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: Joining clubs
Thanks for doing it. Well, I really need some help. I was already in one club, I wanted to join another one ( I can belong to max. 3 clubs ). Unfortunately, it says I have too many pending invites. Everytime I log in, I get two invites. After accepting them, nothing happens and they reappear. After declining, they disappear, only to appear again after logging in again... I left my club and now... I cannot join ANY club! HELP.
: Get OATED :3
I do not know who I hate more; you for making fun of my accent and pronouncation, or myself for making this kind of a mistake :D
: New changes were just applied to deal with the way our routers balanced the traffic, please let us know if after this one your latency has stabilized.
My ping here was always something between 36 and 40 ms. Since yesterday it is like 70-112 ms! Started a custom game just now, still +80 ms... T_T
Anraton (EUW)
: Refering to he is classified fighter and tank. fighter can be split up according to this definition Your core items sound like a juggernaut, your playstyle sounds like marksman/light fighter. depending on how you wanna play, you should choose your items ... light fighter/marksman take a look at marksman/assasine builds juggernaut take a look at Nasus, Sion, (Illaoi), tanky Renekton EDIT: classification doesn't mean, its the only way to play, its just a hint how Riot thinks, a champion should be played
Well... I guess it is because of the champions I play: Volibear, Nasus, Renekton ( assassin or bruiser ), Wukong ( assassin or bruiser ), Fizz, Ziggs. But... which playstyle and build is the best in your opinion? :3
Anraton (EUW)
: First question .. whats your playstile .. what u like about gnar. Second: what you define his "core items"?
Um... playstyle... farm, use Q to farm and poke, poke my rival with auto-attacks if he is a melee champion or just counter-attack if he is a ranged one and I believe I can get a good trade... Stay back, especially early game to avoid ganks, I think that is all :). Core items... Frozen Mallet, Black Cleaver, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, some defensive items like Randuin's Omen, Dead Man's Plate, Spirit Visage, Banshee's Veil OR Blade of the Ruined King if I am ahead :3.
: HOLD ON! Just because his win rate is low does not mean he is weak. People Just can't use his mechanics correctly as he has 2 forms that switch somewhat randomly. Blame the player not the champion ;D
OBJECTION! Oh yeah? You are wrong! Check out his win rate in Solo Queue amongst Master+ players! His win rate there is 44.2%!!! What now, sir? ( - Charts - Summoner's Rift - Monthly - Ranked Solo - Master+ - Expand ) <3
: He's getting range buffed too though
Thanks for your comment! OBJECTION! You are not right, sir! I can prove it! TAKE THAT! β€žThe range increase is actually just a tooltip change. We increased Gnar's base range (used in Mega Gnar) to 175 a while back, and reduced the mini Gnar range bonus to keep mini Gnar's attack range the same. Tooltips weren't all appropriately updated to reflect that though, so we're cleaning that up." - that is what Meddler said [here]( . Also check [this]( out! β€ž~~Attack range increased to 175 from 150.~~ [Just a tooltip update.]"!
Anraton (EUW)
: Your item build maybe is not matching your playstyle? Maybe it is a problem of your item build?
I am playing Gnar since the beginning of 2015 ( not on this server though, I was in a different place beforing moving here ), I am changing my build path according to the situation and meta, also checking some guides if necessary, but I am open to suggestions, maybe you are right, good sir! <3
Riddarn (EUNE)
: I just started playing Gnar like 2 days ago and he feels really strong. I'm doing a lot better with him than with my other top champs that I have had a lot of practice with. I definitely don't feel he needs a buff.
Thank you SO much for sacrificing your time, I love you! <3 HOLD IT! Your other top champions? Can you tell me who EXACTLY you are talking about? :3
: Gnar is weak? Unless i'm in a bad match up i can usually take dominance in lane from level 2/3, at level 6 it's gg in top lane because of my ult and tower taking capabilities. I really don't see a need to buff or nerf gnar at his current state.
Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, I appreciate it very much! :3 OBJECTION! You must be a very talented player, Mr. Longshot. However, Gnar needs a buff and I can prove it! TAKE THAT! Check out his win rate! It is equal to 48.7%! It is pretty close to Nidalee's 41.3 % and Viktor's 42.9 % - champions with lowest win rate at the moment! Also, Meddler from Riot said that Gnar is a little weak. I mean, he does not have to be right, but it means something for sure!
Anraton (EUW)
: Hm .. that wouldn't line up with hith jump to get into Mega-Gnar melee range if i am right.
Thank you very much for the answer! ^.^ Right, but... Mini Gnar is really fragile, low health points, magic resist does not scale with level ( since he is a ranged champion )... I believe he really needs this bonus range. I cannot fathom leaving Gnar with this 425 range at 1st level... Thanks again, I hope you will have a nice day! <3
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