want. Having champions banned from the mode is such a bad idea especially now since its ARURF. Also split pushing shouldnt even work in URF with the cannon it super easy to defend the lanes. if your loosing to split pushing in URF your doing something wrong. Also its no fun to repeatedly die in a lane where you have 0 chance against the enemy. If your idea of "fun" is to only fight other champions and ignore objectives then play ARAM mode instead.
m0zz4r3ll4 (EUNE)
: split pushing in URF... Sad
Better than removing the champion completely from the mode ? that would be how you say "sad"
: Remove GP from ARURF
its no different to any of the other OP champions, How to deal with it split push hard
Kimpap (EUW)
: 51%Win Rate and only win 16 LP but lose 17 18 LP ???
It does seem extremely harsh this season. I dunno what they changed but loosing more LP than you gain from a win feels really bad especially in lower elo.
: Sett needs a nerf
He will get a nerf when the sales drop off. Same pattern as always riot New champion - Release OP as hell - Skin sales Good - Sales go down - champ gets nerfed back to a reasonable level.
: Not sure what you're talking about? Cause what you just said made no sense. Vision is important, but you make it sound like I don't use wards at all.
It does make sense because other galio players arnt get better kills or assists so its either game was super long which means your score isnt that good or their vision score is way higher. To get an S you have to be on part with the top 5% of Galio Mid players and for S+ you need to be even better
: LF Girls new to the game to play with EUW {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: How did I only get A+??
Its against other {{champion:121}} in jungle so either their scores are better or their vision score is higher or something. Did you get drakes ? take part in objectives ?. How long was the game ? The longer the game the higher your stats have to be.
: I want a new pair of....
{{item:3693}} {{item:2422}} you forgot these
: I vote to remove Duo Q in general. Solo ranked should be for Solos only. I'm upset when I have to play against pre-botlane, when I have like Mid and Top premades that do actually nothing. Or even better, Top/Jungle premades on my team and they don't come bot for drake and basically try to dive enemy top 24/7 and feed their a$$ off.
Ye think removing Duo Q would be good cos its pretty bad having 1 troll in your game but when they are playing with a mate who decides to join them its just GG.
: I have two questions
its not a per week thing , Its per account thing. If you leave games consistently you will pick yourself up a 14 day ban followed with a perma.
Hansiman (EUW)
: The mastery system compares you to other players that played the **same champion** in the **same role**. * 5 deaths might be slightly high for an S rank game, but if your other stats are also really good, it might still be ok. * 127cs is not impressive as a laner for a game that lasts 27 minutes. * You only placed 8 wards, and purchased a single control ward. You destroyed no enemy wards. This is not good enough if you want to consistently get higher mastery grades. Hopefully this helps you.
This ! The ward thing especially helps multiple control wards and higher CS. What was your vision score ?
YeetABaby (EUNE)
: Funny champion design
or just ban him till he gets nerfed more. Riot looks at the numbers and if he has a exceptional ban / pick rate he will get nerfed again.
: remove elder dragon execute
if their stealing the drake it means your 50/50'ing it and your not "winning". I love the new elder drake but people so desperate to get it they try to rush instead of take it properly after making sure the enemy jungler is dead and put proper vision down. Drakes are only stolen when teams make mistakes. The new Elder execute lets the game finally end since it doesnt even show up until very late game anyway even if 1 team snow balls all 4 drakes into soul. I think you have just had a bad game lost due to a lack of concentration by your jungler or your team entirely allowing them to steal the drake and come straight to boards to vent. Its ok to be frustrated but its better to learn from it than complain that the game is broken.
: Impossible to Climb. (LP Gains so harsh)
This is the 1st season with the players from TFT trying out ranked. The influx in inexperienced players is down to these guys trying their hand at league.
: Why i think ranked is not enjoyable for me
Ye but it is 5v5 not 1v1. Being 25/4 is great dont get me wrong but could you not sacrifice your own lead to assist your team mates with roaming or swapping lanes. Playing as a team is a huge factor almost as huge as drakes right now you need both to win games these days.
: I haven't checked the numbers but I've seen almost everyone throughout the years picking Sudden Impact, I guess the Q dash is something u are always going to use while E can be on cooldown, or you might wanna use E when your enemy is on around 50% HP, thus you're losing some extra dmg that Lethality would've given you.
dunno im sure someone has checked the numbers , Right now im running Cut down on every page because tanks are just unkillable after 3 items.
: Kindred Guide
i find cheap shot good secondary free true dmg.
: Yeah but you're comparing him to gods, not to champs, yasuo is not a balanced champ and the biggest weakness of the champ is that the players often are too careless, because they're used to playing this totally overloaded champ that has an answer to anything. I'd say that yasuo players are usually one whole elo (eg gold4 instead of silver4) higher than they would be with a balanced champ just because the champ is that broken and that goes for other champs, like naut and ekko aswell.
naut and ekko are probably 2 elo higher tbh.
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