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: Whats wrong with NA? Kappa
Cause I m tired of watching Imaqtpie and Gosu inting lmao plus the fact when i see some plays from Diamond NA they look like gold EUW
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: Hold on right there! I think this mindset you have is _really_ unhealthy. If you really see anything that isn't a win or an easy game as a "waste of time", you're definitely doing something wrong. --- I've spent over 2500 hours playing League, and like every other player, my winrate is roughly 50%. If I complained about every lost game, and had a miserable time whenever I don't win like you apparently do, I would've spent **1250 hours** of my life being completely miserable! Why would anyone do that? --- Stop caring about the wins, this mindset does NOT make you better at the game, and it most certainly doesn't make the game more **fun**. Chances are; You're not going to become a pro, so chill out and actually enjoy the game. If you want to play competitively, that's completely understandable, but don't try to win. Try to play good! Focus on improving yourself, and do the best in each game, that's going to save you a LOT of frustration and rage-fueled Boards posts like this. Try it! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
I think your mindset is unhealthy for people who want to win. As I see here RITO actually supports trollers. Why u might ask? Cause after they inted/afk God knows what else they did to ruin ur game they just move on like nothing happened ruining other games further. Where is their ban? Dunno prob we need to do a ritual like rain dance or dancing in front of a fire with weird symbols around so maybe that person gets actually banned. Can t believe u say to chill and enjoy the game if you have some garbages several times a day like 2 people jungle cause they had a fight in the queue or someone who dies and then he says: ok i m gonna int now. You guys give them like how many chances before they actually get banned? 5 maybe? And you expect this community to be less toxic this way? No mercy for the trolls ban ban ban. People keep talking about improving yourself and stuff like u mentioned above I agree with that. I m telling you several times mid lane or jungle or top was trolling hard everyone told them to play safe after they died like 2 times and they went against the enemy like they had 0/0/0 score and died again, they spent more time in the base and when that enemy came in our lane he literally crushed us many times even beneath the turret. No matter how improved u are and stuff like that if your enemy has lots of kills especially now when games are decided at minute 10 and ended at minute 20 U CANNOT do anything about that you need to understand NOTHING/nada u re just spectator.
: For once in the history of the game RioT is trying NOT to nerf all lategame ADCs, which would have been, normally, inevitabile after the nerfs to ALL earlygame ADCs (both direct nerfs and through lethality). Proof is, Cait has been already and quite extensively tweaked after her many nerfs. Vayne (and Tristana) just received some love taps, and hopefully they won't need to receive anymore attention. Hopefully.
Quite funny cause RITO said that they wanted to BUFF Vayne and yet we see sort of nerf and definitely she s not gonna be played by pros like this as they wanted initially.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Yeah I believe the change they are planning is focused toward worlds since Vayne is not really seen on pro seen but attack speed oriented build could be very effective in current meta in certain cases unlike current oneshot builds. Personally I would not really mind rageblade Vayne but it sucks to be force into certain build without having real possibility of something else.
Dunno about att speed I just find it really boring hitting and hitting and hitting. At this moment I feel like I hit something with her when I use Q. If they take this away it s really lame. Just give some dmg back to her q and that s all you need for a buff. I d like to see her also played by pro players but I don t know this way it will make her really boring. She is good the way she is since she was released with crit on her Q
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: Kite like a pro
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: Why have riot destroyed the adc role?
ADC 2k17. Welcome to tank meta GG RITO. Why dont u delete ADC's actually since you hate them and make tanks unkillable and huge amount of peel?
LazySlav (EUNE)
: Grievous wounds on tank items?
They fkked it up even more they actually want tanks to be unkillable not that till now was different. Ty RITO for destroying this lame game even more. SO all will play tanks even on bot new meta. It was already before impossible to put tanks down with all adc's in general now u make it impossible. Imagine an imobile adc like cait or ashe getting caught by a fkking tank. One cc and is deleted. KITE? weren t tanks suppossed to be kitable? Not anymore all tanks got cc and HUGE amount of dmg and yet these braindead give them more dmg and make them more tanky. ADC 2k17 GG RITO RIP LOL
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: Yeah, the vest is pretty broken vs every and all autoattack reliant champs. 20 damage for free _per auto_ is ridiculous.
This is RITO for ya u can count on them on destroying this game cause... of their boner for tanks
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: Elohell dosent exist :3
> [{quoted}](name=Emotionless,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2GMLnecs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-09T06:45:22.307+0000) > > Elohell dosent exist :3 Ohh it rlly does. In low ranks are only people who flame, and if they offend you or spam pings on u and tell them to stop they start to int feed etc. I had a "support" poppy spamming pings on me all the time and called me p...y cause i played def while he was going into them dying. I tried to explain that i prefer to play safer than feeding and I also had late game adc so. But yeah this is the community they int feed flame and almost never get punished. It s quite funny if u want to climb u must be the one making a difference in those games but guess what they made this game more team reliable so if ur team is bad or toxic the q is how can u make a difference? U can t 1 vs 9? This is rito for you.
: Getting sick of riot's boner for tanks. Nothing but tank buffs since mid-season.
> [{quoted}](name=Antenora,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EqN5aPrQ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-07-06T12:31:19.390+0000) > > Getting sick of riot's boner for tanks. > > Nothing but tank buffs since mid-season. Man they started good by buffing adcs when they were shit but they screwed big time after by boosting tanks back. My question is: Why u even bother to boost adcs when u re going to give new items for tanks and make them even more tanky? That was a nobrainer move. And yes they seem obsessed about tanks or smth prob that guy who s taking care of balance likes to play tank or smth. GG RITO
Lit Corn (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=archerno1,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fOwAKfJu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-07T21:49:31.401+0000) > > Nah, Vayne is considered one of weakest ADCs atm. Draven, Cait, Twitch, Tristana, Lucian are considered faaar better picks. Vayne is probably gonna get some more buffs. She isn't the best adc in the current meta but she doesnt need a buff imo , then lets buff draven , miss fortune , sivir too since they arn't picked that much in LCS , she is not a god tier pick ofc , but she is viable , and in any elo , btw she is still picked sometimes in LPL and got picked by Rekkles pretty recently too... at this point it's like wanting to buff every champ that isnt in meta ...
IMO they should give her a little boost and to other adc s too that aren t picked much. Dunno when I saw vayne getting played last time in a competition for example. I kinda start not to like these competitions anymore cause are played forever the same champions, forever the same faces like ashe jhin etc. Boring af to see the same adcs all over again.They made a mistake imo by nerfing her q last season if i m not wrong, I think it wasn t the case and all adcs were shit back then excepting jhin and varus who were played like crazy cuz no other adc was viable
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Nah, Vayne is considered one of weakest ADCs atm. Draven, Cait, Twitch, Tristana, Lucian are considered faaar better picks. Vayne is probably gonna get some more buffs.
Indeed vayne is shit cause of one of the lowest range in the game early game is also shit unless u have a good supp to give u 2 kills on the plate and then start to dominate ur lane,plus the fact the laning phase is ridiculous low dmg and no aoe so is easy to miss creeps. She is late game like some other carries but most of the time the game ends before she can make it to the late game
: Darius is OK, but you are bad. Why didn't you build BOTRK to kite him? You just made a pointless IE rush followed by Stattik, no BOTRK to kite no PD to reduce damage incoming, how do you plan on winning vs a juggernaut without those items? U just don't know how to play vs him.
Man without crit I dont deal any dmg. I was planning to do so but my whole team died along with me in fights and didn t have time to buy botrk and don t even know if it would be enough he healed himself a lot from his q right when he was almost dead and got heals from his supp so quite impossible to put him down and trust me kiting him with vayne is not easy she has the lowest range he can grab me then slow me and ult and gg but I guess is normal for a champ to press R and win easy like that
: If you are not capable of dealing with him, why not ban him? In my opinion, Darius is ok - he's not too strong, but he's not too weak either. Kite him, fight him, play passive and out-scale him, all those options are fine, you just need to recognize what the strengths of your champion are compared to him, and not give him what he wants.
I m banning my own counter is top s job to do that. And weak later? that s a joke the dmg he outputs is insane man and once he kills someone with ult is gg for the rest.Also his slow is helping him a lot too.
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: it's not about hitting a rank, it's about the fact how she absolutely dominates the lane, she's so oppressive
Like some other adc's she s quite immobile if she got caught or cc or what so ever she is deleted. Vayne on the other hand is more mobile and condemn helps her a lot but it comes with a price her range is one of the lowest. Indeed cait has some traps but is not like they can t be not avoidable. If u put wrong a trap that might be the difference between getting killed or getting a kill.She kinda has lots of poke tho but dunno one she s caught by a riven or kha or rengar etc she s quite dead. With vayne I mostly kill caitlyn but u need a decent support. I know that she can harass with her q and traps but her q s can be dodged u need good reactions and if she spams q or traps too much she runs out of mana and is easy then to focus her and kill her in early game. Just stay out of traps and avoid q. When u avoid q don t run back u can go left or right but try to face her cause vayne gets bonus movement speed when u re faced towards her and is easier to avoid her q .
: > I don t want to be paired with premade ppl in normal games pls That's not possible, sorry.
Why not? They can implement 2 options in queue. Going solo or party mode. This kind of harassment is not nice either. If I want to go solo Q then it should be solo not party q and wasting my time cause of people like those.If I want party i pick party mode and there s no problem
: Please Go Ranked With Me
: lee sin does fall off late game
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MacDeath (EUW)
: You are not supposed to get in Lee's range as an adc. It's the same as saying "Wtf why did Wukongs W killed me? I had 400 HP!". Because he went full AP you dimwit. If it works you are stupid.
and yet again 2 skilled by Lee sin, something doesn t sound right
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Manevră (EUNE)
: ***
Your comment shows how toxic this community became.
: Just learn to play ffs if you spent the time writing this post and replying to comments on watching a few youtube videos or streams it's kind of weird how the only people complaining about balance on the boards are unranked or bronze/silver players don't you think?
Yes is weird I guess cause of these people who complain about balance some other chmpions who deserved to be nerfed they got nerf. I m sorry for speaking the truth main yasuo I presume I guess ppl ban yasuo pretty much cause is too balanced but ye u re right bronze/silver ppl shouldn t talk in front of challengers like you I guess. This arrogance of people like you who mostly are gold and talk about silvers/bronze like they re trash and they re gods just cause they re gold but lemme tell u smth the real deal only starts from platinum+ just so you know
: Darius is not broken. He is just very strong in lane vs melee, but doesnt scale well. Yasuo is strong in lane vs melee AND scales well, so I'd ban Yasuo over Darius every time. Well, I dont think ADCs are meant to 1v1 Yasuo that got fed by inting teammates.
The thing is yasuo kinda destroys everything once he got 2-3 kills. Even in teamfights couldn t do anything to stop him anymore. Dunno if his passive is too op or not 2x crit sounds strong
Biuvoc (EUW)
: {{champion:157}} is not broken stop this shit.Its easy to deal with.Against yasuo=free win.If ppl ban him is because no one wants it in their team.
Sure not broken shield which blocks everything+ ult which 1 hits adc's and middlers which can be used on every bounce now only from ur tornado
: Play {{champion:33}} against him in any position.
I mostly play adc but he destroys adc's his crit is quite big, that op shield which even blocks auto attacks not only skills... Also pl ban a lot Darius I guess that one is broken too, but when they forget to ban yasuo guess what disaster happens...
sit kid (EUW)
: you could also just git gud
I love these comments with git gud especially from yasuo mains I guess it feels good to play with noob champion
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: Quitting Ranked
That s the problem about this game it s a troll game got lately ppl who "forgot" their masteries and ppl who go afk I reported but I barely ever get that message with ban. They just get banned only if they get a certain amount of reports in a period of time which is not efficient at all. Some people leave intentionally the game and I specify in my report but I guess they don t get banned cause nobody is there to read. I must mention that I didn t play ranked but still even if is normal draft still matters cause I want a decent team idm if I lose cause of outplay but I don t like cause I lose because of trollers/feeders/afkers. I lose time and my game experience is ruined cause of other users but riot team doesn t care about it. They read what we post here but when is about complaints about game experience their moderators don t bother to answer at least to tell us if they indend to improve this in future sooner hopefully or not. That s why this game is u know what atm cause trollers don t get punished enough only few of them cause of their faulty banning system.
: Patch 7.2.1337 Notes
What would you expect from RIOT? Almost all adc's are useless only jhin and varus are played. LCS is boring af when u all the time see varus jhin or ashe. They introduced this new ban system hoping that we will see a large variety of champions in game but ye what a variety when u re forced to play jhin,varus or ashe. They kinda force you to play in one direction. All adc's should be viable to play but unfortunately atm you can count them on your fingers. Top is boring, they fight for 2-3 mins just to take down like 30% hp, bot is boring again cause adc s need more items in order to get some action. All those deleted adcs they re very late game but guess what the games mostly end before you can show them that u re actually in game too. Once top or mid laner gets fed and destroys a turret he starts to roam on bot mostly destroying ur lane before you get enough items to be able to do a decent job. They should give back to some adc s earlier burst otherwise the game ends before you have a word to say. Gosu and imaqtpie they said that adcs are trash it feels like they don t exist in this game anymore. We still have broken champs out there like LeBalanced, yasuo,riven and some more who can literally delete you with one combo or skill. Welcome to 2k17 adc lul
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blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Garen should be a tank. After all he s a tank. Is not actually a melee, trynda does, master yi does, jax does but no way Garen. He s a tank killer like many other tankers out there... It doesn t feel right when a tank can do triple and not only and has so much ridiculous dmg. IMO a tank should stay a tank(front line, tons of hp, some cc but that s all no ridiculous dmg in it s kit).And there are many other champs that are broken or tank killers...
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Doomley (EUW)
: well from adcs, vayne is the best one to try to 1v1 yasuo. You just need to play it perfectly and juke him with the stealth. Stunning him is almost a requirement to beat him too.
That would be rlly hard cause I don t master vayne just unlocked her and practiced a little
Doomley (EUW)
: tbh yasuo is a champion with highest potential to actually 1v5. Especially against uncoordinated soloq teams. And now if we think about it, if he has the potential to 1v5, how does anyone really have a chance to 1v1 him? A champion like tryndamere can try but he is not as useful for the team as yasuo is. Many champions like jax can beat him in the early game but have no chance in the mid/ late game.
Is any way I could kick my brother s ass with Vayne? lol I kinda hate my brother atm lol
Infernape (EUW)
: I need buy Malzahar for that specific purpose. It's fun making Yasuo's day hell.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Sorry but I have to: You play Vayne and dare to complain about other broken champions? I hate Yasuo, his shield, mobility, windwall and double-crit, but Vayne is broken too
I didn t complain just wanted to know the state of yasuo lol. I unlocked vayne recently and practiced a little with her. Dunno if Vayne is broken or not but if she is it means that yasuo is way more broken lol. It seemed weird for me since ik that she s one of the best adc and yet her dmg is quite low in early-mid game and later still is devastated by that ult and those annoying shields.
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