: I prefere to just not talk at all and use pings, but it barely gains you any honor so I guess I have to act in a way to farm it
Haha the way you do this is the same i did and its works well to protect urself ,if u want avoid flaming. But yeah new system forcing ppl to be a little bit "good guy" :D it's ok i guess.. keep it man{{champion:427}}
: Are you talking in chat with the goal to get more honor?
No i just try to be positive and try to drive ppl to the normal calmed way, and usually its works. I dont like when ppl flaming and always ask them to stop and concentrate on the game. For example, if u see ur team start to flame, lets make calls like "guys we take drake and push we have chance, just ward and ..bla bla" they will calm down
: Most honorable player in team (3v3)
coz you need 3 or more i guess, riot made this for 5v5 model only i think. Maybe they change this soon {{champion:427}}
: New honor system is awesome
im always play solo, and literally in every match i get 1 or more honors.. 3 is my best atm {{champion:427}}
: plz unban my account plz
"if i flame only 1 game u give me ip adress ban" Sure ip adress bann for 1 flame, and i'm the mickey mouse {{champion:115}}
: Botting
Yeah, i leveling account and i needed to find out a strategie for winning in intermediate vs ai games, coz i play with full botter since lvl2 , get life steal +zzrot and push before enemy bot get 40/0 and one shots u :D You cant do anything , Riot bann them in vawes... they also cant do anything else at the moment, sadly.. {{champion:201}}
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: You don't get key fragments "because you were honored many times", go read the reworked honor FAQ.
Ok sorry, i ws just happy and ran here for telling to ppl, is it worth to being nice :DDD but i read then now :D {{champion:427}}
: You get key fragments as long as you aren't reported i think. It's the incentive for keeping people from flaming and being toxic.
Ah i see.. nvm :D thanks for info then {{champion:427}}
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: Anyone else thinking of giving up being the nice guy in games?
Well dude if you can, just stay nice "i will be toxic coz others r toxic?" nah dude be urself and keep it .. {{champion:201}}
Like Gg (EUW)
: Different FPS for different accounts in the same PC
vertical sync is off on the main account?
: In-game fps is under 60 no matter what my settings are.
turn off vertical sync thats the reason you get 60 fps
: cool, well get used to it. It's a free game...
thanks for reply, there r no free games:D you spend ur time, and ur money if you like the game.. i see ur point there anyway
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