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Rısu (EUW)
: LF Top and ADC Players For Clash, DIA+
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: Diamond Team looking for highly motivated Jungler
: I got a 2 week suspension due to 1 game , and I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING THAT IS TOXIC!
> Giant Trunade: %%%% this > Giant Trunade: lol > Giant Trunade: why u troll pick > Giant Trunade: and pick raka mid? > Giant Trunade: lol > Giant Trunade: mute all > Giant Trunade: report soraka flame pls > Giant Trunade: so toxic > Giant Trunade: LOOOOOL , im not premade > Giant Trunade: soraka troll pick mid > Post-Game : > Giant Trunade: i honor morg > Giant Trunade: only player with good manners > Giant Trunade: report raka > Giant Trunade: flame > Giant Trunade: toxic > Giant Trunade: taunting > Giant Trunade: and troll > Giant Trunade: gg wp > Giant Trunade: u derserve to win Yes, it's a deserved ban. Let's go now and explane you the reasons, and its not only one, why you got banned. First you typed so much, which is accepted as spamming by the system. 2nd you have asked for reports, which is against The Summoner's Code. Hopefully you understand what you have done wrong now.
Loxtos (EUW)
: 2 weeks banned for this?
Totally a deserved ban. You better take care of your account after getting unbanned, unless you want permaban.
: I tested Riots ban system: HOW TO GET BANNED WITHOUT ANY FLAME
You used words that can get you banned, and you know that! The system is a robot, it isn't a real person, because nobody can review all those reports being sended every minute. Yeah you didn't flame direcly a person, but using those words activate the system and you get a punishment. + It can be accepted as spamming in-game, because you are saying nothing about the game. Totally a deserved ban!
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KenT96 (EUW)
: Team Clarity - eSports Team Recruitment Thread 2018 | Ad Carry needed only |
Summoner name: WhiteHook Role:ADC Do you desire to apply as captain:not really Rank in previous season: season 4 silver 5, season 5 plat 5, season 6 plat 2, season 7 d3, now d4 (peak d1 this season) Champion pool:kinda all adc expect mf OP.GG link: / my acc from all season that i transfered 3 weeks ago How active and dedicated to team can you be: i think i can be alot :)


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