Cypherous (EUW)
: Why are you not a teemo main? Why have you forsaken our lord and master the swift scout?
Teemo gets fcked by many top laner in a 1v1 and even later hes hard to play in higher elo. U are only good if they run into ur traps.
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: Well I main Renekton and I cannot beat Darius. He has more sustain with his Q, and is more tanky. Which means, after 2 combo's I have to hugg that turret. Until i find a way to beat that Darius, I wont play top lane.
U can ban it if u dont find a way to beat him. But usually as renek u dash in and stun him do ur combo and dash out. There is nothing darius can do against that.
: How do you counter Darius with a melee champ?
U can play renek or jax. They both provide enough tankiness to not get oneshot and have enough dmg to kill him. Renek better early and esp jax outscales him.
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Wrâth (EUW)
: Answering questions about the game (Soloq master atm)
: 1. I meant the initial rework. She was shortranged before that. 2. Her lore and initial design. But I don't think my rework makes her viable only bot? I dunno. Karma keeps getting buffed again and again. I am slightly worried about overbuffing a "jack of all trades" type of character. Where do you get your statistics from btw?
: Thank you for your answer! I love Karma, but the more I learn about the game and the higher I climb, the less I feel viable playing my favourite champion. In any role I just do better with champions I didn't even spend a fraction of the time playing. I can see you are a busy man, but I don't get to speak with an open and insightful LoL player that often. So could you do me the honor of answering two other questions? **1)** What did you think of pre-rework Karma? **2)** I tried [reworking Karma]( to make her more unique and have more depth. I would be forever grateful if you could have a look and tell me what you think. Even if you think it's shitty, please let me know.
1, I dont think she changed that much her main goal is still poke. Its the same champion imo. 2, Well those are fine ideas but who says Karma has to be a support? Shes doing fine at top atm 50% winrate the highest of any roles with her. I dont think she needs a rework right now maybe a slight buff.
: What's your opinion on Karma {{champion:43}} and especially the changes in 5.10 (shieldbomb removal)? Personally, I really like her, but since 5.10 I think she lacks depth (there is not much to "master" or to outplay people). And probably since always, she has been lacking a real purpose (there is nothing she can do that others can't do better). I started playing her less and less the higher I climbed (silver-plat). How is it looking like in your ELO?
I think shes okay on top lane where u can bully the enemy laner and shvoe out fast and roam. On other roles i dont rly feel like she adds anything useful to the game. In my elo u dont see her very often almost never :/.
Wrâth (EUW)
: Answering questions about the game (Soloq master atm)
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: 1: Which ADC would you recommend for a scrublord who can't play ADC if his life depended on it? 2: What are the best places to ward as a mid laner in solo Q given the current state of warding? (2 regular wards with really long cooldown, 1 pink) 3: What are the best trinkets for lanes slash roles (i.e. Mid lane mages should get the blue trinket, but Assassins should get sweeper's)?
1. U are lucky one of the easiest adcs is op atm. Miss Fortune is the best pick for u. 2. Rly depends on the enemy jungle pick if he can go over walls or not or if hes invis. But normally u want to ward as deep as possible so u know whats happening early. At wraiths or behind the blue buff in the little brush. If u cant ward so deep because u are scared then ward in the river. 3. Atm i would get the blue on everythig except support.
: That's what I usually do, but people seem to rage if I don't get 10 kills and 100 more cs then a brand that can just stun and poke me :).
Just mute them so u caan focus better :).
Derastius (EUW)
: What do you think about {{champion:420}}?
Illaoi is too easily kited and u can just dash/flash her ultimate and dodge the dmg. I dont see her often and she doesnt seem very strong to carry games reliably.
: Does talon still "counter" mages? Because I have a hard time against cc mages. Lux for example, counters my burst with her shield and can just snare me if I go in, besides poking me a lot early. Without silence I think mages that can poke and have cc are really strong against talon but people still flame if I loose against a mage as talon. What do you think?
Talon doesnt rly counter them like before but hes a good champ for soloq because u can easily oneshot their carries. Just care in lane and after 6 u can go roam/kill them.
: Opinion about {{champion:41}} ?
Rly good Top/Mid laner atm. Definitely good for soloq :).
: I have only 4 rune pages. 3 of them are AD,AP and Support. Last one is blank. What should I make it? I need it to be a general page that fits a wide range of champs. Champion pages are worth only if you have a lot IMO. Thanks in advance :)
Make one with attack speed. Good for yi irelia kayle and many others.
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Okay, did you really think what you wrote? I play Katarina a lot, and I know that you really need fast fingers on her, but most people hate Katarina because she "requires zero skill" to be played. Most people consider Azir the hardest champion in the game, that's why I put him for example, and Katarina as "easiest" to play, same reason, people think that. Scripting sounds rewarding on Katarina, since you need godlike reflexes to fully play her to her full potential, It seems like scripting might be the only way (unless your innate reflexes are <30 ms). If you really don't consider Kata a "noob champ", I might play her without feeling like scrub that most people call me. Also "WHY PICK KATA IN PLAT OMG NOOB, REPORT", I'm sick of that. I got flamed since min 1 in one game only because I picked Kata, It's Irrelevant that I started sth like 15/2, we still lost because of terrible attitude in the entire game.
As long as u win more games that u lose who cares just /mute all :D
: Opinion about {{champion:41}} ?
Gp is rly strong top or mid both fine. Good for soloq since u can have impact on other lanes and deal enough dmg urself that it doesnt matter what ur carries do.
: What do you think about "Jayce"?
Jayce is very vulnerable to all in and his dmg isnt even that great for the risk u are taking. I havent seen him in a very long time so that should answer the question :D.
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Who is harder to play, Katarina or Azir? Also, why Katarina?
I think both champs have a very high skill cap. If u see scripter katarinas in high elo go 20:0 and solo carry then u become aware what this champ can do :D. I dont rly know which is harder to master hard to say.
: 1.) Does the Game feel more snowball heavy in this pre-season, and if yes how can you control the pace of the game to work against that. For example playing top and botlane already 10 deaths before 12min. 2.) How does thunderlord effect entire game from start to lategame. 3.) What feels to be the core "carrying" role atm, in terms of controlling the game. 4.) How does the removal of stealth wards change the game. (Pos, neg, and why) 5.) How does the removal of last whisper effect the game on higher levels like yours. 6.) Is Mundo a perma ban in higher tier aswell? 7.) What duo synergy do you feel works currently the best (like mid,bot example) 8.) What changes (nerfs,buffs) would you like to see? 9.) How much more is the game team oriented compared to the previous season, and how does it effect soloQ. 10.) Whats the size of your donger? Edit: 11.) Whats your biggest "complaint" about the current state of the game?
1. Yes games are shorter and more snowbally. Play a high mobility high dmg champ and pressure early. Jungle Nida for example. 2. Rly good for trading and bursting in lane. Later on its no that big anymore imo but still good. 3. HIghly depends on the skill. If u play a good nidalee u can have insane winrates. Otherwise i think adc/mid is still strong. 4. Well less wards overall which is a good thing imo because in the last season the entire map was completely visible. Now u have to think about what u do. 5. Some tanks are insanely hard to kill like mundo/tahm. Otherwise not that much impact since tanks are usually easy to kite. 6. Yes 7. I think its like always adc/sup. Maybe mid/jgl 8. Make the game a bit longer again so there is more strategic gameplay. 9. In soloq its still solo carry style imo. If u kill more champs than the enemies u win most of the time. 10. game relevant stuff plz 11. Same as nr 8
Squaid (EUW)
: 1. First question, I remember you being challanger, what caused you to demote? the way preseason went a.k.a u becoming worse, or you not giving fks about preseason/game that much anymore? 2. how good do u think shaco is atm? in d3 atm~ 3. im pretty much one trick ponny atm, I can play other champs on dia5 level~ but my main is way better. so what do you think would be the best lane/champ to main in next season, since riot is forcing us to do that. 4. what do you think about tanks atm? do they deal too much damage? etc. 5. what do you think about rageblade champ/junglers. jax,irelia, Yi etc.
1. Yeah highest was 800lp. But i didnt train enough to keep that spot and coached too many people instaed of training :/. 2. Hes okay. Not op not super weak. 3. Jungle or Mid is the best in soloq imo. Champ should have dmg/mobility/cc 4. I think tanks are fine except mundo/tahm they are a bit too tanky for what they provide. 5. Too weak early. Strong early jungler and snowball the game out of control
zidic (EUW)
: 1v1 me , izi gg,
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LZ Flame (EUW)
: What is the meaning of life?
Snow Enix (EUW)
: They coach other players basically.
Why should they reject u if u just want to help :)
Snow Enix (EUW)
: Do you think I'll be accepted as an "Instructor" for Riot? :)
LA Losty (EUW)
: Heyo, im currently platinum 1/2 and i would love to get a bit of help, so i can get that little push i need to make it to diamond. I was 2 games from my diamond promo but them dropped down to platinum 2. I do some coaching myself, but im hoping to focus a bit more on my own gameplay before the end of the season, so i figured i could use a bit of help, is it okay if i add you? Im not asking for a ton of coaching or anything like that, but i would certainly appreciate some tips and a bit of feedback on my own gameplay, thanks in advance.^^ Kind regards, Nikolai
Sure just add me and i can give u some tips :)
: Is there a way how I could improve my mmr ? Due to bad teams (solo, throws, dives, etc) I am stuck in plat 5 and played already over 100 games and didnt get to promotions not even once since for win I gain 14lp and for loss I lose 24lp.
Keep winning and ur mmr will improve :).
: How do you beat a yasuo as a skillshot mage (mainly syndra)?
Well thats goin to be hard vs Yasuo but u need to wait for situatuions where u cant miss ur skillshots. Bait his wall and try to all in him afterwards. Hes just good vs skillshots.
zidic (EUW)
: Could we do a 1v1 on mid lane and tell me what I did wrong so I can improve my laning?
Add me and i can give u some tips :) dunno about the 1v1 though maybe if i have time for one ^^
Tiger55MD (EUW)
: What is the role that I should of choose of these? Jungler or Mid? I want to get better winrate,carry games to victory,climb elo ladder and also I dont really like being team dependent! If I should go for mid,what champion should I go for?Azir or Ahri? And If I should go for jungle,what champion should I go for at the start? Udyr or Warwick
Mid and jungle are both good for soloq. They are both pretty team independant. Go for Ahri she is much better in soloq. She has way higher mobility. Udyr and Warwick are both not the best. U can try Eve.
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The Ęxile (EUNE)
: What strategies should I take if my champion is ahead. Lately I have had a lot of games that I snowball with Riven, but lose the game in the end?
If u are ahead and then lose u probably didnt take enough objectives. Kills dont end games. Only by getting objectives u can somewhat secure a lead and get to the victory.
Gaddafi (EUW)
: What is your opinion about Varus ADC and Malzahar APC? Generally, your view on them, when they get their strongest point in game and which items are best on them. Thanks. Just interested in opinion from very skilled player.
Varus is pretty weak as an adc. Hes good at poking but not for the adc role imo. U need a dash or at least a spell shield like Sivir. Else u wont have much fun vs bruiser etc. Varus is super strong in the late game and Malz is strong in early and mid game imo. In 5v5 fights Malz falls a bit off since he can only ult 1 and stuns himself while doing that. Malz has good base stats and is a fine mid but not the best to carry super hard imo. He has no mobility and his ult kinda stuns himself. Varus with Muramane and LW/BT imo. Malz with Roa into Raba/Void.
: how can i still win my game when my team chases after a suort 4v1 and get baited massively **even** when i tell them that that might be a bad idea. also would you mind spectating one of my games to see what i do wrong?
Stick with ur team if they chase just go with them. Maybe u can turn it around. But if they rly want to suicide there is not much u can do. I coach people from time to time if u rly want to get better [coaching](
: How big of an impact does _**luck**_ have in SoloQ?
Well as u see multiple pros have 70%+ winrates in both korea and euw soloq. So i guess u wont win every game but as long as u win more than u lose u will climb. So can u be unlucky and lose 5 games in a row cauze of afks? Yes. But does it matter in the long run? No.
Kkochmu (EUNE)
: What about Jax? Is he played often?
Almost never but sometimes as counterpick to stuff like Heca/Ire.
Kkochmu (EUNE)
: How often do you see Irelia played up in challenger tier?
Quite often. RIven and Irelia are good for soloq.
: I have a question indeed :P Would you say there's any champions that you look at their kit in the hands of the average high silver/low gold player and think how easily that can be played? I'd also ask if you could spectate a game or two and tell me what you think about my playstyle, but lately I've been finding myself playing less and less, so I don't feel like wasting your time :) And another question I came up with while writing this: How do you deal with people that just flame/blame in general and call ff20 because they "Make a elephant out of a mouse"? :P
Yes there are many decent champs that can perform well with low mechanics. Malphite/Amumu/Annie/Sivir/Soraka stuff like that. Try to create a good team spirit early on then people are less likely to tilt super hard. When they are allrdy super tilted tehre is oftne not much u can do :).
Kjelldor (EUW)
: Greetings, I have some questions for you indeed. 1. Generally, what would be better to take if you have the feeling you can only get one: Inhib or Baron. I realize this depends on a lot of factors, but let's say we're in the game 31 minutes at this point. We can take baron and safely recall or we can take an inhib and safely recall. _Generally_ what would be the best option? 2. Would you recommend playing ARAM to learn more about dodging/hitting skillshots? 3. For a new player, is it better to focus on champion mechanics or shot-calling? 4. What is more important in a game, counter-picking or being confident with your pick? It would be greatly appriciated if you could answer these. Thank you for your time, ~Kjelldor~
1. Inhib has a higher win correlation than Baron so always inhib. 2. Just play Soloq to get better at Soloq :) 3. Depends what u are good at. Some people have a bit worse reactions etc then i guess they have more success with shot calling 4. Being confident with ur pick
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: how many hours do you play in a week, and I recently got a new PC, then I had my first 'weekend marathon' on it. I made it from silver 4 to silver 2 in 2-3 days, u proud of meh?
Rly depends how muc other stuff i do but it can go from 0-8 hours a day. Im always proud of u :^).
: How do you win trades on bot lane?
Well first u have to know if u even can win the trade. Some 2v2 matchups are stronger early and u cant win the trade so let them push and wait for ur time. Always play to ur win conditions. But if u have more creeps u can win trades normally. Also if u hit the next lvl first u cna all in them or at least trade. When the enemy adc goes to last hit u can usually get a free auto in as well.
: Why has Blitzcrank's play rate sky-rocketed?
Other supporter got nerfed and he was strong all the time. People just didnt play him cauze he wasnt picked in Lcs i guess. But soloq isnt Lcs.
: I have a question but off you dont need to say your ign... its already there xD and 2nd this account iv made because i want to hit diamond (like my main) on yi but frankly iv been stuck at this goldish elo because its pretty fucking hard to have an impact before stuff gets out of control, any advice? (im more an elise/jarvan/khazix player on my main so this account is more a challenge then real climing)
Maybe u build him too squishy. Try building like botrk, youmus, bc and then tanky. Thats more than enough dmg to kill the enemy carries and u dont die instantly when u get cc'd. But yeah some games u will lose early since Yi isnt the best early jungler.
: Why aren't long range ADC (Cait, Ashe, Ez) on top lane not in the meta? Since they can kite champs like Darius and Riven? And having 2 ADC can be a drag for an enemy team to deal with.
Because they get murdered in a 1v1 vs bruiser like Riven/Jax/Irelia. Yes they can be annoying early in the laning phase but as soon as the bruiser get some items they are done and cant stop the splitpush anymore. Also teamcomps with double tanks/much hard cc are easier to play and more consistent.
: Do you have the feeling that regardless of the division you are playing at you sometimes tend to get LSC level team mates and sometimes you feel as if they started playing LoL an hour ago? I played everything between Bronze V and Platinum V this season (I climbed so high :) ) and I really think it's more people you play with rather then ranking itself. Would you agree or am I just a noob? :)
Well in soloq people dont always get their role or play when they are tired/for fun. Thats when u feel like they play like bronze5. So yeah even in higher elo u sometimes think they started playing league this afternoon.
: Was it easy getting there? If not, what Elo division was the hardest to climb and why?
Well every higher division is harder to climb. Platin can be annoying since no1 listens to any calls but maybe thats just my impression. Getting to challenger just takes time and dedication if u have that i guess its not too hard.
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