Saibbo (EUW)
: >Why I think old players are quitting this game I have better explanation, maybe because they are **getting old** and **tired of the same game** ?!
Exactly.... I started playing In mid season 3, and quit 3 or 4 months ago, the game isn't just what it was for me.... Despite being a fun game, cuz its Possible to have fun with it, it just lost the fun for me.... I agree with some of the things OP said, new client sucks... Champion reworks... That to be honestly they could have just made a new champ... Bye bye swain... A lot of factors make people quit the game, but that doesn't mean the game is dead, because as some players quit other start to play it... I quit the game, my son started playing it.... And as I watch him playing I have that little spark inside of me.... But then I remember.. Nah.... I can spend those 20 to 40 minutes doing something constructive (in my point of view), don't get me wrong, not saying playing isn't constructive, because it used to be for me, it just isn't now...
Etherim (EUW)
: ghfdhiejfg
Ghytfgi hudy gtyhd?
bedotareq28 (EUNE)
: dtfyhjrt
Hghtythggt :D
Etherim (EUW)
: The main issues with the game in it's current state.
Join the club, started playing in season 3, I'm not a competitive player, I play mostly aram and some SRs here and there, maybe 2 months ago because of my personal life, I was forced to play less LOL, my thoughts in that moment were, how in earth will i "survive" without one of my favorite games. 3 weeks since my last game, and to be honest, I don't miss it at all, can't remember what was my last game like. Can't say I was getting tired of LOL, cuz I wasn't, LOL was my escape tool from all my problems, playing aram to relax and think of nothing else. I understand what you mean and your point, to be honest I hate some of the new improvements made, drakes, items, and even reworks, I know we must adapt, but some reworks just %%%ed up some Champs, and totally removed the thing that made some us play it, irelia is a good example, I know the reworked irelia is good and funny as well, but old irelia was for me way funnier to play. Anyway, I don't miss LOL at all, and I moved on.....just do the same if you don't feel like LOL is your thing anymore, for the ones that still play it, enjoy it as I did this 5 or 6 years, and have fun cuz its still a great game, and no matter what, if you like doing something you never get tired of it!
: > [{quoted}](name=What2Do With BE,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=A4YdJTBq,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2018-05-03T17:42:39.522+0000) > > would you feel stupid, if you understand your own post, and understand that by "catching draven axes" it means step on them to just disable them? huh {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} It does not seem like yo understand your own post there. When you say "catch" it means catch, not step or disable. You got to use the correct words to what you mean to say if people on a forum is to understand it. Otherwise I might aswell go about and say that I'm going to dance when what I mean is I'm going to do my best and expect everyone to get the failed use of words. If you use "catch draven axe" then you certainly don't seem smart concidering you can already do that in a draven mirror match.
ok. lets be correct then.... First of all, read your own shit and write it correctly please or i might not understand anything... Seconf.....dont be such an hypocrite, the only person that seemed to not understand what i meant, was you, so maybe you're the one a bit "delayed" when it comes to understand things... and anyway, dont know why i am wasting time here, since your thread is getting downvoted for being to hard to understand by LOL players....
: > [{quoted}](name=What2Do With BE,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=A4YdJTBq,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-04-12T18:57:40.277+0000) > > Yeah, let's us catch Draven axes as well, he still has,W, E, As and R!!!!!!!!! > > Let us catch everything in game, even Pokémon, Gotta catch them all! Would you feel stupid if I told you that enemy team can already catch Draven axes?
would you feel stupid, if you understand your own post, and understand that by "catching draven axes" it means step on them to just disable them? huh {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
looonster (EUW)
: when will riot implement a setting to turn of chat completely.
It should be an option that you could only turn on or off, outside the game, while InGame that option should be blocked, so you couldnt change it back, know what I mean? There would be some people that would prolly just alt+tab and enable the chat on, to just insult or not someone ingame, that way it would be your choice to have or not Chat during that game!
Kàźuya (EUW)
: Almost level 30 and unprepared for ranked
Despite being lvl30, you aren't forced to play ranked straight way, why don't you play normals draft mode for a while, let's say lvl 35, or more if you still feel insecure, and then play ranked!
Spite (EUW)
: Hextech Chest Content Rewards
Not trying to defend RioT dude, but you gotta face the fact that they are a Company no matter what, and most of their income comes from skins, if they do that, it would be bad for them since they got a shit ton of veteran players, by veteran I mean people like me and you, that have been playing lol for ages, we already got a chance of getting free skins now... Remember the time when we were thinking that RioT was a greedy bastard and couldn't even give us 100rp? Lol Now we get a chance of free skins, emotes, ward skins.. Etc etc... And like he said you can use the shards for several things... And the anti luck thing every 3rd chest!
Krestek (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=What2Do With BE,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7c6oFEPO,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2018-04-23T22:50:23.129+0000) > > and you don't lose anything there except time when you lose, So wait, you don't lose time when you win?
Ofc not, once you win you totally forget about the time spent :P When you totally remenber those wasted 30 minutes.....
: BOTS BOTS BOTS BOTS everywhere...
Just keep leveling man, the lower your level the more bots you get... It's a well known fact, all will be fine later and you will find your self free of the bots...
Lovre (EUNE)
: I want to play, but i want to play with the champs i actually like but they made it much harder for me to do so with this new system because it is based on luck, what i said about having to level up 6 times to get enough BE to buy a 6300 champ is the best case scenario, which most of the times doesnt happen. Most of the time you get 500 BE from a single champ capsule which takes a lot of games to get. Besides you really shouldnt talk about this issue considering your name.....
Well, no one better than me discuss this issue, if I have the nick I have, and I will tell you that it's already like my 4th nick change with IP/BE its because I can, and remember this, 2 of the times I changed it, it was with IP, and also I can tell you I have 14 rune pages, 2 of them were bought with RP in discount years ago, the rest were all with IP, and I will also tell you I had a ton shit of runes, all bought with IP I gained from playing, right now, I buy the new incoming champion on its release, and I have dozens of champ shards waiting to be disenchanted in case of emergency, you just consider this, 1st. you play a free game, and the only thing that requires you to waste BE are Champs, 2nd. You no longer need to buy runes 3rd. You receive capsules for leveling, champ shards which you can disenchanted for BE, use it to forge the champ making it cheaper, or save them to lvl Up your champ mastery! 4th. At certain levels you receive a glorious capsule if I am not wrong, which may contain, emotes, icons, ward skins as far as I have heard...and prolly some BE... Can't remember my rewards... What else do you want to complain about, you practically got a easy life now, only having to worry about the BE to buy Champs....
Teahyun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=LessChatMorePlay,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7c6oFEPO,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-23T20:26:40.510+0000) > > Afkers are just a part of the game, if you ban them then many players will get banned because most players have mid/low spec computers with some typical problems and not so excellent internet providers. And there are life situations too you know. they should all be banned simple. No good internet? = dont play ranked or ban. Bad pc? = dont play ranked or banned. if you cause 4 players to suffer because you dont care about their success you dont deserve to play. Go play normz if ur internet or pc cant handle it. The rest of the trolls should get banned anyways
Despite being a radical idea when it comes to people with low spec pcs and shitty net, you have a point.... If you know your pc can't handle this game and it might crash and cause your team to be in disadvantage, don't do it, same applies for internet.... If you know you will have to leave in +/- 30 minutes, don't risk to play a game you know that can take sometimes 40 min or more.... It's unfair to other players that put effort in this game! Gonna be honest I don't even play ranked games, or normal... Most of the times just ARAMs, and you don't lose anything there except time when you lose, but I understand how people that play Ranked must feel....
UrfWick has nothing to do with U. R. F. You got URF, the Manatee, which was an April's fool joke, and you got U. R. F. Aka Ultra Rapid Firemode The only thing that put them together is that Urf, the Manatee became like a mascote, and used lots of times in URF modes!
UchihaBlood (EUNE)
: I checked your account and games, although you have great stats, I noticed you don't purchase wards or pink wards, those can help you against a gank or help your teammates get info on where the enemy is.. also I'm sure you're doing something wrong ingame if you can't carry with such stats, are you switching to mid lane when you take out bot turret? are you getting drake when you win a team fight? all those can help out the team.
Constructive criticism, helps us all! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Lovre (EUNE)
: Champions and blue essence
Same story over and over..... Get over it and play the game, if you want to... If you don't want move on to another game, so many topics related to this, explaining why this new system is better than the old and people still complain about it, before the new system people were whining about being to hard to buy Champs and runes, now that they don't have to buy runes, they complain that is to hard to buy champ............ And about all this smurfs also winning about not being able to buy Champs as fast as before... Move to your main account and play there, stop ruining newbies games....
Rioter Comments
: i disagree with everything in this comment in fact you have less money than youd had previously from champs and when you talk about the discount.... when i get shard its always amumu or something for 450 that i dont play and already have them also the second champ i get is never champ id play or willing play later ir saving for...... and im pretty high level still hetting 450 champ shards with are just for useless 90 be....
and i totally disagree with your comment :P i got more "money" now than i had before, and i have more than 20 champ shards waiting to be disenchanted in case of emergency....and once again...people already said this over and dont need to buy runes now...amazing huh.... it took me almost 3 years to get all champs, after started playing in season 3...and having to buy runes and rune pages didnt help at dont need to buy those now...and to be honest....i just regret having 14 rune pages now.....when 3 or 4 are enough....since everytime i start i game i just open a rune page and edit it in 10 seconds.....
Rioter Comments
: The most basic way to know how many times you played a champion in Normal xD
You did what RioT prolly was thinking how to do it.... Nice one!
LoveGiant (EUW)
: How did BE (Blue Essence) benefit us/league?
The be store is coming on April 19th , or am I wrong?
oKiNeK (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DerMangoJoghurt,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=v1IEUkLa,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-12T19:10:28.413+0000) > > You do realize the game is free to play, right? You do realize it's also pay to win, right?
I am sorry, i rarely insult anyone in LOL, but I just can't stop my self from doing it right now.... Are you Stupid? Do you play the same game as we all do? As far as I know, the only thing that gives you a really small advantage in game, are commando skins line, which reduce 1 damage from Leona skills, because of the sunglasses they all use in the skins, or at least it used to work that way, apart from that, I have no idea where did you came up with your idea that this is a Pay to Win game.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Let us step on Katarina daggers to destroy them on the ground
Yeah, let's us catch Draven axes as well, he still has,W, E, As and R!!!!!!!!! Let us catch everything in game, even Pokémon, Gotta catch them all!
Rismosch (EUW)
: Why would you do hurt yourself so much?
SeungHyun (EUNE)
: Can we remove casting time from Katarina's Shunpo?
Rioter Comments
Grishnar (EUW)
: Riot, please make this skin !
Riot will just change one thing here, one thing there, call it something else, and do it.... Like always.... Don't know what's the big deal here......
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which PROJECT champion would you like to see next?
Project Irelia......why do you think frostblade irelia is now an ice themed champ and lost her cyberish style?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Any form of account trading, purchasing, and gifting, is a violation of the ToU and will result in the permanent suspension of the account.
Just asking, at if it's my will, if I die...cant I hereby leave my lol ACC to my son? Just asking!
Blactorn (EUNE)
: Same here I get a lot more keys, I always honor my teammates and nothing.
Was going to tell you that...but it seems it's pointless, I reached last week checkpoint 2, honour 3, like few here, I have no problem with keys, I always get the chests I have to, sometimes I have to wait the 5 or 6 days for the next be available....I honour, I get honoured.... BTW, when you play with your friends, (I guess you are 3 or more) do you guys honour each other? Because if you play with premades, you need at least that 2 of them honour the same person, so the honour counts for something, otherwise it's pointless....
ImMaleLol (EUW)
: What the hell is this malphite armor?
I don't think the problem here is malph armor, because let's be real, he is a tank!!!!! He should be tanky as %%%, the main problem here is probably the damage he deals back, besides doing his job well done (tank) I guess.....I believe he has a ton shit of damage, as we all know malphite...armor is what suits him well, and the benefits (damage), he gets from armor...are just broken as %%%!
: Remove fiddle from all for one
Just play the game and move to the next game....unless you get premades, that wanna spamm fiddle 24/7, might happen.....every single mode has that champ that is just antifun, happens......
Windsteps (EUW)
: Ahmm, that might be your problem, but as someone with a rather small championpool I stick with I'm more in the situation of having tons of keys and no chests XD
He only suggested that you could trade a gemstone for keys, and not to remove the gemstone = chest+key option, I don't have a problem with keys or chest!
: [SUGGESTION] Gemstones into keys
Despiste not having any problems with keys, it's a good suggestion! A gemstone for 3 Keys, not 3 key frags!
BaconTits (EUNE)
: I've heard from Dia+ streamers that balance team doesn't even play the game
Dont like, just quit far you haven't contributed with a single opinion of your own, always saying what X streamer said, if you so unhappy with this game stop playing it, same goes for your streamers, if they weren't making any money with whatever they do or say in their stream they wouldn't do it....luckily for them, there are still people like urself that give them views, so they won't stop streaming their games and whatever they say while playing this so unbalanced game...according to them...
Rioter Comments
ihturito2 (EUW)
: i did, twice. before rito permabanend my 2 previous accs
Karma is a bltch! No literally.... Karma is %%%in OP, ban her every game you can...too bad you couldn't escape Karma!
Cheini (EUNE)
: plutonier, it matters more than you think ;) aaaanyway... even though i didn't want to change my chara ever, i know from somewhere the name we have on 1st server stays the same.. are you sure it isn't noted somewhere while n/c or transferring ie?..
It does? Already changed my nickname 3 or 4 time, every time I got some spare BE, (which seems to happen more often) I just change my nick.....what does that says about me :P I am a inconstant person?
: Well, if the achievement is supposed to be meaningful, shouldn't it be hard to get?
Just reached checkpoint 2 of honour lvl 3, seems things arent that slow after all :P
: It takes a while, but that's the point. Honor is supposed to be something u achieve over the course of the entire season. Last year's version was just pretty accelerated since they released it when half the season was already over.
I gotta agree with him, 3 months have passed, and I play regularly, and I'm in checkpoint 1 of lvl 3 honour, if I keep up like this, I will end the season with checkpoint 1 of lvl 4 honour :P
Strigina (EUNE)
: I am ok with most champions in ARAM. However there are some I really don't enjoy to play no matter how the game goes. And since I own all champions I get them from time to time. It's rather frustrating to get Garen, reroll him to Hecarin and reroll Hecarim into Rammus. If it's during the day, I would probably just sigh and suffer one game with Rammus, but when it's late night and I am in the "one damn win so I can go to sleep" mood, I just says "screw it, that's the sign I should go sleep now" and dodge the game. Now I don't say I should go without any punishment for dodge, I just think it shouldn't be that harsh since the mode is supposed to be played for fun and for relaxing. Trying to turn it into serious mode would just probably harm it.
Just play garen, its aram, no one is going to blame you for trying...if you feel tired of playing the typical tank garen, go for {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3031}} , and make sure you buy this {{item:3812}} you will heal your self like crazy, getting a ton shit of sustain , play assassin style, {{summoner:32}} with {{summoner:4}} or {{summoner:6}} , the rest is up to you, boots depending on their team and some tanky item as your choice, dead man plate, adaptive helm, i garantee you will tons of fun, and if you wait for the right moment to mark/dash into them....its SPIN to win! Just try it next time, you may feed the first couple of game you try it on garen, but once you get used to it, its just ridiculous broken when it works! lol
Strigina (EUNE)
: >I guess that, yeah, denying swapping is maybe a bit too much but that is the reason I've put it only for 1 game Now imagine yourself how you want to swap with someone 3 games in a row but are unable to do so because all of them left their previous games. Now you are the punished one even when you didn't break the rules. I don't think it's right.
You know me :P the guy who only plays ARAMs, in case that i would play whatever i got, like i already do, like you said, its a relaxing mode...for some...i stand in the middle, why tryharding? why dont you just play Taric instead of wasting a roll to try to get Jinx :P
Strigina (EUNE)
: The time penalty is already higher for first dodge in ARAM queue than it is for any other. If you leave lobby in normal or ranked, you get 6 minutes time penalty, if you do it in ARAM, it's 15 minutes. Don't make this relaxing and fun mode too serious. >\- You can not swap champions next game Do you mean trade with another player or reroll? Because the first one would screw two people who would be willing to trade, not only the leaver. >Also, why the hell are not all champions unlocked? That's the thing I would agree with.
at the 2nd time you dodge, its 30 aram
Rismosch (EUW)
: My opinion on the Ahri changes on the PBE [3/22]
Doesn't it only heals you if it hits an enemy champion? Or do minions count as well? The new Q healing effect.
: Fortnite is just new, and a totally different game (and for me is super boring to watch). Not a big issue. Nice try, tho. It's always about permabans. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Indeed a nice, same thing happened when; overwatch came out....lots of people saying lol is dead cuz of overwatch....
Rioter Comments
iSneez (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Timethief49,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fli6pjrp,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-03-22T22:02:45.093+0000) > > So, should children also not be allowed on the beach or in public pools? Cause they see a lot more there. I try to explain again using your example. 1) I have no problem with children being exposed to mild nudity like beach or skins in a game! BUT! If a mother complain and the associations of happy strong mothers from europe (watever) go on street and boycott that a Tv station showed inappropriate content at inappropriate hour and their children were traumatized (see old example of years ago when Jennifer Lopez showed her boob on national tv, but her niple had a thing on it so was more like a big cleavage then a boob) But then the MOTHERS let the children play a game which have such explicit forms and cleavage then they are HYPOCRITES! thay have double standards etc!
Our kids only play what we let them play! If I forbid my son from playing LOL at home, he doesn't play...if he tried it at home, its really simple...uninstall, passwords....whatever it is needed.... But anyway, I would never do that.... Mom's these days...pff....letting kids playing games with big virtual boobs and asses....hypocrites...
: I love that in 2018 some people still think that a 12 yo got no faster and easier way to watch some boobs than downloading LoL and eventually spend good mons to buy a skin. And i love even more that in 2018 some people still think that a 12 yo WOULD NOT watch some boobs by his own will when he wants to, but he got instead to be kinda set up to fall on them by evil RIoT...! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
This guy, this guy right here!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
iSneez (EUNE)
: keep game clean and safe for childrens
Sorry, but I have to say it, IDIOT! My son started playing LOL at 7 and he is now 11, and he isnt a perverted sexist kid like you trying to make us believe our Kids will be by playing lol, I worked hard to let my son had decent education, and thanks to me and my wife, he knows what a game is like, and what real life is like....
: Why cant we report players for pure idiocy?
Because Idiocy is needed, otherwise how would we differentiate what are great ideas and which are bad? :P someone in that game most have discovered that what they did was like you said, idiocy, and they will prolly not try it!
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