SkyAim (EUW)
: Should only require 1x report to get that person ban for saying :
Nah, it's not worth banning someone because they got angry. Racism and targeted abuse fair enough. But the guy is literally just losing his temper. This could be £100's worth he's lost because he got pissed off. And honestly, if you can't deal with someone telling you to get cancer then you probably shouldn't play multiplayer games.
Swittz (EUW)
: About this whole placement thing and your reactions...
It's more so the fact that you're mixing Gold-Plat Elo players with people who are literally in the worst 0.1% of players. For me at the moment it's more luck than actually outplaying the other team and teamwork. I'm getting matched with some players who I've had to explain the role of support to, and others who can out play me in 1000 different ways. It may stop boosting in the promos but it really ruins the fun for the bottom 40% of players. I personally am taking a break until this is over because it's just stressful. It's like your dad just whooping your ass at football when you were younger instead of letting you win.
: How to spot someone not worth listening to
Janna is fine right now :/ If anything a little weak in lane.
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Bauble (EUW)
: Detecting Premade Solution
If 3-4 players are speaking non-english language, try politely asking them to speak english. If they answer you 'stfu' they are most likely premade. My last 5 games in a nutshell
: Riot take action but in the end the result has not changed.
I always troll ban. No champions I'm too bothered about playing against. Except Brand.... That %%%% is an insta ban every time.
: Trolls in all ranked games --'
People who argue that not connecting is always in some way the person's fault are all idiots. I get power cuts occasionally where I live. I can't control that. But according to you I should be punished the same as someone who does it out of spite. You wouldn't have these beliefs if you had this issue.
: [Poll] Imagine...
Assuming it's fairly early on. You can take mid inner tower then rotate top/bot and take a tower there too. So that's probably more worthwhile than a Baron that will get you 1 tower max.
: Yeah. I'm also learning LoL at the moment to a friend of mine. Yesterday we queued up together for a normal 5v5 summoners rift. Once we hit the rift, I thought, lets have a quick view on lolnexus... And what i saw over there really shocked my mind a bit. Our team was: Me - Gold5 Premade friend - lvl 16 Silver 4 random guy our other 2 teammates were lvl 22 Our enemy team though: Gold 1 adc Platinum 2 support DIAMOND 4 jungler Gold 2 midlaner level 26 toplaner (100% a smurf) Our team had 3 guys still learning the ropes of league of legends... I picked support to help my friend lane a bit as adc (+ I expected to be so much higher in ranking/level that I took support and take it a bit easy on them.
Yeah when I was teaching a friend ADC not long ago he straight up stopped playing after 3 Normal games in which botlane got camped and he didn't know how to avoid dying 2 vs 3. It really ruins the experience for low level players when they are put in mixed ability games.
: Riot. Do something about this Bull**** (warning... colourful language ahead)
It's the rare fluent English speaker. Not seen one of those in a while. Nothing more fun that laning with French Vayne who despite speaking it, refuses to talk to me in English.
Approved (EUNE)
: Colored names in post game screen
But when an enemy AFK's you can't tell haha
Dahviee (EUW)
: premade with low lvls
Just being low level sucks in this game to be honest. Back when I started before intro bots etc. I knew nothing about builds and I'd get stomped by the bots. This happened for months until I learned that you shouldn't build 6 Tear of the goddess' on heimerdinger and Brand. What I'm trying to say is, unless you have someone to show you how to play, it'll take a long time for you to be able to play on an equal level. But I completely agree with you about premades, even at higher levels they're a pain. Because they expect bottom lane to themselves. Unfortunately there's no real way to stop smurfs as you can't know they are smurfs. Unless they had an option to say they were and be matched with other smurfs, it'll never happen. So I suggest playing vs AI or having someone else help you in normals. :)
: Why is the "free"? It IS free. You can pay literally 0 money for this game and reach challenger, or get into a team and build up a career. Rumours are not true, you don't need skin to become good at this game.
: No, I gave you example. Also, am I to understand that you are the ultimate arbiter of what is fun and Riot should have game specced exactly to your standards? Because you see different people find different things fun. Since you complain about pros this, pros that, your idea of fun is game balanced around low skill level play and only low skill level play and to hell with all those tryhards who have Diamond/Master/Challenger, let them have completly imbalanced experience becasue hey - FUN!
Diamond/Master/Challenger = 2% of people So yeah. 98% > 2% You can't argue that it's just me. A lot! of people like me who have played for a very long time have now quit. The game just isn't as fun any more.
: And how would you expect Riot to carter to such players? By basing the balance decisions on popular demand by uninformed masses? By never introducing any significant change and allowing the game to stagnate? Riot does include the balance at lower skill levels in their actions. Consider Katarina's nerfs for example. She has not been viable in high level competitive for years. Despite that she is often tweaked and even nerfed, because at low elos she can be dominating. So yes, Riot does take such tings into account. So, what exactly would your suggestions be?
You think one change makes up for the lack there of despite the fact that most people don't even watch pro play? My suggestion would be to stop taking the fun out of the game. Look at the way the game's going. Fun < Pro Play. It's an absolute joke.
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: >Try telling North Korea that. Yes they're an extreme example. But they prove you wrong. What does being oppressed by a regime have to do with culture again? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
We're obviously not going to see eye to eye on this, so let's just leave it there.
: >This isn't an attempt to offend anyone, just an observation I've made Whether or no you intend it, its offensive.
How so? It's not like I went and said "All people from Scotland are %%%%s" (Scotland being where I live) Obviously people with a poor understanding of English are going to come off as more rude than those with a better understanding. I speak basic French, and I bet I'd come off as a bit of a twat if I tried to speak it. The same applies here. People will use phrases that they don't completely understand and it can come off as rude. You'd be a bit daft to think otherwise.
: >and he is just an angry and abusive as the other countries in this game Wow. An entire thread about bad behavior and rudeness in online games, and then this rudeness towards "other countries". {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
It'd be idiotic to try and ignore the fact that some cultures come off more "Rude" than others. I've played League for years now and it's quite evident that people from some countries are on average more toxic than those from others. Obviously it doesn't apply to all, there are exceptions to most things but you'd have to be a fool to think that some cultures don't have different norms than others. It may be down to the language barrier, in fact it probably is. But it's true none the less This isn't an attempt to offend anyone, just an observation I've made, and it seems to apply to both real life and in game.
: This player is positive during the whole game and I see no reason why he has been banned. If he only says something about french kids, I doubt if he deserved that ban. It's really annoying when people talk french. The description says something about negative attitude, not about offensive language. If the OP knows this guy he should tell him to contact the support to ask to turn back this punishment. EDIT: I have changed my opinion about this. What you read here is not my opinion anymore. Scroll down to see my conversation with Hansiman and read how he convinced me that the ban is deserved. How I imagine all the toxic French players I get matched up with ;)
: Charm of Death LF ADC or support (Gold +)
Info we would like to know about you IGN: WillAtherton/Thrésh Princé Age: 17 Nationality: English Teamspeak?: Yeah, not great at working it but I have it Main champs (at least 3): Thresh, Bard, Braum, Janna, Soraka, Tahm, Taric, Alistair (Pretty much that order) SoloQ level: S5 S2 and S3 (3 Accounts) Team Experience: Had a ranked team for 6 months and we got to Gold V and our bot lane was on point ;) Are you willing to come on (quite strictly) at the times below? (this one is important): Yeah, I'm almost always on.
xPaxion (EUW)
: There is an option to mute /all chat but I wish that also included my own team mates.
It does /Mute all it mutes everyone
Sffc (EUW)
: There is no point. I'm sharing an experience I had.
Sure, I just don't see much point in it is all.
Raentwo (EUW)
: Depends on elo but in Gold people often don't bother learning every single champions skill mechanics. In ARAM was trying to explain that the best way to get rid of Illaoi's curse thing is to last hit 3 tentacles with the cursed champ, still other champions kept hitting it at 1 bar.
HAHAHAHAHA I had the exact same issue yesterday. I usually just blame it on the Language barrier.
: bad game
open chat type /mute all I never use it because It doesn't matter what people say, there's nothing that will effect me in any way. To be honest I don't understand how people do get offended by something someone else has said in a video game. But anyways, if you use the mute all you shouldn't have these issues anymore.
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Sffc (EUW)
: Another piece of memorabilia of Vayne Mains (Quick Event)
: If you click on them one has no items, correct?
Nope. It copies the Items. I believe buffs and any de-buffs you put on them before he ulted will show on the real one though. Aswell as him casting abilities is the no.1 give away
: I did read your whole post but you didn't read my reply carefully. I was talking about that case in particular, where you just assume that she goes ranked knowing that she will lag. She just happened to have connection problems, it does not mean she knew she would have them. As for the people who go ranked knowing their Internet is having trouble, they are dumb but I doubt you will find many :)
You're making the assumptions... and then claiming that I'm making assumptions. The Vayne said before the game that her internet is awful. Then proceeded to flame in chat about how her internet always sucks. Just because I chose to leave pointless information out doesn't mean it didn't happen. So ask before you assume. And try not to be so arrogant next time.
: You are just assuming that she has a bad connection. Maybe it's not the case and she just had problems in this particular game. I've been flamed several times by people like you, but let's be serious, I can't plan when I will have Internet issues. It happens in maybe 1% of my games, probably less and I'm sorry about that. But what answer were you expecting? She's probably not happy about that herself and teasing her won't help :) (Kinda reminds of people asking "why feed?" Everytime you die haha)
Did you read the whole post? or did you get triggered before the bottom where I said... "(Not like a 1 off lag btw, I mean knowing you're going to lag hard and going into ranked anyways. Or even normals, it ruins every game mode)" At least try and understand the post you're reading before commenting.
: Aram is random?
I have every champ and I find myself getting the same few more often than not.
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: Fresh ranked 5s team recruiting serious players [High gold+]
AdamTalo (EUW)
: Matchmaking system, poor normals
I've found I've been matched against some quite bad players recently (Full 5 premade) but it's probably to do with the Bronze IV guy we're queueing with.
Azure9861 (EUW)
: Carries wanted!
Climbing elo is mostly just committing time, if you play a lot you'll climb the ladders. Unless you're complete ass. Then you're bound for bronze 5.
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Allisrem2 (EUW)
: Dear laners
Some junglers do just ignore top lane. Luckily I never play top, but I feel for people that do.
: Smurf = Cheating
It'd be a bit silly to ban people from making new accounts. But I know what you mean, it's horrible having a good game and then losing because of Diamond Yasuo.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=WillAtherton,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=rtbwEfKb,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2015-12-03T14:40:16.075+0000) > > Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't co-op vs ai stop giving XP after awhile? U are wrong. It only gives some % less xp after certain point.
: they should just put up a ranked restriction, nothing stops a player from just playing vs bots till lvl 30 then jumping into ranked and being terrible and dragging everyone down
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't co-op vs ai stop giving XP after awhile?
: Funniest reason for being reported?
I always get reported for building banner on Soraka -_-
: Some players in bronze do not even have a full understanding on the game.
I was in bronze not too long ago, and honestly I didn't experience this. It's not much different from silver and gold. Only difference is the attitude and slightly better understanding. E.G. A bronze player will give up and complain about a champion being too "OP" Whereas someone in silver or gold are more likely to realize their own mistakes in either being counter picked or just not playing the matchup properly. (and then probably proceed to flame the jungle ;) )
: Beed there :( I just don't accept when anyone add me after a game. But you know you can report him by taking you're screen shot and send it to the support.
I didn't know that, cheers.
Brolando (EUW)
: Then did you report him for it? :x Also, why would you accept a friend request from someone who was already being toxic in-game? x.x
Yeah and to see what he wanted
Brolando (EUW)
: Because people are dumb. Nah, I dunno, some people can't take a loss (and therefore probably shouldn't be playing this game) and so they take it out on others because they're pathetic. It sucks that you didn't get to report him though. :/ Was he also being a negative Neil in-game?
: Why are people do toxic?
*So toxic Typo my bad
Rioter Comments
: As long as you actually muted them and didn't flame back at them or stoop to their level by using rude and/or abusive language then everything is fine. Consider the message as "You're accused" not "You're going to be punished".
Ah ok. It's a bit misleading then :/
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: Silver 1 supp looking for ranked 5v5's
I'd be happy to start up a team, my old one stopped playing, We got to gold III pretty easy. I play Jungle/Top
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