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: https://gyazo.com/43eea702e0e8366ad2e506b06269ce31 , So whats the date in the corner then?
It's a date, not an hour. As far as I know we have yet 10 hours and 10 minutes more of day xd
Salron88 (EUW)
: no its just the champ that its stupid. bruh you are mentioning totally normal champs and comparing them to tahm kench. i get the trap you are going for but it makes no sense. not 1 of those champions can shut down your lane.
I'm sorry but you're just a pretty bad player, and also a crying one, and I'm done replying your wrong arguments
: change resolution... move chatbox.. then change resolution again
Oh god, THANK YOU mate, I'll try it in the next match and will tell if it worked. Edit: I couldn't make it work because my monitor is not compatible with any resolution that allows me to fix it :(
Salron88 (EUW)
: illaoi does not have enough gray health for me to spam my abilities at her behind minions for 15 sec and still be at 70% no yorick and renekton cant do much vs that champ either. yorick ghouls + 2 q equal barely 20% of his normal health. then what? renkton barely takes 40% of his normal health if he is full rage which to achive means kench has to be real stupid not to poke him to dealth with autos. jax and nasus cant deal with kench even at 2 items. bc by that time he is full tank even dealing magic dmg if you are close to him. so basicly half of the champions cant deal with him at all and the other half barely make it alive but im crying.
Oh boy you really suck against Tahm don't you? But matey I suck hard against some champs such as Yuumi, Lux and Blitzcrank and I don't blame it on the champ but on my own ability to deal with the champ with proper positioning and mechanics and by having a decent champion pool mastered to be able to be versatile playing against them.
Salron88 (EUW)
: they are both ranged. we just gonna throw jax garen nasus yorick fiors riven aatrox darius renekton and every other toplaner to the trash just bc top kench came top and we cant fix him? no a good yorick still does nothing. tried it and failed hard many times.
Dude stop filling the river with your tears, it's overflood. Yorick and Renekton are good against Tahm if they can use their brain just a little. Fiora, Jax, Aatrox and Darius can win if they know when to farm and when to fight Tahm (Darius with Hail of blades can trade Tahm a lot, while Darius with Conquerors can try to force an early first blood against Tahm if he manages to get lvl 2 first). Fiora can reflect Tahm's Q stun, which is easy as %%%%, or even block Tahm's W if you manage to time it right. Aatrox should just stay behind minions and harass with Q and Q+E and avoid fighting him unless he has harassed Tahm enough. Jax is weak until he manages to get some items and lvl 6, but even if he loses early he can easily make a comeback, but should play safe early anyways (or try to get advantage with ganks made by the jungler, roaming or invading a weak enemy jungler if you have vision). Nasus has early issues but can recover around level 6 or sooner if he builds phage or some mr+hp. In the later minutes of lane phase Nasus is stronger than Tahm as his W really %%%%s Tahm because of the AS reduction and the MR y ou should have. Garen and Riven usually suck against Tahm, but hey not every champ can beat everything, right? Anyways there are a lot of tough and useful matches for Tahm at top such as Gnar, Teemo, Kled, Kennen, Karma, Vayne, Quinn, Gangplank... (it's funny how many yordles are strong against him, dayum). Maybe you should learn how to play around and against Tahm instead of just playing wrong and then crying about how strong he is. It's like saying Illaoi is op just because you don't know how to play in lane against her xd
Salron88 (EUW)
: no we literally cant. as a jax or nasus or yorick toplane i know we cant. and what you forget is that kench has been given a kit to survive even without many items bc he is support and suffers for gold when support so when he comes top he is totally busted.
If you can't handle Tahm as Yorick then you're really bad at Yoric. Anyways there are more reliable picks against Tahm, and some that depend on who gets advantage first and then snowball the other one (like Aatrox and Jax, if Tahm gets advantage he dominates the lane really hard, if Aatrox gets the advantage then he dominates). I won't deny that Tahm is strong, but it's not the only one and it's not like he has no counterplay. And there are a lot of useful teamcomps that are pretty good against Tahm (specially with Vayne, Kai'sa or Ezreal and maybe Yuumi in the team).
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I will just wait untill losestreak will end, like always. But they affect my mood, it's fcking bad that I lose games and I know it weren't my fault. When it is I can admit it that I fcked up, but this?
That's exactly how team games work. You can't always win. You will sometimes fail and cause a negative impact for your team. You will sometimes succeed and cause a positive impact for your team. I understand that some days, for some reason, a person can be in a worse mood and get tilted, rage people and that kind of things over losing matches, but trust me, negativity never helps at all, while being positive may actually motivate your teammates and create a more enjoyable enviroment to play, so try to focus on that if your teammates lose. Just keep in mind that all players are human and not mean robots programmed to make you lose lp. They have feelings. They also have bad days just as you. They might simply be selfish assholes, but normally there's a reason behind a negative attitude and by being kind you might just make them change their in-game attitude. You can only try to do your best, and expect (and motivate if possible) your team to do the same. It's only bad luck that you have to deal with a row of teammates that fail so hard. P.S: I don't want to sound hypocrite, I am not a saint, I've had bad days and I've been rude to people, but I try to improve on that and keep that negativity away as much as I can and instead bring some good comments. I don't know how do you treat people in your games, but as you're kinda complaining of those who made you lose I kinda think it's possible that in-game you were a bit harsh with some of them, that's why I wrote this whole message. Maybe you already know all this, but whatever, just in case it might help a bit I thought it could be useful. P.S2: About the streaks... I rarely have one bad streak after a good one and viceversa. I'd say it's just a matter of luck/coincidence or however you want to call it.
Avoss (EUW)
: leaver ? because client wont let me log ?
My gosh, RIOT is pretty stupid sometimes. I hope it won't happen to me now tho, I went into a match but I never made it into the loading screen (which happens to me sometimes, though not often). Then I restarted the client which always solves my problem of not being able to enter the match. But, oh, surprise, the client didn't let me log in. First of all, once opening the client trying to relog, it said something like "The client has been downgraded to a previous version" (in Spanish, so I don't really know how was exactly written in the english version) and then, for some reason, it just kept telling me that my password was wrong when I tried to log. The client didn't attempt to update at all, so I changed my password just in case and that didn't fix anything. Now I'm running the fix option from the client, hoping that will do it. EDIT: Repairing the client FIXED the error, finally.
: Wooglet me use it on Ivern
> [{quoted}](name=OrionStarr,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=R0omnrFE,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-05T20:07:59.814+0000) > > Long explanation short (long)... I've been playing for just around over a month and picked up an Ivern. All his abilities were fantastic for me, his survivability traits could be questioned from his stats but I think his abilities can cover for that. > I basically read items that could be wonderful for Ivern and I thought Wooglet's Def+Ability Power+% Ability Power+Stasis are a cut above MUST HAVE for the likes of Ivern. I also thought this item could be awesome for Aurelion and or Azir... However I really think Wooglet is an inescapable item choice for Ivern. > > So has Wooglet's Witchcap been removed permanently??????? > What is it's current status? I searched Google and it talked about being removed in some map called Crystal something, so does it mean it's only been removed to fix bug? The item is a godsend, Ivern NEED this item! > > It maximises his awesome scaling AP Trigger(E)seed shield! Plus the added Defence would be more needed than just making him some glass cannon which is not something I want him to be when I want to play him as a Support. > > Is the item coming back??? > I haven't seen it once during my month long LOL exp. Have you been in Zhonya's stasis for the last whole year? It's been a reaaaaally long time since that item is only available on 3v3 map.
: "...prefered by way less people..." Any sources? No? I guess shu.. keep it down then.
The sources are any site where LoL players talk about those modes. I'm not saying, tho, they don't like ascension or hexakill. But the most loved mode is U.R.F, while obviously there's some people who prefers other special modes, but still, at least as I have seen on forums and heard from friends, U.R.F has a very high amount of people who loves it.
Veron922 (EUW)
: URF!!!
I guess it seems better for them to not give us the most loved special game and instead reward us with those prefered by way less people :D P.S: By the way, why would you post this on "Creations & Concepts"?xD no sense
: Yeah that's why i usually duoQ when i Play Annie so that i can at least have 1 Person that i know can follow up. But not to talk bad about randoms, my last adcs (yes Annie support) were pretty good in the sense of following up on my stuns. Literally the only time i was reminded of the damag the lack of synergy makes is when our jungler pinged that he's coming bot and i moved behid the enemy adc and Support, ... and then our jungler waited at Dragon until our midlaner was at Dragon too (drake was dead just using it as indicator) and i was just Standing there like "...please be gentle" Needless to say I got knocked up and shot down. (We still won the game tho)
Yeah, I guess I should do that and play other stuff when I'm not sure about our teamcomp and/or I am not sure if I can trust my team to follow up or engage xD I should go back to other mages as Cassio or Brand, but I got kinda bored of them :c
: Annie's range
Yeah, obviously the proper thing to do is wait for the right time to go in, either because of an engage of my teammates or because you have flash and you can go in and aim stuff. I guess my biggest problem is teamcomp, not just her range. When we haven't got any strong engager or CC to hold them to give me time, then I can't do shit. And as most of the times, in SoloQ, people doesn't care at all about teamcomp.. well, it sucks xD
Rioter Comments
: Because in the Star wars movie it says _YOU WERE THE CHOOSEN ONE !_
Yeah, well, I still don't laugh at that bad pun, could be better
ShpatiR9 (EUNE)
: Kogmaw buff.. Is beyond stupid
Well, my experience has been **TONS OF FUN**. I always wanted to become a mobile machine gun, and now that dream came true just by pressing W. So fun to watch how the enemy team dies trying to run from my while my guinsoo and hurricane hits them at an incredible range. It's even more hilarious when they think they're then finally safe out of my range and a wild R made of puke pops out and crits them right in the head. > [{quoted}](name=Foxist,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=t58KwM2i,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-14T21:02:07.378+0000) > > No need to build trinity force, just full ad and attspd Honestly, at late game you can sell your boots and just build a Trinity Force for the extra laughs and damage.


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