: The game isn't the issue, it's the peoples behavior who are getting banned.
: Just played a game as Morgana
Shiroe - yeah, that was Teemo. Like I say, I would have cooperated if I'd seen the messages (they were also pinging frantically - I assume to get my attention!). Doom - thank you, when I'm next on I'll drop an Add! Help will be appreciated! Norman - to be fair I'm more of a tank/bruiser generally. I also don't think Morgana is as easy as the overview says - maybe she should be 2/3? I've got Rammus unlocked and he is more suited to me I think. But it's always worth trying out different styles! Also I watch imaqtpie now and again and he's an informative watch. LilSatan - believe me I know there's complexity to learn here! I have a 1000+ HotS match record and see the learning step up. Don't mind me, I'm floundering around for advice when the best approach is to play n learn. Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated!
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