: I got to mastery V on a champion but I didn't get a chest for it
you get a chest when you perform good with a champ; like s - s+ or s
Valynx (EUNE)
: The afk players will get warning! if they continue to do the same in future games they will definitely get ban! As for riot they cannot ban a player for being afk only in 1 game! but he will get warn or ban!
yeah, but them getting a warning doesn make up me losing my promo's. and losing lp. i had 2 leavers in a row in my last promo for plat. just had another leaver today in my first game of plat. i get that they get punished ((really not that hard)) but that doesnt make up for the fact that i lost 3 ranked games without any chance of winning them. even last game my adc threated going afk all the time and i had to constantly good talk him into staying.
: Blind pick has never worked for anything ever.
i use it everytime. your problem is irrelevant there is a solution. use it or man tbe fuck up.
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: Legend of the Poro king ON THE PBE?!?!
RITO GONNA ACT LIKE ITS URF but then give us real urf
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Unheil (EUW)
: You know that different queues use a different elo for matchmaking, so it might be that you've won a lot of games and those players don't care about the outcome of their games as opposed to ranked, so that their and your unranked elo might be closer than you think. But the real point is, "losing can't be fun", isn't it? Unluckily in a game where people play against each other, half of them will always lose. (Unless you play chess, then you can still draw) But doesn't losing against such players show you the difference in playstyles, your mistakes, where to improve?
the thing is that it is extremely antifun to play against people that can instantly one hit you without you even having a way to counterplay. just played a game with people around my elo and it was a fun win where i could actually use certain mechanics to outplay them. and outplaying people is the most fun thing in the game
: Im gold V with 2.8k mmr, im gettingm matched with teammates with 1.5k mmr against 3k mmr enemies and riot just took that post of mine down, yeah, matchmaking is very broken imo
i don't even enjoy this game right now. extremely antifun to get matched with people higher elo. when their yasuo can 1v5 our entire team ect.
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Minobu (EUW)
: But did you miss a Malphite ult? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
there are some things i do not wish to think about. ever.
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: So dominion is getting removed, Even from custom ques, WHY REMOVE HIDE AND SEEK ? ;'(
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Dunlop (EUNE)
: Supp abuse.
as a support main since i play this game i might have gotten blame like 10 times for something i didn't do. most decent adcs see their own mistakes. if you get blame you most likely just play bad.
Neallord (EUW)
: Last Season silver IV, won 8/10 promo's and now Bronze 2
in normals i get placed with plats dia's and even a master twice. i won 9/10 and left first one and got silver 2 with all but 2 games completely carried by me.
Jhyntu (EUW)
: Then you shouldnt play LoL, Or are you talking about depressed in real life? Not because the game?
real life, though game doesn't always make it easyer. i game mostly to forget my shitty real life ect.
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: what, bard is a great support lmao
i have yet to lose a lane thanks to bards throwing it for their adc even if they made a lead.
Shozis (EUNE)
: My Placement Results
haha 9/1 and got silver 2 and didn't even play myself the first game lol
Tyde DV (EUW)
: What????????? {{champion:432}} fcking god support idk which bards you've been playing with but hes an amazing support! and {{champion:412}} is imo the best support so u should defo try him out as a supp main ^^
tresh is definitly good. as a support main i find bard a cheese to win against. as long as he stays in lane he is really decent but the second he goes out to collect chimes as a support i can easly go aggressive on their adc and even IF they already picked up a lead i can still provide my adc with some free kills. i think that with the right buffs bard would be a godlike jungler but as a support he is really bad in my opinion
TDL Demon (EUW)
: Bronze/Silver Team Looking For a Mid, Top and Jungler
So you are required to use voicechat? :(
: Am i the only one....
9/1 Left first game due to irl issiues i didn't have in hand. so 9 wins one leave. got placed in s2 i actually legitimatly had a fizz adc in my first ranked game. and we won that game...
Cienight (EUW)
: nami leona naut mostly, although i can play all support champs except of thresh and bard
well bard isn't really a good support anyway.
: As supp, should I flash in front of adc and save him from getting grabbed early game?
not your job. adc should be able to dodge skillshots atleast if hes anywhere near decent. at early levels by flashing in front of him you remove a flash and you give them a free kill. your adc will maybe miss 30 seconds of time if he dies. while their adc has a guaranteed lead. if you don't flash in front of him he might dodge it. their lead is not gauranteed
True Sight (EUNE)
: Japanese servers opening date?
me too, and i want to stomp nooby new players with my solid silver 2 skills
Zer0 Nick (EUW)
: Looking for a 3v3 ranked partner (need 1 more)
any reason for those 3 champions in specific?
Cienight (EUW)
: Support LF a serious team!
what kind of champions are you good with?/ do you main?
Raichta (EUW)
: Boy looking for a duo buddy! Silver last season, bronze this one, ADC main! So glad I mentioned my gender to help me get a buddy!
eeyy %%% i'l be gladly be your buddy. i'm a gay horny prostitute looking for noodles
aGG cat (EUW)
: Offensive language and calling someone "autistic" in game
i have autism but the only insults that ever made me mad were when people called me dumb or a noob. (wich is really funny since most people i know with autism including myself have an IQ above average).
: Why don't Champion Mastery points transfer over regions?
i actually think champion mastery should be saved lel
Rizzy (EUNE)
: My placements result was really unfair..
i won 9/10 placements where solo carried my team in atleast 5 of them. though my opponents and teammates sucked really hard and i had to leave my first placement game due to things above my controll. I got placed into silver 2. with a 9/1 winrate where i left one game. even if i won 10/10 i would never be placed into gold.
: A simple intelligence test
im a sucidal duck pls kill me
Cinniven (EUW)
: Mastery Icons
i just want level cap to be unlimited so i can show off that i am next level shit
xchefe (EUW)
: Portuguese language in EU west
portugal is only One country in europe, not even a big one. by that logic dutch, polish, ect should be added too
Smerk (EUW)
: Bug is a little different than what you described. You used Q after countdown for recall started, so recall stopped, but for some reason countdown didn't stop, notice how there is no recall icon on buff panel first time you used it, but it is there second time
i also pressed the recall button after i pressed the q button.
Smerk (EUW)
: Bug is a little different than what you described. You used Q after countdown for recall started, so recall stopped, but for some reason countdown didn't stop, notice how there is no recall icon on buff panel first time you used it, but it is there second time
I actually spamm recal when i use it so i pressed b atleast 3 times. its still a bug that needs to be solved in my opinion, i did not realize at that point that i wasn't getting recalled as the timer was going off and the sound played. it might just be a visual bug but a bug nonetheless
: Really weird recall bug! (with video)
if you are going to downvote this please explain to me why. please only do so after you watched the video. this is a real bug and should be adressed. i spent my time to report this bug and by downvoting this thread you are making sure riot does not adress it.
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: Best Combos you've seen/done
malph, wukong, oriana, yasuo, and ezreal it was an instant cleanup
: What to pick against a Vladimir
vlad is pretty easy to beat if you build the right items. if he plays rengar top tell him to get executioners calling {{item:3123}} its like 800 gold and nerfs the hell out of vladmirs sustain. as it aplies grevious wounds. (same pasive as ignite healing is nerfed by 50% if he gets under 40% hp) This item actually made me win lane against vlad. and once its bought you can always not directly build finish the armor pen and get it later on in the game. usually you can get this item on first back.
: So to how fix not being able to play with a Janna support.
janna is one of the best supports in the game. but you need to know when to go in. a lane with janna is often reacting and punishing your opponents mistakes rather than making a flashy all in yourself. although she has excelent mobility and can easly setup ganks.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Everyone listens something from time to time.. maybe your shy of your music and dont want others to know.. i dont care as there is only few songs i hate from the world of music
the only songs i ever listen to are parody songs about league of legends. most of them could be considered really bad as music and usually the visuals being extremely funny is the main reason i watch those :/
Salito1311 (EUNE)
: Fizz or Rumble
i somehow only lost lane like 5 times in 150 games using rumble. if you utilize his pasive properly you can beat almost any matchup and bully them to infinity and in your weak matchups you still deal decent dmg in teamfights using your ult. your ult is amazing and really good for carrying
Azure9861 (EUW)
: The fill option
i always fill just becuz lazy
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 21 Music Special
upvote. i suck at music related stuff and don't listen it but could use some pre selected music
Martineet (EUW)
: Karthus Ult aplying Deathfire Touch 1 sec
karthus ult = dot zilean ult = not damage over time. Wtf riot?
: If we replace normal blind pick with team builder..
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