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: But neither a champion who get way too much physical and magical damage and have 4 dashes skill. This is the berserker version of Katarina and have an unhealthy gameplay for both players.
the problem is you can't add a cc to her kit because that would be impossible to beat she can go 1v9 without even loosing so the kit makes her perfect for getting punished for not dodging and punishing for letting her target alive this is a champion who can go 50/50 vs an enemy champ that has cc
: Pls no more hyper mobile Asian inspired assassin characters.
lmao what you want a tank that get no physical and magical damage and have 4 cc spells ?
PzyXo (EUW)
: I disagree ... Sorry for saying that but I disagree . tbh I don't want new champs to the game anymore. Since Zoe released the game started to go to death . I don't think making new champ like that would be good . Nice ideas but. my idea is still the same
I thank you for your attention to the champion and i accept your disagreement.
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