: 140 CHAMPIONS in League , BUT ...
Had this quite a lot. I went on a really good run with garen jungle running predator, won 8 games I0 or something but got tired of being flamed in champ select
M3chaDoc (EUW)
: Need advice for a guy who can't seem to get a little lucky with his teams.
It will all balance out. I recently went on a run of losing 8 out of 10 games or something like that, then had a few days off and won 6 in 8 or something. What did I do different? As far as I can see absolutely nothing.
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BloB3rt (EUW)
: Bronze Hell
Riot are bringing two new tiers in eventually, one of the options was a league below bronze, good chance this will help with you're issues, but I've watched a lot of games in all tiers and they still seem to have the same issues
: Looking for people to play with (EUW). Any skill or level welcome
I'm a silver five jungler and I'd love to play with you but that would mess the whole matchmaking system up
: How can i comeback from the worst losing streak ever?
I'm not 100% clear on how the system works but if you're getting matched with silvers surely the opposition should be too?
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: When to push and when to back.
Cheers everyone. I'm maining Olaf at the moment. If my team's doing okay I go tiamat followed by cinderhulk, If they're not (or we have no tank) I go full tank and skip the tiamat. I think I place about 12 wards per game on average (obviously dependant on game length) and I try to put them where they'll help my laners as much as possible. At my Elo it can be any jungler and any mid laner. A lot of the times my choice is influenced by what my laner does. If they back and I'm low I tend not to push, if I'm not low and they back I'll stay and ignore the 100 pings telling me not to take the cs they'll miss anyway. If they stay I'll also push for the turret most times unless one of the lanes are missing. I guess the issue I have is that as Olaf I can't take turrets too fast and it's very difficult to influence your lanes to do something they don't want to do. Dragon is also first thing I check when I get a double bot (or herald if I get a kill top) but again very dependant on what my laners do. Olaf can solo dragon easy but it takes a long time. Is anything I'm saying glaringly wrong?
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Aello (EUW)
: Main support in desperate need of help
Before every game ask your adc how they want to play, are they hyper aggressive, do they farm under tower, choose your summoners and champion accordingly. Then look further, if the opposition. ADC bullies yours, there's no point you taking ignite so take heal or exhaust. Does your ADC have good mobility, i.e. trist who can jump out of a fight, if she does do you need exhaust, you could take heal. Buy you're items on what your team is lacking and also on what role you will play. Are you a peel support or a carry or are you going to initiate fights or are you gonna sit back and spam you're best healing ability. Zeke's is brilliant if you're peeling for your ADC or engaging, not so good if you're trying to carry. Does their team have a crap load of lifesteal but nobody on you're team is getting a grievous wounds item? Buy bramble or executioners, yes it means buying less of a support item, but for me, a support item is something you team needs, and not the standard recommended items. Most of all, someone in you're team feeds but unintentional, they're just having a bad game or they were unlucky, encourage them "no worries mate just play safe and we can take it to late game" rather than "you idiot why keep fighting????". Most people are contrary, you tell em to do something they'll rebel, ask em and explain and they might listen. I do also highly agree with the comment about picking maybe one of each type of support, for example: Grp 1 Nami Taric Thresh and Brand Grp 2 soraka Alistair blitz and zyra Grp 3 Sona Sion nautilus and velkoz Doesnt have to be one of those groups I suggested but that's the general gist of it.
: Also remember I said teemo, unpopular, hated, never nerfed Zed, hated, never nerfed Lee, hated, rarely nerfed Vayne, hated, never nerfed Annie, hated, never nerfed Blitz, hated, never nerfed Chogath, hated, rarely nerfed Darius, hated, never nerfed Garen, hated, never nerfed, recently buffed Illaoi, hated, never nerfed Old irelia, hated, never nerfed (despite what the meme says) Ivern, hated, never nerfed Kat, hated, rarely nerfed Kayn, moderately disliked, never nerfed Kha, hated, got buffs recently Leblanc, hated, not nerfed Lux, disliked, a lot of buffs Morg, historically has gotten a lot of hate and has a meme about how unfair she is, never nerfed Nasus, hated, never nerfed Nunu, hated, rarely nerfed Pantheon, hated, only indirect nerfs at best Rammus, hated by adcs, not nerfed Rengar, hated, got reverted back to his hated state Riven, hated, not seen nerfs for a while Shaco, hated, not usually nerfed Soraka, hated, not usually nerfed Tahm, hated, only nerfed when he gets big in pro play Trynd, hated, never nerfed Veigar, has seen a decent amount of hate, never nerfed Ww, hated, only just saw his first nerf since the rework Yi, hated, rarely nerfed A lot of the hated champions don’t get nerfed, stands to show that riot don’t nerf based on who gets the most hate, even unpopular champions are safe from it.
Now that seems like a very subjective list backed by only opinion
: Never said he was unpopular... but no champion gets as much hate from the community as yasuo does, thus if what super hooker said was true then yasuo would draw in a lot of nerfs just from being hated, he never gets nerfed.
But do you not see that if they then nerfed him because he was hated then the mass of people who play him would be having the argument "yasuo is so weak and we love him why can't he get more buffs"
: The lack of yasuo nerfs defeats this argument... given how much people hate him he would be getting nerfs every patch if this was the case. Same with teemo. Both champions are among the most hated in the game and yet don’t get nerfed meaning that riot don’t nerf based on what’s hated.
Yasuo is one of the most popularly played champions in the game. There is barely ever a game where yasuo isn't picked on one side or the other or banned because he will likely get picked, yasuo is a popular champion, it's the people that play him that appear unpopular
: Rengar broken?
Across four statistical websites, Rengar has an average winrate of 50.2%. Seems pretty balanced to me.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: {{champion:39}} yeh..All champs have some counterplay maybe..{{champion:102}} .But i can tell you that some champs are discusting and still they focus on nerfing adc.
Yeah some champs are disgustingly strong but there's still a way to play against them. For example players who are fed tend to get cocky and try and take on anyone, so you get vision and you 4 or 5v1 them when they're on their own. You can't do it every game obviously and some games you're just gonna get steamrolled but there's always something you can do.
: Rengar broken?
Rengar is very strong 1v1 if he gets the jump on you (see what I did there?). Thing is when you get to team fights he is very much like any other assassin. There's plenty of ADC's that can survive a rengar jump. Vayne is good for it, so is xayah. Do you not think the games you get fed and can one shot half the enemy team that they're walking around shouting that Ez is OP which, Considering he has a good winrate and is one of the most popular champions in the game at the moment you could argue he is. Champions are made to be strong at one thing and weak at another. Rengar is made to kill carrys. Dr Mundo is made to tank everything you can throw. You might not be able to buy mortal reminder but you can buy executioners calling for 800g which will reduce his healing from ultimate by 30%. One of the things that makes this game great is every champion has strengths and every champion has a way they can be countered. Granted some are more difficult than others but the counterplay is there.
Atlas (EUNE)
: Could we talk about Rek'Sai for a second?
I don't know about high elo, I'm a lowly silver 5 forever jungler, but at low elo she's pretty broken just because not many people play her and so people aren't prepared for her early damage and knock up
: I used to play Olaf but I find his kit to be boring. Just throw an axe and chase the enemy into oblivion. His main issue is that he's basically useless in teamfights right now. Like Mundo was before the huge buff to his R.
Yeah that's my feeling. The whole point of his R is to dive the back line and get to the carries, but even if you get there you dont do enough damage late game because to be of any use to the team you need to go full tank so you just get focused down and as you said, are useless
: they have to be carefull what to do with olaf cause it can escallate quickly. the synergy with olaf ult and predator boots is realy strong. evena small buff could get tis guy out of balance.
I see that, but he's currently sitting at one of the lowest winrate in the game
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nesfir (EUW)
: soon we will get a ladder for who is best at reporting people. i mean why bother throw away gameplay and use the ladder bronze to challanger, for who reports better. and says least bad words....
brilliant idea actually, maybe i'd get out of silver that way
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: What about certain kinds of colourblindness though? I can see this might give issues with some people.
I don't know much about the ins and outs of colour blindness but I think people who have it can see changes in shade, just not changes in colour? So I'd hope it would be noticeable that the colour had changed even if it's hard to see what the colours are? If that makes sense
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: Reporting is not enough
Appreciate everyone's feedback on this. I know that it's difficult for riot to find and punish every single flamer/toxic bully on the game and I also know there's equally nice people who if you ask politely are quite willing to give up their role. Just found it very harsh that not only did the guy get bullied he then had to endure a game he obviously wasn't going to enjoy, and then lose LP for it. It's almost like he got punished for their behavior. He did endure it like a trooper though. Thought maybe if I said something on here maybe riot would see and ask for a little info to investigate.
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Ymir (EUW)
: [UPDATE 26-01-16 EUW/EUNE] Dynamic Queue system re-enabled
surely it would of been a good idea to re-enable team builder too while dynamic is down

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