: This is just mindless rambling you see everyday. Most of the champs are in perfect balance with eachother. It's just a matter of learning different matchups and playing correctly. If you take more damage from same kind of ranged attack then you obviously need to avoid that attack and not try to directly 1v1.
i mainly play adc, and some of the adc's just deals more than other from the getgo even tho you have around the same stuff, if you always just play on the minions, for some reason some champs will come on top and deal alot more
: Akali low winrate ? u mean that new akali was low winrate ? Old akali was my main but after rework she is really really hard to play so i stopped playing akali . but if she is in right hands she can carry solo . But in these days akali , diana , yasuo and more champs got nefred . looks like u never watch patch notes . and u think u are losing bcz they are dealing much dmg ? i can tell u . there is only one broken champ and its sylas(S) who can steal ur Ultimate when u dont even have R . Healing is more than soraka's ult or 5lvl W . and they are going to buff him again . but akali and other *Strong* champs is not buffed much atm. Zed have big dmg bcz of shurikens . also rengar got nefred (coldfixed). And i think u are one of *ONE MAIN* players that cant play vs their counters thats why are mad now . if u will practice more u will win more . just re think about everything . mute all ,practice more . and win more . regards
train train train, that is all everyone says, you could just train to play around sylas aswell? Akali did have one of the lowest winrates, and then they nerfed her even more, a bunch of people were playing her but did not know how to therefore, the low winrate. But then there are the people that knew how to play her.
Papdi1 (EUW)
: Have you seen Vayne? I wondet why they buffed her since she was in totally balanced spot. Nobody complains about her, her mains were happy...Well firecracker skin get released. I dont have many accounts left so dont want this account to be banned however if I could I would call Rito with every vulgar, harsh expression avaible. They doesn'r deseve any respect nor any cash from me.
i play vayne alot, and yeah i see how she deals aton of dmg, but then again she is weak until she gets like 3 items, and sometimes it is hard to get to those if you are against a good bottomlane or their jungler give good ganks, but yeah riot buffing unecessary cha,ps is stupid, focus on balancing the stupid op champs that deals a ton from the start
: Oh don't get me started... Then there are guys who suddenly get a massive power boost despite the fact that you prevented them from farming properly... Garen being my prime example... He either just deals insane damage from the start while you can't do anything to him, or he starts badly, you kill him a bunch and at one point he starts killing you easily... I could go on and on with this, so I will stop.
i 100% see where you are comming from, and im hoping they will start to change stuff, cuz i have uninstalled league until then, or until i atleast get som answers from the devs
Necromant (EUW)
: The most of the champions are fine. It’s just how u play against specific champions or how good u know how to play against.
I mean when there is a champ with point and click abalities that deals more than skillshots it is a little bs and sivir is at that point rn that if you play safe and just farm so no one dies bottomlane, you will just get oblitterated by her lategame or by her q's because it deals 250 when it is lvl 2
: you are right, but riot doesn't buff champions, they indirectly buff most of them, such the new conquer literally made olaf literally broken he can even 1vs5 rn, also about sylas a braindead champ that literally counters anything, got buffed and not nerfed for no reason, no one gives much care about his win rate, cause win rates are random, so basically it depends in the meta. I predict they gonna nerf olaf instead of nerfing conq. or reverting it, in which reverting it will solve everything, imagine such trash indie company could not nerf yasuo so they indirectly nerfed instead, and they did not care much about what it will cause, literally pissing me, who the %%%% pays these monkeys low diamond players to nerf, and do that kind work. they should be fired.
i mean i play alot of yasuo, i see what you meen with they didnt really nerf him but they still did in someway, his q was scaling of 80%crit now it is down to 60% and his crit already deals 40%less because off his passive, but yeah they really need to start nerfing the champs instead of playing about with the runes, which just makes even more champs deal more dmg
: I know the feeling... That damn yi Just keeps getting more and more powerful... You get armor to counter his damage? Too bad buddy, he just bites through it like it's paper. Got a plan that has a high risk but a chance to Kill yi? Yi will first use his Q to do to nuke you, by the time his Q ends you put your plan into action. Yi is nearly dead but wait! He uses his heal and your ability that deals damage over time fails to kill him all because he is wearing boots with armor/magic resist against your damage type like he is a tank, all the while you had 3 armor items that gave you health and passive damage... Yeah you ain't alone, I think I'm gonna go play Dota 2 for a bit and hope Riot starts making some nerfs on some runes that work too well for specific champions. Plus I'd rather play a 40 minute match then a 15 minute that was lost to Over Powered characters.
yeah i get what you mean with yi aswell, just rightclick a few times and a full armor tank is dead, it is sooo stupid. {{item:3070}}
: They say, that in order to climb ranks you have to fix your mistakes, riot is an example of these players, they can't fix their mistakes..
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