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: Easiest markswoman: Ashe x Caitlyn
Ashe. But before anything, I want you to pin this on your mind, "ADC is for dealing the most reliable damage (with basic attacks) in teamfight but they are squishy)". Repeat that, and I will tell you how Ashe could be the easiest ADC. 1. Perk: reliable damage. As stated above. 2. Q: enchanted reliable damage, again, fit ADCs. 3. W: reliable poke, making her easy to play in lanes, in team fight, in... whereever she is. You don't have to afraid about farming in lane. 4. E: vision checking. If you feel uneasy when farming and keep having thoughts, "WE ALWAYS DON'T HAVE ENOUGH WARDS" or "EVERYTHING IS SO DARK". Yes, this will help you a lot. 5. R: Huge CC sh*t: can be used in almost every situation. Chasing? R. Engaging? R. Escaping? R. Don't want to participate in faraway teamfight. R. KS? RRRRRRRRRR! Range: 2nd farthest in the game. Nothing can abuse you. Attack relies most on AA. Nothing less basic than Ashe.

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