: why u let bots doing the job?
Well someone would have to pay all the workers going through chatlogs and all of that stuff, in a game this huge there's simply is no way to have a human looking at every Report.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Why can't we disable every chat by default?
Well there are some People that use the Chat to interact with each other and I am one of them. But I also know that sometimes the Chat can do more bad than good and in those cases there are following commands : /mute all -Mutes everyone in the game in case of a 9man bm /mute enemy -Mutes the entire enemy Team /mute Team -Mutes the entire Team ( Not sure if thats the right command tho, never had to use that one) Hope I was able to help you out ;) Greetings, Jack
: Bans
As one famous politician has once said "Sounds good, doesn't work" ;)
: League Client not reconnecting
Have you tried to use the "Repair" option in your launcher?
McOwner69 (EUW)
: Got my 2 accounts stolen
Send the Support a message with your Problem, they should be able to help you out and tell you what to do. Greetings, Jack
LA Losty (EUW)
: You said your friend was the one dc'ing, so werent you premade with him? Either that or you made a typo. Dont complain about people not reading your post correctly if you wrote something incorrect.
Was a typo :s I am really sorry abou tht but I am just so mad atm...
Skere (EUW)
: Thats intended. People can let their premade go afk when losing
You didnt even read right? We remade the game in the first 4 mins - no loosing neither winning neither was he my Premade !!! Read b4 you post !
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