: https://i.makeagif.com/media/10-24-2015/f46awt.gif
Thanks mate. Now I feel better. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Kappa Kappa. Gratz, dude.
HellSoda (EUW)
: Submit how lucky you got!
https://gyazo.com/19e0f6ed939ac979f20660a0f7ebd39b I want the four to the left. I'm a mid main after all. But I'm poor, and my paycheck arrives on November the 10th. R.I.P my AP mage skins.
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: The Issue with clubs still hasn't been resolved
Star (EUNE)
: I need some of that Gragas' fortunate misfortune... never happens to me. Lol tho
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Goat02 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wienerbarf,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=dpRgA332,comment-id=000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2016-10-08T20:37:18.291+0000) > > That's pretty selfish, basically telling someone to not air their opinions and ideas. It doesn't matter how many times it's been aired before, the fact that you think we are posting for your entertainment solely, is pretty selfish. I won't respond anymore after this reply, since it's pretty pointless. You are being selfish by not giving a f- and spaming regardless of how many times a topic has been posted. After few times it's not really an idea anymore, just spam, and makes original topics be less likely found. Of course, it's not only your fault, but when more people have mentality like you it becomes a problem. Am i being selfish, because i want a clean and spam-free forum for everyone?
You proved me wrong there. I just have to respond now, since you ended your post on a non rhetorical question. Clever fellow. But no. I don't think THAT'S selfish. You just seemed selfish because you didn't let people know that those were your intentions before now, and before you go "Oh, but I thought you'd be capable of understanding that." No. No'one would be. This is the creations and concepts page. Where people air their ideas, no matter how many times it has already been posted. Oh. And by the way. I couldn't possibly give a "f-" about something I've never seen on here before. I've been on this page almost every day since season 4, and I haven't seen this idea ONCE, even though I knew that many people have probably thought of it. But thinking of it, and letting other people know is two completely different things. There. Satisfied, or are you gonna call me a spammer again for something that I didn't know was "spam"? Never assume, and I say that, even though I assumed you were being selfish, and I'm sorry for that. *Gasp* I know. A LoL player that apologized for a mistake and didn't blame the Jungler/Support. Mindblowing.
Goat02 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wienerbarf,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=dpRgA332,comment-id=0000000000000001,timestamp=2016-10-07T09:04:37.598+0000) > > I'd rather spend my time sharing an idea that came to me, and then be told that it already exists by someone who isn't rude. Thank you. If you think i am rude you're either over-sensitive or not long enough in the internet. And i'd rather not see same post every day, because someone was too lazy to check before posting.
That's pretty selfish, basically telling someone to not air their opinions and ideas. It doesn't matter how many times it's been aired before, the fact that you think we are posting for your entertainment solely, is pretty selfish. I won't respond anymore after this reply, since it's pretty pointless.
Estti379 (EUW)
: To tell you the truth, I usually would agree with you on that point. But... the search function on the boards is so broken and unreliable that it almost totally fails for what it was supposed to: search for posts about a specific topic^^'
The truth has been spoken.
Goat02 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wienerbarf,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=dpRgA332,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-10-03T12:26:02.671+0000) > > That doesn't give me any less right to post about it, now does it? And yes, I just got that from the guy that commented before you, so I rest my case. Right, better spam forums with same topic over and over again instead of looking if it has been posted already first.
I'd rather spend my time sharing an idea that came to me, and then be told that it already exists by someone who isn't rude. Thank you.
Goat02 (EUW)
: This idea has been posted thousands of times already, mate. Btw, imo in the new client profiles are already fancy enough.
That doesn't give me any less right to post about it, now does it? And yes, I just got that from the guy that commented before you, so I rest my case.
Infernape (EUW)
: In the alpha client your profile background is currently the splash art (unanimated) for your most frequently played champion, If you have an ultimate icon, it changes to the animated splash of the ultimate skin.
That sounds incredibly great. Thanks a lot for letting me know! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Strigina (EUNE)
: Good. I want to see male Ezreal finaly.
That would be... Outrageous... {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}}
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IndigoFenix (EUNE)
: I doubt this will happen. But the fire version might. Eye of Sauron Vel sounds cool.
Yeah, it won't. Because Lux will probably get the skin concept. But yeah, a firey or red firey eyed Vel'Koz sounds the coolest.
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: still no S on Sona... *sigh* i spammed her in ascension and got to lvl 6 xd
It's gonna happen. I got mine from support Vel'Koz randomly, by taking kills from my ADC and being selfish in general. But it's okay, because I knew my ADC personally, so no hard feelings! I think...
Rayz01 (EUW)
: Till you get matched against a shitty yasuo who duct taped his E button and dodges all your skillshots by accident. FUN
I know that feel. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Welcome to the club, my fellow tentacle worshipper
I was so fucking happy... I AM so fucking happy!
Rioter Comments
: Y. I was going to write a longer comment but boards fuked my text up, so I just typed short one. These people, who post complaints of how they got 3/2/22 score and no S can be frustrating (IMO). Its a nice KDA but they didnt perform perfectly well. I have got many S's with Taric, even when I lost, because I had around 36 assists and so much other stuff done.
He got it today. He had to steal more kills, it seemed, because he played JUST like he did with that A+.
: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Champion_Mastery Tl:Dr, 26 assists arent enough. He must try harder.
Tarolock (EUW)
: its not assists only, today i got 2 S ranks in a row on nami and i had the same kda for at least 10-15 games now, and most of them were b+, a+ etc, you need to place wards, destroy enemy wards, destroy towers, kill dragons, heal etc, then it will be S
Alright. I'll show him. Although he'll probably protest and persist that he's been doing all that.
Spunned (EUW)
: Let the hate flow through you...
Actually, it isn't that bad. I never really lose against a Teeto. Except when I play Darius, because y'know. Basic attack based champ. But my other mains usually destroy him. People should give Teeto a break. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I bet you even accept terms and conditions without reading them.
No... No..! Please don't let him have fallen that far, dear God!
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: God, you remind me of someone from the NA boards
Well Fizz isn't very popular. I am not surprised.
: This just made my day thanks alot :D
Evanitis (EUNE)
: But Fizz is soo cute!
He's a tiny devil. Like Gnar is a walking time bomb of pent up rage...
: Nice :D
Spunned (EUW)
: wat.jpg
: 150k points isnt much thou
This is a smurf. 150k mastery points AND rank 7 really doesn't help him off the path of absolute darkness.
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IkOerman (EUW)
: I'm in the lower leagues of the game and i rarely get matched with players i've seen before, so the cap basically doesn't exist. In the higher MMR's this may be a problem, since they often encounter the same players in their matches. Maybe a possible solution here would be to remove/change the cap whenever you reach a certain MMR. Maybe the cap should be removed entirely and see honor points more like "honor experience", just like the champion mastery system. Gaining honor would work towards the next Honor Level, with each level needing more honor gained. Or maybe more like it is now, your honor level should depend on the % of honor you have received. For example if you have received honor in 10/10 games, you would be max honor level. If you only received honor 1/10 games you would be the lowest honor level, or no honor level at all. Maybe this should be bound to a % honor in the last X games to stay up to date. Just posting some possible solutions ^^
It would definitely be nice to actually get to see how far you are into the honoring system. But I don't think there should be a peak, because then players will start asking for honors, and not get them. Since the current ribbons have been given out, not my quantity, but by the amount of honors you get over a certain time period, it's easy to say that it's completely random who gets one. It's not about behaving well anymore. Now it's aoubt the small chance to meet an actual honoring player. And of course! There's a few good suggestions there. I like the whole progress thing you thought of. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
l3imbo (EUW)
: I only honour people i talk with etc i dont just honour people because they played well.
Well that is a mistake. There is an honor called "Teamwork" and you're not really supposed to talk to get that one. It's just good pinging and always having succesful ganks. A good support and ADC chemistry. Etc.
LA Losty (EUW)
: I dont see much point in honors if you get one without having to put any effort into being sportsmanlike. Also salty players could just report others, meaning they wouldnt get honors either. It seems like a very flawed idea.
Well I'm definitely agreeing that the honoring system is really weird. But we're here to just discuss how it could be better and maybe get some people to honor more.
: Hum i must be in a different game than you. I always honor ppl who deserve it on both my and the enemy team. And i also get honored frequently, am always close to the green ribbon (as in, some weeks i have it, some i dont, then i get it again, then it disappears again, etc.). And i dont even usually talk in chat. The only things i say are usually game-related, like wards, drakes, barons and stuff, and telling ppl who start flaming anyone else to be nice pls.
Well you see, it depends on environment. I never get honored, and I honor only if they are worth it. But I guess you're lucky. Keep doing what you're doing!
Fiddle God (EUNE)
: I do honor players, enemy or teammates every single game if they showed good behaviour or carried hard.
Good! That's what this post is supposed to promote. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Saljin (EUW)
: odd i mostly get an honor every 1/2 games. i gank when asked and communicate nothing more, not super positive and never flame
As I've said, it differs.
: Vel'koz counters azir so if you lose you deserve to be reported.
Whatever you say little fella. ;)
: Maybe this migh be just in my case,But i get honored alot. If i play around 10games a day i will get an honor in atleast 2 of them. I also started seeing more players that have a crest of honor (me included). Even though i do believe that players are honoring less. It does give a good feeling when you do finally get honored or when you finally get a crest of honor.
Well it differs from every one player to the other. I've only been against an honorable once in my League career.
: Or it's just down to the fact that 95% of the League community are assholes and prefer to whine about a person on their team or on the enemy team as opposed to actually focusing on what good stuff the player had done that game. Just throwing that into the mix :p
We all knew about that one. No surprise there. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of toxic players have read this post.
Fäith (EUW)
: I just hate it when you get into an arguement with xy, you tell him that he is reported and his 3 premades immediately respond with "we report you, and we honor xy". Or worse even the enemy thinks he is right for being an asshole and they honor him too...
Well yes, that sucks indeed, but those friends are just looking out for their own friend. And if they don't agree with you, then there are two options. 1: You are actually in the wrong here and the enemy isn't so bad as you might think. 2: The friends of the enemy are just as toxic, and they should be reported with him. To be completely honest, I don't normally report people. If I dislike someone's way of talking I just block them. That prevents them from ever getting in a game with you again, at least that's what I've heard.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: "commend" google translates it for me as "recommend". So, I got no idea what you wanted to say there. Look, after a while people in your team know how to play the game and they don't need to communicate about every single little aspect. Just like, even in silver, supports know that they shouldn't take adc's cs right? The thing is, if you stop to type stuff. You are focusing on typing stuff. And while you type, you are not focusing on the game. In league, stopping to type can cause you to: lose cs, die, get ganked since you watch the chat/keyboard instead of minimap. It is, by far, a highly inefficient way to win the game. That's why, communication drops the higher you go in elo. You are free to watch streams of famous players. You will see them and their team mates rarely communicating with each other via text. Generally with just pings. Also they don't report each other after games because they didn't write something in char ;) And as far as introverts go = people that enjoy being alone or a small group of friends over being open towards others and socializing with total strangers. The degree of it varies for each individual. In my case, I don't see a point in a nonsense action. Which are: a) typing to much in game. I get stuff like "lets to baron, they have no wards", or "xxx flashed", or "xxxx no summoners". b) honors after game. Generally if everyone is acting decently, you will just click going in a new game without bothering to click on the honor button. Which btw does nothing as a player needs A LOT of honors for a badge.
First of "Commend" means "Award" meaning I can type things like "GJ" or "Nice!" after a succesful gank and WHILE I'm recalling, mind you. I don't type mid game, I can see the dumb in that. But I still prefer typing to let a teammate know they did good, and boost their morale. We obviously have different opinions, so there's not much reason to continue this discussion, as we're both right in our own rights, even if we both fail to recognize that we're both right in our own respective areas. Oh. And professional players communicate by talking in Teamspeak, Skype, etc. So of course there's no reason to type! That's not really a counterargument to the fact that typing can be good. ;) I myself speak to my friends, as I stated in one of my other comments, that I nearly only play with people I can communicate directly with. BUT! WHEN I play with strangers, typing is my best way of communicating. But I agree typing can be tedious. And Introvert to me is someone that prefers to not talk too much with people, but is VERY capable of it. They just prefer to take small pauses in between it. Now. Have some good games and a good day. Thanks for your addition to this post. Let's wrap this up with this post? It's getting off topic, you see. :P
InTheory (EUW)
: I played about 70 games as support since Hex Tech Crafting hit live with a win rate of about 70%. But most of all I stay super positiv to all my teammates because one of my strengths is to ignore any flame in the game. Even thou I'm spamming GJs to every teammate for solo lane kills,, won teamfights or captured objects I ended up with 0 Honorable Enemy 0 Teamwork 0 Helpfull 0 Friendly I gave honor to my teammates for the first 60 games but then stopped. I think Riot should remove that feature since nobody uses it anyway.
Well. Your argument certainly is valid. But I'm not so sure that they should straight up remove the feature. The feature is of course not what's wrong. It's the players. The players of League, as I've mentioned in my main post, have forgotten that the system exists. And very little players in the entire League community pool appreciate friendly players these days. Or else the difference might be that I mainly play casually and not in ranked, and thus I have less tryhards, or people that never talk in the chat and spam pings. I want to see Riot come up with a nice addition, because I certainly can't think of a solution just yet. I may be in the future though, so keep up with your ideas.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: you are free to report me for "unwilling to communicate" honestly, i don't give a fuck about me getting reported or not. If people want to communicate they ping, stuff like danger, or going there or need assistance, etc. I'm an anti social person by default. Or introvert, whatever definition you want to use. League of Legends community is, by default, one that you can't communicate with as they rage or whatever. So, muting everyone is the key to success. As far as I'm concerned. communicate with others via text? why would I waste time typing in-game instead of trading with the enemy/farming/paying attention to the map? league is NOT A SOCIAL GAME, despite riot's most recent attempts to make it as casual as possible. If we had voice communication where I could actually "play" and "communicate" at the same time, then I would "communicate" more. But for now pings are more than fine.
That is sadly correct. Oh. And don't just bundle me into your definition of introvert. I am one as well and I have no problems communicating by text. I just prefer being able to see what my teammates say and being able to actually commend. Oh. And we're going off topic, so how about we just don't? I'm not here to make an enemy. I'm here to have an intelligent discussion about a subject that interests me. Good day. And good luck.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: i've seen every now and then bronze and silver players with ribbons, just sadly, not the higher ranks, in the past 2 years :( then again, its not like i honor anyone anyway. I'm more tempted to just mute everyone from the start and don't give a fuck.
You sound a bit like the people I normally report for refusing to communicate with the team. Don't be like one of those people. But you should, if they actually do something worth noting, as I've said. To make them in a better mood, and at the same time you'll feel better about yourself. The human gamer brain works like that. Give someone a virtual award of your free will and you feel like you've done something nice. :P
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: in 2 years of playing above gold 5 level, i haven't meet anyone with ribbons. and i've really played a lot last year. it really feels like honor doesn't exist in average+ elo (I consider g5 around average mark)
Comment section bugged so the first comment didn't show up. Sorry 'bout that. xP
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