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Soul199 (EUNE)
: **IMPORTANT HOW TO FIX ! go to dokuments and rename League of Legends folder(or delete) and game works again **{{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Last night client wouldnt launch, I did what you said and this morning it worked. Thank you.
Blimpy (EUNE)
: Client not appearing..
Same issue, the after I downloaded the patch my client wont open
EU Ezreal (EUW)
: Recent update - LoL not responding
Same issue, the after I downloaded the patch my client wont open
: I'm 20 years old, and most of people commenting here I simply just don't agree. Do you honestly thinking saying %%% in a video game equates do a death threat if so you're the one out of touch with modern internet culture. Doesn't make it ok, but everyone on the internet knows words don't mean shit, especially in a videogame. That being said I know I was in the wrong. Just don't equate a simple "%%%" with a death threat, if that were the case no one would be on twitch or on any social platform. A
Modern internet or not, if words dont mean anything, you wouldnt have reacted that way in reply to the Thresh in the first place :) You can only say for yourself as a person what does hurt and what doesn't only for YOU, and cannot guarantee that whoever reported you didn't get hurt from your words. I think the ban is reasonable, and perhaps indicates to you that, as a 20 year old, you still have a lot to learn from the basics of communication with other people and mature up mentally. If 'ranked flame' gets to you, but you cannot comprehend how saying '%%%' be taken seriously, that's pretty hypocritical in itself. Hopefully eventually you will understand, Have a nice day.
: So if I have 1 bad game out of 100 where I say 1 word (let's be real no one gets offended by %%% especially not people who say it) is worthy of a perma ban? Explain that to me please.
You really must be quite young, if after that many comments explaining why saying that makes the ban reasonable, you still do not understand that it doesnt matter how ''good'' you act normally, saying something harmful like that once ruins your reputation and potentially harms another person. Edit: not like a first time rapist/killer, having been good all his life, doesnt deserve a proper punishment.
: I don't want to sound rude but do you honestly think, saying "%%%" in any context whatsoever should warrant a perma ban on any account? Now can I ask you, did you ever play a ranked game? If you have you know how it gets, if you haven't (your profile suggests you haven't) you don't know how it's like being flamed non stop in a stress inducing series, and yes I stooped down to his level, and I don't think I'm above any or most type of punishment. But a perma ban? For 1 bad game? Yeah I'm sorry I just thinks that's a bit too much. It's easy to talk about other people's accounts, when you yourself aren't invested in it. It's not about the skins, or about the elo (I have plenty of smurfs) It's about the reason of the ban. Saying %%% is bannable okay I get that but one strike and you're out? Wouldn't it be much better to simply chat restrict players like that for 999 games or something? I would gadly take that. Also if you use the internet at all you %%% isn't a thing you're gonna be hearing little of. All I'm saying is I don't think I deserve a ban for 1 bad game.
There have been threads similar to yours before, and Riot said that they will not tolerate such things said to other players. Ranked can get heated, but that doesnt justify that you told someone to kill themselves, maybe you'll learn to be the better person and mute flamers before you get tilted next time. Maybe next time they'll be the ones getting banned :)

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