MusicaroN (EUW)
: i hope it gets deleted, because you are all fake supporters , nobody played this mode and when they say it will be gone all of u wen "OH NOESSS PLS RITO LET IT SO I JUST LOOK AT IT AND PLAY SR INSTEAD REEEEEEEEEE"
Thanks for your reply, you are providing us with some great insights thanks!
: The EUW board is like a small village next to a highway, people rarely end up here. I'd post this on the NA board as well. The video's production quality is far beyond what I would normally see buried into the EUW board.
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MB Grimlan (EUNE)
: Dont restart your client, it will remove the clash section
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: The issues of Flex Twisted Treeline
With all the time Riot spends on new maps, I can't help but question why they don't put the same amount of time in updating the Treeline. I won't read the entire thing at once, so I might get back to you later ;)
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: stun kite peel and silence him into oblivion, sometimes an Aoe silence is better than a 55% damage reduction. Especially when you are on 100 hp between 4 people, if you are ezreal or use flash or are some other champ with a dash if he jumps on you 1 on 1 dash exactly in the last minute, your animation will continue putting you farther away from him. Are you playing someone like malphite? well if he ults, you do too, he will be blocked by impacting on you and then instead of keeping you dont he will be instantly knocked out of his ult. Oh and regularly check his items, if he goes something like bloodrazor bork etc just laugh and kill his ass. If he builds ap, dont get caught alone or your ass will be non existent (WWs abilities do Mugik damage) But just like the bruiser variant you can kite and cc him to hell. Also dont use your CC until he Qed, the Q (at least on smart cast) might be a bit buggy but when well time you can completely negate all CC with it I mainly play support WW btw.
Ok and now imagine that the other team also consists out of 3 champions, let's say Vayne and erm, morgana. I can just ignore them and use all my cc on the tank because otherwise he will just kill us all since he can go full tank and get free life steal and AS, right? Starting to get my point? It's practically Olaf on %%%%ing steroids with a suppress...
: 5 dodgers in a ranked solo and I get eventually autofilled???
Happened an awful lot of times to me. It's very frustrating.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It was a pretty big nerf to yasuo.
I sincerely hope that you are joking. If not, tell me in what way this counts as a nerf to the reason why he is op: Insane mobility Free crit chance Can't trade because of his shield free 50% armor pen FREE knockup every 5 seconds I'll just wait here.
Tarolock (EUW)
: drop a slow on ww and he is done, he is not op at all
Maybe on summoners rift he Isn't, on tt you can't kill him 3v1 lategame.
: How about learning how to play against a champ? But obviously I must be wrong because I play Warwick.
Teach me senpai He goes 1v3 and kills all of us What should I do senpai warwick main?
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MadWifeHR (EUW)
: How does a yasuo 1v1 this twitch? (video)
They are working on his dumb broken ass, only took them what, 4 years to realize that Yasuo is just a dumb champ that you cant balance by tweaking some numbers.
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: Color me curious. Those are obviously using some copyrighted images but since you are selling them and advertising on boards I assume you'd got the license to use them from Riot. I don't expect needing it anytime soon (or ever), but how willing is Riot to make deals on that stuff and are they willing to give a smaller companies decent license coditions? No need to get into details, just asking in general, cause there are companies out there that are pretty jelous of their content...
You don't need the rights, if you're not selling them. I give the design for free. You can print them for a cost. I gain nothing from it.
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Bap (EUW)
: Magnificent Twisted Fate Skin
Its model is great, I don't want them to change anything, it feels like a real old-school skin, also the splash is still amazing.
: Challenge yourself, start taking cold showers!!!! 💪 😎
Yo, its also good for the environment, and your gas bills!
Eveninn (EUW)
: 20k lifetime upvotes wohooo! \o/
Dat vegetarian cookie do, many concrats
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
I know but being forced to play atleast 20 minutes with a kid thats trolling me just doesn't sound worth to me.
Rismosch (EUW)
: - Ignore - Play on - Report after Don't even waste your time with those idiots.
Not the point, there was an ashe in my lane Ruining it xd I cant ignore that
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: EUW broken?
Randugun (EUW)
: There are only two kind of Zeds - a brief summary of both
: Yes thats true but on the other hand Le blancs passive is useless because the AOE will hit both of them.
Its just what I like, point is that assassins seem effective.
: So I am a private chef now, on my way to become a math teacher.
This guy is so smooth, he doesn't even realize it himself :D Beast!
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Orianna vounters
Pretty much all champions that have a good all-in. Since she has a shield she will win all trades if you play a poke-like mid laner. I prefer to play Leblanc into her since you have some good dodge potential as well.
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: ***
The skin was nice because it was rare, when everyone has it it's not rare any more. But I can see that they just choose RIOT Kayle because no one owns her so there won;t be many people complaining about it. You don't own that skin.
Infernape (EUW)
: I truly would not care if a limited/legacy skin I owned got given out for free. It's just a skin. It's nothing more than a cosmetic item I decided to spend my own money on.
To you, yes. You don't own RIOT Kayle do you?
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: I wouldn't call Fizz more top than mid, same for Lulu or Nautilus, if you wanna do it role based you should go for primary roles other than that, borderless looks great
It's completely based on LCS statistics. So it's not based on champion roles entirely.
: borderless looks a lot better, also, i really dislike the ribbon the number is written on (the yellow thing on the front side)
OK thank you for this feedback. You are the second one to dislike the ribbon. I'll print both designs to see how they actually turn out. Might chance this!
: Hey! This idea of a card game is so cool! And the design style is very good! 1. I would prefer the borderless design because I think it looks better and a bit smoother. 2.The suits look good but the little flag like thing on the bottom of every banner don´t look that good. Cut that away and it looks better in my opinion. 3.Shaco should be the joker I think becauseit would match pretty well. That´s all of my feedback! I hope it helps you on your way! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I've already made a deck that has exactly what you want to change :D. thank you!
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: Good Job But I want to know did you win the game or lose it? And, did you an jax get the same grade?
We won the game, can't remember the grades tho :(.
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: Why none understands that champions like riven jax and fizz NEED EARLY JUNGLE PRESENCE.
: Mastery Double edged sword (RED. 2nd) With his E you deal more dmg
That, and his passive, and the mastery that does 2.5% more damage with slows.
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