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: Feel free to add me ingame for some normals. I'm gonna play a little bit later.
: Stop playing to win and consider your playstyle/strategy and with the time you will improve as a player and start winning more games. Think of your teammates as for bots that needs to be helped and ignore the chat (i used to mute everyone when i'm not in a mood to see toxic stuff) and blame only YOURSELF for every single mistake that happens during the game. Think of what you could do better or how could you survive/save the situation. (do not look at your teammates's mistakes, as i said think of them as for bots that needs help) Also find some plat+ players to play normals with so you get matched against stronger opponents. You know after getting rekt by plat/dia players you will actually destroy silver players. That's how i grind my way to gold so far and i keep improving before i start the run for plat.
: I have 43 win rate and i can't do anything about it...
sorry for asking for advice. i just wanted help :(
: Looks like youre playing a lot of sion support. Don't. Only extremely good players can make him work. If you have trouble playing against strong toplaners pick a support like karma, janna or lulu, who can kite well. If you have trouble with your team not "following" pick blitz, bring the fight to them. If neither of this works, then you might have been placed wrong. DW you will soon reach your "true" rank.
Only extremely good players can make him work. LOL OUT LOUD. sion is pretty easy to play, especially as support. i can make him work pretty well thank you. its just that my team doesn't follow and i lose
Leptyx (EUW)
: > I have 43 win rate and i can't do anything about it... Ignore it Teammates will disappoint you until you reach Master, until then you can at least stop looking at winrates (bs stats) to prevent your mood from going down even deeper after a loss --- > they feed top No offense but out of your last 15 games there's only one where you ended up with a k/d > 1 I don't often argue about kda, but since you're talking about feeding, you scored 1/5, 1/4, 1/7, 2/9, 1/7, 0/8, 5/11, i mean that's quite cringeworthy. Maintaining a stable k/d (even 0/0) is far more important than winning or losing the game, if you aim to climb.
usually when my team feeds i do the same. i give up because i feel like there is no point in trying anyway. if my team plays good i also play good.
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: > I just dont really get why people flamed me for it? Because they are stupid, and dont believe they are stupid when they go 0/15 on Fiora. Playing a champ that you know you can play is generally worth more than playing a meta champ you barely know.
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: Exactly, I picked up gangplank recently, and its the same story with him. Both gp and vayne are late game carries, but suck in the early game. Farming with these champs can be hard if you are getting bullied by early game champs like lucian. If you "survive" laning phase (Dont die, farm safely). You will be able to win teamfights during the lategame more easily. I hope i could explain it a little bit (soz for bad english)
ok so it mostly means that i should just farm as much as possible and prevent enemy pokes and stuns. just play safe till i get enough money too really dominate. i hear both GP and Vayne are very late game reliant champs
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: might actually do that. she is a great champ and ADC atleast
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: Again, you just ask a very broad question. At least tell us what champ you are talking about. While {{item:3072}} CAN help, it's probably not your best option to prevent death. The best thing you can do is AVOID taking damage, which you can do by staying in the back, hitting only the closest targets, kiting, etc... But if you really want an item to solve your problems, it's this one {{item:3026}}
ye i play adc for th emost part and that {{item:3026}} comes up a lot. :P
: NEVER stick strictly to the recommended items. Those are just some general recommendations. They are based on ONE factor only, and that is the champion you play. You also need to take into account a bunch of other things which include, but are not limited to: your team comp, your role, how well you/your team/the other team is doing in the game, your team's items (don't build 2 unique aura items) and most importantly the other team which includes things like how much ap/ad/cc/mobility/mr/armor/hp/burst they have, how to counter them both in laning and teamfights and in general what works best against them.
so say im playing a very sqiushy high dmg champ but my healt and armor is very bad and i get killed very fast, should i get that expensive {{item:3072}} 3700 gold or maybe get a better health/armor?
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ClockTime (EUNE)
: {{champion:29}} : You are dependant on your support to a point. For example you can't successfully engage with Q if your support makes it too obvious that you are invisible. On the positive side, you have a decent range with your ult and strike-through basic attacks, your E can be used to finish off enemies and your passive is good for items like {{item:3083}}, {{item:3117}} and if you combine it with red buff, you can deal a good amount of damage. {{champion:67}} : She is a pretty straight forward champion to learn, you just target people with your basic attacks, use Q to dash and E to push away enemies. Although she is easy to be learned, mastering Vayne can be quite difficult. On a negative thought, she is squishy and can be easily killed when CCed, also her stun is not guaranteed. {{champion:96}} : You basically play stationary turret that spits out vomit everywhere. He is a decent anti-tank champion with his % hp damage and the armor shred, his ult can be used to kill long range enemies or provide vision in a bush (can be useful, if people are grouped up) Downsides are that you have to stay in place in order to release your full potential... also you are quite squishy (you have a back up plan though) I'd suggest you Vayne, because looking at your pool, most of your adcs use mainly basic attacks and some of their abilities are aiming to enhance the basic abilities, I think you may like Vayne. ---- As for the supports, I'd suggest you {{champion:53}} , he is easy to understand and doesn't require much to be mastered. The positives of Blitz are - your Q is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, if you land it; your R can stop things like Kata's ult, or if used in right moment Annie's stun; your passive can be your lifesaver; the mana cost of his abilities doesn't change at all. Downsides are that he has long cooldowns and he lacks mobility.
ty for this. i actuually bought twitch and he is a blast to play. going for vayne in the future defiantly when i have a considerable ip/rp for spare, so i can buy a supp too
Coopa123 (EUW)
: How big is your ~~cock~~ rooster? If I were you I'd go for Twitch. He is cheaper so you'd still have IP for Blitzcrank. On top of that as an ADC he has a very unique ability with his stealth and you could even try to play Twitch in jungle
ty, my rooster is so damn small PS: just noticed the spelling error XD
Morphre (EUW)
: Hey, I would recommend you to buy Jinx maybe, she's a champion with loads of different playstyles. She has a balanced set of abilities you can need as adc: The Q: You can choose between faster singletarget autoattacks and slower autoattacks with aoe damage and a higher range. The W: You have a high ranged spell that slows enemies if it hits and makes them visible. The E: Pretty simple traps that cant hold enemies if they run into them. And finally, the Ultimate: An infinite range Rocket with loads of dmage to finish off an enemy or deal dmg in the beginning of a fight. Thats why i would recommend you to buy Jinx {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Greeting Morphre | Hendrik
might actually do that. she is a great champ and ADC atleast
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Finron (EUW)
: Hi, let's go through the summoner spells and why they might be good/not so good. Ghost: the alternative to flash isn't used that often because it's impact isn't that big as is the one of flash. It isn't as fast as flash. Although it might leed to some nice roams, but these should be prevented by good pings and wards. Heal: As many said before me the second Heal is halfed for some time. The reason why the adc takes the heal most of the time is that some adcs have a higher range on their auto attacks than on exhaust or ignite (like Caitlyn) and therefore would have to step closer to the enemy than they would like to. On the other hand (especially in soloq) the adc should know better when he needs to heal. Barrier: Too selfish for a support. Exhaust/Ignite: There is a saying: "Ignite wins lane, exhaust wins game". In high elo or in pro play that is propably true, as exhaust can save lives where as ignite can only kill people. So Exhaust can be used both offensive as defensive. In the standard lane or game exhaust is propably better, but in a very aggressive lane you could use ignite to snowball it right from the beginning. (And noone will flame you for taking ignite instead of exhaust). Cleanse: See Barrier. Teleport: Could be maybe used in the early to mid game to make some plays, but at the latest in the late game you can't use it effectively since you can't biuld pressure elsewhere on the map as most top laners can. Flash: "The" summoner spell that nearly everyone takes in nearly every game. For a reason. Smite: Only to have two smites for barondragon? too few of a value. I hope i could help
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: and thus a noob was born into the rift.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. The champions in the free champion rotation are not available for you in ranked games. You actually have to own the champions to be able to use them there. Keep in mind that the requirement to join ranked, or play normal draft, is being upped to 20 champions this patch, since the 10 ban system is incoming.
oh really, well ty for clearing that up!
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Doomley (EUW)
: It ofc depends on how effectively people use their abilities. Caitlyn can beat lucian if you poke him from a far with basic attacks because caitlyn has a lot longer range but if lucian gets close enough, He has the abilities to do a lot more damage in a short period of time than caitlyn. Caitlyn scales better thanks to her range and zoning with traps. If you go to a straight 1v1 against lucian as cait, you will lose. Runes also affect early game no matter the mode.
yeah i just learned to use runes now, so thanks for that. as for the 1v1s i probably have to play more safer and together with my supp :)
: Greetings Wollishaiser. No worries about asking "noob questions". We were all newbies at some point, there's a LOT to learn in this game :) There are multiple reasons why another Champion could be stronger than the one you're playing. I'll explain them below, sorry if this is a bit of a read :P --- #**Items** As you probably know, the items you buy increase your stats like health/damage/cooldown reduction etc. Something that newer players often underestimate is the important role minions play here. Lasthitting minions obviously grants you gold. More gold means more items. More items means you can deal much more damage! A general rule of thumb: Killing 15 minions is worth about as much as killing your opponent! --- #Level This is simple, Champions get stronger with each level. Especially the levels 6,11 and 16 play an important role, beause at this point Champions get to level up their ultimate ability, which usually gives them a significant advantage in fights! Levels 1-3 are also crucial moments, but in general, if an enemy is just one or two levels above you, they could already have a big advantage. --- #Champions The Champions you pick and the items you buy also heavily influence your ability to fight enemies. Some Champions are simply not meant for a 1v1 battle. They excel at other things like tanking a lot of damage, stunning the enemy or providing utility like heals and shields. Like all AD Carries, {{champion:51}} does best when she can attack from a safe distance. In big teamfights, you should usually keep your distance and attack the closest target so that you don't die immediately. ---- #Mechanics The skill of a player is obviously a deciding fact too! There is no way to summarise this, because every Champion is played slightly different. If someone spend a lot of time to learn the "best" way to play their Champion, they are going to know when to take a fight, and when to back off. There are SO MANY little things that can decide the outcome of a fight. Timing, the correct order of spells, tactical movement or the correct use of a Summoner Spell. ---- This is a lot to take in, but don't worry. If you just keep playing, learning this will be very easy, and it'll all become second nature to you ;) Please tell me if you have any more questions!
thanks a lot for the answer. i try to play as passively and safe as possible because thats kind of the whole point of ADCs i guess. also guessing my support and enemy support plays a pretty major role aswell. i will keep this in my mind, ty
: Runes and masteries maybe. Maybe interactions with supports that you're not yet aware of such as sona auto attack buffs.
: As a new player, the world of league is very strange. Riot Games likes to give a few champions buffs, buffs, buffs and more buffs (then they are too strong and outclass everyone). As for now Cait is strong and Lucian is to but knowing that you are a new person and have fewer skills in 1 certain champ then your enemy probably had he won. (Runes and masteries work in every gamemode) Greetings, Eenhoornpower
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: Normal draft/Blind aren't placement matches. You can just continue playing Normal blind and draft. When you want to play your placements you can select ranked duo or solo.
Afelers (EUNE)
: Naw, normal is the same as it was, there is a separate queue (actually three of them) and as their name assumes those are ranked queues. If you want an advice, don't play ranked yet, get at least three champions for each role that you can play well and then try yourself. Ranked games are usually harder obviously because people take that more seriously than normal games like draft. Also rankeds have the same format as Normal Draft so you can practice there all you want, don't worry :)
oh okay then. thanks a lot for answer
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Makoboss (EUNE)
: Currently Ghostblade and Essence Reaver are most popular 1st items on Jhin so do not worry about it. You have to be mentally prepared for salty players who blame everything and everyone. Just focus on the game {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
thanks for reply man. guess i just gotta keep playing and block the haters then
: He was trolling you. {{item:1055}} +{{item:1038}} is not an awkward choice for a {{champion:202}} .
hmm, i hope so. good to know
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