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Allisrem2 (EUW)
: Darius op? Right, sure. Tahm is strong but not that bad either atm. Xin -- seriously? Yeah hes strong in low elo since you cant missplay, but he's still meh in mid and higher elo. Have u even checked some winrates lately?
Well i dont really care about winrates, the enemy players in my case played the champs "well", i mean i played Jungle as {{champion:59}} and camped my {{champion:78}} Toplane. Darius went 0/4 after 15 min and later started killing us 1v2 with 0 kills... Not broken at all. I ganked the lane, he just literally two-shotted {{champion:78}} and then fu*ked me too.
: The problem is not that some champs are OP. The problem is that there are just many bad players.
Thats one big problem too but theres simpln no chance for me as a Medium Gold player to counter the OP-picks.
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