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Network Operations – 33 minutes ago The game is temporarily unavailable while we perform scheduled maintenance, we expect this maintenance to be complete by 09:00 BST. they shut down teh game....what do you think they will ban people for leaving the matches??
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Overpowering scuttle was a mistake, making a level 2 strong junglers the meta. But lowering jungle exp from camps and in the same time lowering spawn time, was a good idea. Junglers had a really strong influence in the game (and with scuttles, I feel that they have even stronger), and when adding an ADC hard carry meta, the person who picked strong early-mid game jungler won the game. It was like: gank level 3 top -> invade jungle -> go mid -> invade jungle -> go bot, and game is probably won. The thing that they should do is: keep a lowered experience from monster, revert scuttle and lower jungle camps spawn time again a little. This should bring a bigger diversity to a jungle champions.
the bigger problem is laners bad of feed no way the jungler can carry even with all teh crabs in game. so teh point is they lower the exp jungl camps but they didnt buff teh iq of shtlaners. so now i cant even have an impact in games like in normlas vs premades and with premades on my team. so at this point is laners feed i dont play anymore the match. i cant understand this lower exp in jungle camps and me play vs fed enemy laner with more 1 or 2 lvl exp than me. no point waste time.
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Cakeski (EUW)
: Found the previous chatlogs from the last thread you posted after getting a 10 ban chat restriction 6 months ago. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/uc4AYmAp-ending-the-season-with-a-locked-honor-1 The following is directly from the chat log you posted 6 months ago, giving us a snapshot of your behaviour from the previous punishment. > [{quoted}](name=ShadowDevil123,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=uc4AYmAp,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-06T09:37:12.367+0000) > Game 1 >Game 1 >ShadowDevil123: zed jungle? didnt even notice >ShadowDevil123: waitdidnt lux say shes supp? >ShadowDevil123: 4 >ShadowDevil123: minus 1 thats 3 quick maths (singing mans not hot by big shaq with the rest of my team) >ShadowDevil123: everyday mans on the block >ShadowDevil123: smoke trees >ShadowDevil123: bye >ShadowDevil123: lol >ShadowDevil123: zed u flashedinto all 3 of them (zed flaming me for not flashing into 4 of them) >ShadowDevil123: noone was there >ShadowDevil123: we all left i was 1 hp rest are pussies >ShadowDevil123: cancer >ShadowDevil123: %%%%ing (talking about brand +kog and viktor agreed with me his w I think it is is unpredictable) >ShadowDevil123: champion >ShadowDevil123: wtf >ShadowDevil123: is that poke >ShadowDevil123: and they both have a kill each >ShadowDevil123: brilliant >ShadowDevil123: so? >ShadowDevil123: we are 3 >ShadowDevil123: they are 2 1s 0 hp (viktors 1st troll kses kog lets me die in the gank which was an easy 3v2 zed was there noc kills me I get brand low and he kills brand last second and leaves) >ShadowDevil123: why >ShadowDevil123: are you playing like a %%%%% >ShadowDevil123: keep farming viktor (sarcasm Implying I'm asking him to stop taking it) >ShadowDevil123: 1 >ShadowDevil123: %%%%ing >ShadowDevil123: hp (nearly killed kog then died to noc+ brand kog left with 1 hp litteraly) >ShadowDevil123: im tilted >ShadowDevil123: my r does 0 %%%%ing dmg >ShadowDevil123: he wa stunned (vik let brand get away) >ShadowDevil123: hit him >ShadowDevil123: can u atleast last hit so i can farm aswell? (on my way to lane he was pushing for no reason >ShadowDevil123: next time >ShadowDevil123: u ks me (Ihad been ignoring their chat msgs until this point and then I decided to test if they even care about the game and they didn't) >ShadowDevil123: im running it down untill we lose >ShadowDevil123: u decided to switch and play support >ShadowDevil123: then ure gonna play support not wait last second to ks >ShadowDevil123: lux u have a lane (lux tryingto make me mad by taking my farm) >ShadowDevil123: how >ShadowDevil123: did u %%%%ing get the kill (no toxicity intended here was just surprised I was like 100% positive I aa-ed kog but his ignite tick got it) >ShadowDevil123: why do u keep trying to trigger me >ShadowDevil123: not gonna lie its working >ShadowDevil123: 1st of all >ShadowDevil123: i play since s3 aswell (response to viktor saying ''I play since season 3 and you say I'm ksing you?'' >ShadowDevil123: 2nd of all >ShadowDevil123: u are %%%%ing ksing me >ShadowDevil123: u stay there doing nothing untill next second >ShadowDevil123: premades are the cancer of this game >ShadowDevil123: misses 3 qs still 1 shots me (syndra did 1200 with r and missed 3 qs still 1 shots me she was 4/5 or something like that) >ShadowDevil123: what a brilliant champion that ios >ShadowDevil123: %%%% mid (not talking about lux I was talking about the lane I then switched back to bot) >ShadowDevil123: do >ShadowDevil123: i >ShadowDevil123: talk (they have been spamming me all game and vlad says I talk too much) >ShadowDevil123: much? >ShadowDevil123: lux >ShadowDevil123: i can bet >ShadowDevil123: my entire family >ShadowDevil123: u arent this toxic when u play alone >ShadowDevil123: OK ZED (zed spamming me to stop inting I was 4/7 at this point and I'm like OK I HEARD YOU STOP SAYING IT) >ShadowDevil123: syndra build mejaice (this is like 4 minutes later of me ignoring them and trying to play then lux takes my farm after which vik baits me into dying) >ShadowDevil123: right >ShadowDevil123: %%%%ing >ShadowDevil123: now >ShadowDevil123: yes you are (lux saying all chat ''I'm not toxic I'm just trying to play the game'' acting) >ShadowDevil123: u dont need to swear to be toxic >ShadowDevil123: im at ur blue >ShadowDevil123: come for a kill (I'm lying to her at this point still trying to play) >ShadowDevil123: lol >ShadowDevil123: her r 700 >ShadowDevil123: this is why u can lock in a support (viktor said something like ''this is why....'' don't remember the rest so I responded same format) >ShadowDevil123: my teams premade >ShadowDevil123: so they are flaming me all game (all chat) >ShadowDevil123: and laughing about it in their skype discussion >ShadowDevil123: so why should i be playing? >ShadowDevil123: you and lux (lux and vik saying ''no we aren't premade'' which isn't true since it was way too obvious they are so they just lied) >ShadowDevil123: keep acting >ShadowDevil123: nocturne i see ure trying to be the bigger guy (noc saying '' don't kill him just report him'' >ShadowDevil123: but if ur supports taking ALL your farm and the rest of your team is flaming you for no reason im ofc gonna int >ShadowDevil123: no point in playing when all my teams interested in is flaming me (they didnt wanna play either) >ShadowDevil123: and getting me mad >ShadowDevil123: quinn kda player (no one attacked me except Quinn rest just ignored me) >ShadowDevil123: never said ure bullying me (lux said ''cyber bullying isn't a thing) >ShadowDevil123: the tears are on my face kappa (vik saying sell itemsfor tears so I wanted to make a joke out of it) >ShadowDevil123: s3 silver season 4-6 didnt play season 7 gold in 2 weeks :) (vik saying I'm bronze since season 3 and got boosted to gold this season) >ShadowDevil123: my dad beats me and my uncles a molester (lux saying stuff like that so I made a joke >ShadowDevil123: still gonna report me and act as if it does shit (when someone you report gets a penalty you get a notice msg which ive never gotten for all of the INTENTIONAL feeders ive had (I don't report if they still try to play) or afks so I never believed in the report system >ShadowDevil123: ooo 44% winrate vlad thats rough >ShadowDevil123: opgg urself buddy ( >ShadowDevil123: lux nice sarcasm >ShadowDevil123: dont make fun of me >ShadowDevil123: i did they told me ''%%% fatto'' (lux told me to dial a suicide hotline so I made yet another unfunny to me joke hoping he would laugh at and stop talking like that) >ShadowDevil123: uh sorry vlad >ShadowDevil123: i forgot it was viktor %%%%ing me over (apologizing I checked wrong persons opgg I felt line an idiot at this point) >ShadowDevil123: u were nice >ShadowDevil123: my bad >ShadowDevil123: lux >ShadowDevil123: u have 35% winrate flex >ShadowDevil123: oh btw this game was an easy win >ShadowDevil123: +1 cs kogmaw (kog kills me) >ShadowDevil123: ggwp honor vlad for not being toxic >ShadowDevil123: only one that didnt side with the premades >ShadowDevil123: %%%%. (vlad said ''%%%% you %%%%%%'' after that pretty sure he was joking though''
how do people talk this much in a video game??
: Firstly you realise they are currently looking at supports at the moment... they are only holding off as the adc changes will in part have an effect on the entire bot lane thus its best to wait... but riot are planning to look at healing and shielding power. And you realise riot nerf more than they buff... to the point where it’s a meme. The ratio of nerfs to buffs is heavily in favour of nerfs, riot do buff champions who are struggling but for the most part they nerf the strongest. But if you just nerf without ever buffing then the game dies, as you nerf the strongest, then you nerf the strongest after the nerf, then you repeat that and eventually you’ve nerfed everything so much that league becomes un fun to play... so you need to buff in order to keep champions balanced. Remember, balance doesn’t just mean making sure champions aren’t too strong, but also making sure champions aren’t too weak... hence buffs.
dude sona is on top 5 best champs win rate and in 8.9 patch they buff her Q and passive.... am not saying shes broken but she was on top5 with 53% win rate and they chose to buff her..
BambiTheNub (EUNE)
: How Ban system works ?
Juippi (EUNE)
: Can we do something about Viktor?
about viktor i dont even know what to say... i see some very good viktors and carrying hard and others very bad. but, i think hes not broken. hes hard to master.
: well i guess i'm going to be in bronze 5 for 5 years
man you stuck in elohell... is hard to get out of there.
: Riot,you seriously need to make this into a Sona skin...
best eurovision song ever https://youtu.be/Pfo-8z86x80
: Riot,you seriously need to make this into a Sona skin...
: Is it just me or does it look like some of those people in those pictures actually agree with OP? Some of them look like they are thinking why am I here and why am I doing this?
the rito emplooyes only want party and connect with teh girls in teh office. they dont care about patches.
: They don’t, most of what they do is good... balancing is just hard to do
lol ok.... well instead of pick low winrate champs and buff them, just go see the bigger win rate champs and nerf them... is funny that in top 10 there are 5 supps with the biggest win rate and 2 or 3 are in top 5 and riot dont touch the supps. or the supp items.... but hey it was need to give khaz Q 100% damage isolated targer. you need to buff hard kennen for some reason. i think the point of balancing thing is pick what is broken and tunned it down not pick turnnned down champs and make them very strong. but.. what do i know
: If you work 8 hours you are entitled to a break, where you grab coffee or go on social media... that is an actual law, riot have to give their staff breaks if they work a certain amount of time.
if they work hard they wouldnt gives us sht patches
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GLurch (EUW)
: So you want Rioters to work 24/7? Even Riot can't neglect the law. We're not living in the 18th century where workers aren't protected by anything. Workers have time they have to work, free time and holidays. All of them are needed to ensure that... well, humans don't die from overworking themselves and how the workers use their free time is up to them. It's also really popular within "modern" companies like Google, Facebook or well, Riot to allow workers free time while at work, so they can relax instead of having to get stressed, which according to these companies also seems to work out very well, claming their workers are much more motivated and creative. It's only logical after all: How do you expect someone to for example think up a new character with new abilities and mechanics? You can't do that when stressed because of a deadline or something. There are also studies and such out there showing that what people wish for their job the most is not to get paid a lot, but to have a chill climate at work. They don't want to get stressed. Besides that, I don't think having people who, for example work in one of the art departments, fixing fps drops will really work out. That's not their job, that's another persons job. Just because you're seeing someone responsible for for example fixing bugs goofing around at work doesn't mean Riot isn't working at making new champions. It may just be that there are at that moment no bugs Riot is aware of, since finding bugs is yet another persons job.
i think they work 8 hours, not 24/7...but in labor hours they could not spend time on twitter, and cosplaying and going to coffees, and could simply work, because that why riot pays to them, is to work not to fck around. Hashinshin, rainman, tyler1 and other youtubers and streamers are RIGHT. if they work they wouldnt present us with ridiculous patches and maybe just maybe fix fps drops and maybe just maybe balanced the champs in game.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Wholesome Pervo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2ehBhlTY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-05-04T21:57:33.369+0000) > > the supp role have been buff hard for years and years. > and thats the problem, even a key stone aery is buffing them...ardent item is just too strong, despite they did a small nerf before the pre season. at mid and late game the shields are soo huge. and some players are so bad tha they only can win by been a shield bot in match. nothing more.... they just sit back and shield or /and heal. Huh there's no support who can shield AND heal. With Janna though, sure, you can be a %%%%%% and keep winning by doing almost nothing. But a bad Soraka/Lulu/Nami won't be as unforgiving as a Janna.
Hashinshin is right once again... Janna main = boosted egirls being shield bots to their elo daddy.
ShanksFX (EUW)
: [literally unplayable](https://i.imgur.com/nElapqm.png)
not unplayable, but when you see khaz and shaco its unplayable....WW cant 1v1 any of this guys in early game. or mid or late.
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Atlas (EUNE)
: Be honest [POLL]
am jungler main, and when the {{champion:62}} lose thier lanes is always my fault.... when the {{champion:62}} come ranked to try out champs and lose their lanes is always my fault. just relax and do as i do, say to them that riot advice junglers to not gank losing lanes. xD or just say to them to go F*** th3ms3lfs
: Nope they won't just telling you nami is also the same as janna or even worse .Riot should had nerfed nami pretty much 2 weeks after the new runes came but they didn't . No one knows when nami will get a nerf which is needed . The reason why they don't nerf these champion is mostly because in higher tiers players know how to counter pick them.(your r is pretty useless vs brand ) Janna is strong yes but ap mages can counter her.You can go zyra/brand...janna kit is not really great vs them. Nami on the other hand (she has higher skill cap and similar win rate) has a way more annoying kit than janna but as i said riot hasn't nerf her yet. I don't know but if janna is annoying..what can i say for kha ,who is not only viable for MSI but also one shot my adc in 0.25 seconds?At least janna is not getting picked there.
the supp role have been buff hard for years and years. and thats the problem, even a key stone aery is buffing them...ardent item is just too strong, despite they did a small nerf before the pre season. at mid and late game the shields are soo huge. and some players are so bad tha they only can win by been a shield bot in match. nothing more.... they just sit back and shield or /and heal.
: Poppy buffs
they increase E range this last patch and 2 patches ago they buff Poppy E damage... yeah poppy is strong.
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Febos (EUW)
: https://imgflip.com/s/meme/Leonardo-Dicaprio-Cheers.jpg
Jade Queen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wholesome Pervo,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AtPP01zo,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-25T21:34:08.944+0000) > > why so sad??? > do a new acc and stop put money on accs. > they dont ban you from your ip address ot just not be toxic? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
not going to happen, people need to be call what they deserve and when they deserve.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
is better to have a khaz with 100% true damage isolation Q thats good.... this runes are teh best sh1t ever rito made. seasons before this new runes all start at same lvl same now is just a snow ball fiesta.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: If you're just going to ignore everything I say, there's no need for me to discuss with you further. Also: I don't work for Riot. I don't have the power to ban your account.
send a ticket to them, go check my acc them tell me again people get ban for feed and troll. sh1t game.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Extreme cases happen, that doesn't mean that there's no system in place to attempt to catch it. The player in question was banned, and the data of their behaviour was used to improve the system for the future. This still doesn't change the fact that people do actually get banned after just a single game of misbehaving as well.
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA YESTERDAY AND TODAY i got so mad and still here, go ban my acc. go check my match history. then say you ban after one game.
Konetsu (EUW)
: season 9 role based rank and role trades in champselect?
this doesnt make sense or fair.... lets see what rito will provide us, but i dont have hopes for this. i was hoping for them to take promos out of game and get more divisions on the ladder.
: I got permanetly banned.:(
why so sad??? do a new acc and stop put money on accs. they dont ban you from your ip address
Deomorf (EUNE)
: Where are you... key fragment?
: I literally witnessed a game with Singed support in internet caffe. He played support 0-13-4. His team was very bad and he played bad aswell, but he never said a single thing that was negative. He finished a game and guess what ? He got 14 days ban for Intentional feeding. So yes, you can get banned with negative stats. PS - He played awful but never died on purpose.
can you really?? look at my match history and tell me if people can be ban for trolling?? and besides there a twitter post made by alot streams to rito supp twitter about that korean inting in 50 games in a row and still continues playing the game... in this sh1t game you can do what ever you want since you dont talk back to the inter.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > people are feeding and they wont get punished.... Why would they? Having negative stats doesn't mean you should be punished for it.
there is this post on twitter about this korean player that int 50 games in a row with nunu and didnt go ban, and people getting mad in twitter because, many people may have their accs ban due to flame that korean player. and this game is all about not flaming the rest people cant troll and int in rnaked and thats ok. everything is ok in this sh1t game since you dont talk to the guy that ints..
Great Lad (EUNE)
: Update on my transfer to EUW from EUNE: Still toxic, but in a different way and better people.
> People here in silver play as good as Plat on EUNE. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA NO silver play like silvers in any server. i understand you try to bash your server but silvers in euw are all bad
Aguli (EUNE)
: Which other suport should i play instead?
Nami, Leona, Tresh, Alistar, Taric, Braum.... this are the ones strong supps i've seen so far this season
msdimca500 (EUNE)
: Riot wth ?!?
: Show me any source that suggests. Here's my evidence: https://imgur.com/lZ2C0wA Source: http://www.iihs.org/iihs/topics/t/general-statistics/fatalityfacts/gender
:) always women fault, they make men drive like crazy people.
: Women actually drive better then men. 70-75% of all accidents are caused by male drivers. Because they drive too fast, they drive drunk, they overestimate their abilities. Most women are not that stupid.
lies, must accidents happen because of women
: Giving some ridiculous example of someone who thinks it's sexist if you say men are taller than women does not undo all other arguments a so-called Social Justice Warrior is putting forth. What is this world where fighting for social justice is a bad thing, what have we done? In 1968 that was a good thing. I know the boards here are not suit for political and social discussion as it is hard to moderate but I'd love to hear a more in-depth explanation from a Master's degree person about this topic as I myself find it hard to believe society being more sexist than in 1988 as things like domestic abuse were present there too. I do respect university knowledge but then I am a child of the 90s so maybe too old for the generation that doesn't^^ I have not heard of Ethos in that context though, I only know it at it is described on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethos
i like girls. when they sexy and cute.
: report sexism on girls
i want to play with sexy girls, so now riot arrest me send me to jail for wanna play with sexy cute girls.
: Saving a game from a jungler who is inting as a Toplaner
: Best player in the world by season / who will it be in season 8?
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: Do you have any evidence to back this certainty? I read that article and I suspected they did do it nonetheless in some different way (with honor and mmr for ex), that would explain a lot
they use to do that, like 4 seasons ago, when people could accumulate chat restrictions.... people use to have like 400 or 500 games chat restriction and they use to put players isolated from the "positive" players.
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