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: is it normal that a cassiopea can 1 v 1 a darius who is in melee range?
Cassiopeia has the highest DPS in the game, as long as she has enough mana and lands all her abilities she will outdamage every single champion in the game. As Cass main I highly recommend buying boots asap against her and try to dodge her Q, if you aren't poisoned her damage will be very low against you, also getting ignite against her is very effective since she heals a lot by twin fang, all in all avoid fighting against her on 1v1, get your jungler to help you since she is squishy and can die very fast.
: Honestly I would like a nerf to her W. A Slow + Grounded is a bit too much, and it becomes obnoxious to fight against her or even teamfight against her. W should either slow or apply grounded, not both.
Slow is really weak aspect of that ability and she always has Rylai anyway sooo I don't see a point with removing slow from it. Grounding is absolutely essential part of that ability and I can't imagine it being removed, that ability already has power in check by having minimum cast range, u can't ground zed/yasuo or other melees under your feet and deprive them from making an escape. Old Miasma was the total non-ability which has only use if u missed Q, mage shouldn't have such a weak ability IMO.
: Did you notice the hotfix? less Adaptive Force and only 2 seconds (for ranged champions) to stack/hold Conquer
Ye when I wrote a post I wasn't aware of hotfix, it's totally unviable on ranged champions after hotfix, It was obnoxious before hotfix thought. Even after hotfix it can still have uses, i mean it would be horrible during laning phase but after laning phase she will still make use of it.
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: can i ask you one thing i don't understand why she is become meta toplane? in my opinion every ranged mage could be used toplane with some matchup, but why her? she even lack a disengage tool so i think better mages are suited top
She keeps melee champions out of farm, with her very low CD abilities there is no gap to get close to minions and farm, it's not entirely right that she lacks disengage, true she has no dash or flash-like ability but her Q gives her huge MS boost, allowing her to outrun most champions, she can also deal 2 champions easily with her huge dps and 2 sec AoE stun, making it very risky to gank her since she might still score a kill even in 1v2 scenario. I recommend going ranged champion (quinn, Jayce) vs her or getting champion with good gap closer (Camille), Garen is also very good as he can approach and silence her easily and mitigate a lot of her damage with W. If you find yourself playing vs her as melee champion who has no gap closer rush spectre's cowl, it will help you survive vs her on lane.
: Does Cassiopea's Miasma proc Banshee's Veil Passive?
Miasma doesn't proc spell shields (Banshee, Sivir's W, Noctorne's W), Morgana's W/ Malzahar's R (The null zone it leaves, not a disable itself)/ Anivia's R/ Karthus's E/ Vel'koz's R e.t.c work same way and they don't proc spell shields.
: Lissandra passive.
She got compensation with lower mana cost on abilities. But I think her new passive is very bad, it summons A.I controlled ghost who automatically damages nearby champions after 4.5 seconds, that's so stupid ability with literally 0 skill floor or ceiling, there is absolutely no difference whether iron or challenger player plays her, her passive will be of same potency on both hands. I despise abilities which requires absolutely no mastery of champion to make us of, at least make that passive to explode instantly with her Q or something. Also I don't get why they boosted her TF power when it was literally the only aspect of the game she was strong with, I never played her and thought "oh she could use more power in teamfights" I was already picking her for strong teamfight capability (and countering Zed ofc). E update is very nice I have to say that, I didn't knew I needed that until it was here.
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