Mada (EUW)
: No smurf queue
Dude, those people that have a smurf in silver are silvers or maybe golds, not better. It doesn't realy matter for the matchmaking. Those that are realy high ranked (and break the matches with inbalance) tend to climb so fast out of the silver/gold spectrum that they are barely existant, if they even land there in the first place.
Obese Ape (EUW)
: When will be able to play Ranked Flex with a 4 man party?
Yeah, playing as a solo with a 4 man pre is one of the worst things most of the time
Ryze is one of the champs with the most skins, the line of champs deserving one before he does is looooooong
: [SUGGESTION] Gemstones into keys
Ahmm, that might be your problem, but as someone with a rather small championpool I stick with I'm more in the situation of having tons of keys and no chests XD
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Windsteps (EUW)
: Unable to select roles
sorry, for reposting this, just saw that there are already some threats about this.
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archerno1 (EUNE)
: Did u participate in objective taking? Or were u just chasing arround enemies?
I tend to favor towers over any kills, but in this game, I'm not sure, was a normal, I just played it casualy^^
Exdominator (EUNE)
: I have a friend who mains soraka and takes S every game but nvm me
I don't know how the system works. Maybe they measure the champions on what they think they are supposed to do, in Karmas case, probably damage, in Rakas case, healing. Just an assumption but this might be an explanation in case you use the champion "not like it was intended".
Maluber (EUW)
: What if, in addition to blue essence unlocking ranks 6 and 7
I support that, but since Riot wants some money and hopes that people buy boxes and keys to unlock the mastery materials
Almin Agic (EUNE)
: Katarina Tips?
Since you are looking for very general information I recommend going to youtube and watch some guide videos, or and others and read some guides, for the general information it's perfect.
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: oh its not even ranked, i do it for my health... and everyone else' well being.
even better, only the time penalty then
Sandholm (EUW)
: Some Plays, Kills and escapes as zed
sorry man, but these are not outplays, just basic moves
: taking one for the sake of... everyones health? i guess?
no, dodging has no penalties but the couple of points and time penalties. Which is good because it is maybe the best climbing tool there is since it doesn't manipulate your MMR.
Edyr420 (EUW)
: This game is shit.
Even if they know less and they outclass you they obviously made something right that you are missing.
DireXcon (EUNE)
: I though Talon is weak and useless...
you obviously thought wrong. He has his weaknesses but bottom of the line..
Obey Lyfe (EUW)
: Kindreds release date
Let's think about it logicaly what everyone could have done: Currently we are on 5.18, the worlds patch. Kindred will be released on 5.19. First stop, no, it will be after worlds. Second step: Riot sometimes brings new patches during events, normaly not to early though. Second Step result: Probably after worlds, the earliest would be halfway though. Last but not least, noone knows, because riot never announces it. Deal with it.
: or him, you never know! :D and thanks! that was very helpful ^^ got any idea when next patch will be? (prox) ?? thanks :)
hard to say, I have the feeling that it will be a bit longer since the current patch is the worlds patch, they might ship it during worlds but it probably would not be before mid-october. I'm just guessing though, can't tell you anything were I can guarantee it's right
Nephalim (EUNE)
: What's your favorite skin?
Even though I don't play her I love Dragonblade Riven
: if you think this debuff it too much make a better suggestion about what riot should debuff on vlad
first off, it's called a nerf, not a debuff. Second, Vladimir is fine as he is, realy strong late but totaly weak early.
: Calling in champ select-HELP
that is no bug, it's intended to avoid spamming.
why are you banning katarina in the first place?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: MMR resets when the season ends or the new one starts?
the mmr doesn't get reset, you stay with your old one. What happens is a so called soft reset which is more relevant to the elo more than the mmr realy.
: kindred release date?
because Riot never gives release dates, only in some very rare cases. All we know is that it will probably be next patch (assuming that there are not bigger problems on the pbe with her)
: Awesome Devourer Idea
sorry bro, but they don't apply on hit effects
Ichinose (EUW)
: Can someone gift me PROJECT : Fiora ?
neo94300 (EUNE)
: what jungle runes?
Shyvana: 6ad reds, 3 as reds, 9ar yellow, 5 as blues, 6 blue, 3as quints Yi: 6arpen reds, 3 as reds, 9 yellows, 5, as blues, 6, 3 as quints Diana/Elise: 9 as reds, 9 ar. yellows, 9ap blues, 3 ap quints Rengar: 9 ad reds, 9 ad yellows, 6 cdr. blues, 3 mr. blues, 3 ad quints Just how I would do it, they might warry from playstyle and situation.
OmarXgame (EUW)
: nop i was thinking like you when the free skin for gangplank {{champion:41}} was out, you just need to play any game with him and you get the skin right? well.. that what i was thinking, well.. i didn't own him but he was in the free to play champ list so i played him but i didn't get anything T_T
They stated that you need to own Gp. In case of the victorious skin you get both champ+skin
antcarosa (EUW)
: Championship Riven through mystery gifts
no, she was a limited skin, those aren't in mysteries
: I'm actually impressed riot.
I don't understand you, how is Riot responsible for idiots leaving?
: who is this?
teemo, ashe, Darius, taric, Garen, Katarina. I'm not sure about the taric though..
: yea i know but my problem is the fact that for originality it is kinda mhe
You can't make every single new champion completly origional and unique, some patterns have to repeat. You know which champions are unique on release? Stuff like Yasuo and Kalista because they go other ways. And what does Riot get for it? Hate messages and complains.
: And its the same with solo queue. You cannot control whether you get afk players whether you get teammates that you can play with(Not meaning the teammates are bad but because of different playstyles). But most importatntly you cannot control the actions of your teammates. But because of the solo queue system you get judged by their actions. You think thats fair?
You always have those games, but you sound like someone trying to justify his rank that way. Of course you have idiots and stuff and some games you can't win, but most games you can win easily when you are good enough. Besides, if you don't want to get evaluated just don't play ranked man, but stop trying to argue for something 80% of the player base even plays the game for. You are on a lost position and the world is not circling around you. EIther you deal with it or you don't, but if you want to stand on your position and not listen to other peoples opinions you might not wanna start to argue.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Why not kite fights out?
because this depends on the teamcomp. With some comps kiting back works quite well, with others it doesn't. However, this kind of tactical retreat requires coordination which is hard to come by in SQ.
: This game is way too easy or way too hard sometimes.
Welcome to the essence of PvP. Since it depends on others sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard. To answer your question: First of all, I realy like to see someone who can see it as a challenge to play against lane counters that are even strong in the meta, nice attitude. Why most people hate it is because their pride and ego gets hurt when they loose lane. They lost effectivly against another person who was simply better. Instead of learning from it they try to put the other person down to feel better about themselfs and mend their broken ego. What easier way is there than to blame an "op champion" for that. Of course, when there is a mordekaiser with 62% winrate and shit it might be a bit to much though XD
feuerbach (EUW)
: Why is double jungle not a legit option?
that I get this right, you want to replace supports with a constant second jungler? Please no!!! You remember when Lee Sin came out and the only meassurement for a viable jungler was if he could somehow match lees early? We would have a meta kind of like this. Imagine there are 4 junglers on the map: Not just is it a completly annoying constelation for the laners it is a nightmare for the junglers themselfs. There are 8 camps, 4 buff camps and two scuddlers on the map, split that on 4 champions: Noone gets basicly anything. It would be an insane counterjungling battle of ressources because there aren't enough and every jungler that is not totaly strong early or needs some time to scale would be useless. There would be a maximum of 5 viable junglers max, all those that are strong the first 5 levels. In the meantime on botlane: We have two very squishy ranged champions whos strength is the later game when they get items. Once they had supports who helped them though the hard early time but no more; the same thing happenes that we already see in the jungle. Only the strongest early survive since there is no protection for those who need time to scale. A botlane meta where Cait is god tier and the only other options are Graves, Lucian and Kalista. So please, for the love of god, no double jungle please.
: i have a suggestion for a champion bundle.
you obviously never played Riven or Vayne..
: Team Skins aviable (fntic, tpa, skt, ssw) at worlds
probably, so far they always have been available, since they are event skins for worlds they should be
: PROJECT skin bundle not out anymore during sale
the bundle was called alpha something so I would assume it was only for the duration of the alpha strike event
: So then give normals some sort of reward for good playing(Maybe the skins you get when youre gold and above or such). But as you can see many people in this community judge other players by their solo ranked level, which is as i statedjust not reliable and therefore not fair. You want to play a game and be competitively in it, which is not fair? I really dont know about that.
Dude, most people play lol for SQ. Because one of the side effects is negative you can't cancel everything. It's the same like saying that Penecillin shouldn't be used because some people are allergic to it and get side effects.
: Is it a team game or a solo game?
if you would deactivate SQ 80% of the playerbase would jump off; a lot of people don't want to play in a team (me included, not in the mood for this shit and responsibility) and normals are quite boring because you play for nothing.
: Does Riot seriously think AoE immunity from death is a good idea?
It works on both, allies and enemies, making it a very interesting ability..
: kindred ulti
I thought the same at first, but it is actualy a realy interesting version of the bard ult which allows for some very high skilled, strategic plays, I'm looking forward to her release.
: PROJECT Yi worth it or not ?
asking if a skin is "worth it" makes no sense. It's cosmetic, if I don't like it or don't play the champ it's not worth it. If I just kind of like it it might be worth less for me. You have to decide if it is worth for you to buy it, noone else can do that.
: new skin to ekko
first, there are enough projects, second, ekko was released this year and already has a second skin, please, almost every other champion is higher on the priority list.
Zavion (EUW)
: Agreed. There's nothing more annoying than having your favourite champion taken, buffed to breaking point and then have them perma-banned because of how broken, easy and rewarding they have become.
ex-shyvana main, I know the feel, I hate Riot for devourer
: Pick'em challenge additional reward suggestion
The nature of humans: Give them the option to win something for free and they demand more...
: We Need Rocky Balboa as a Champion
You want a champion that rewards you for fucking up and getting shit on? yeah, sounds fair...
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