Enes52GS (EUW)
: Death sworn shaco
Death Sworn Viktor was purely because he hadn't had a skin in years, but so has Shaco so it makes no sense
: Yi's True damage is unbalanced and broken.
Don't nerf true damage, nerf Yi's cancerous synergy with it
: Hmmm... I think I see a pattern about magi.
2034: Tyler1, after flaming your teammates for 5 minutes the next autoattack will instakill anyone on the enemy team
: Suggestion: Close to 100LP
The same thing will happen but with 90-94 LP instead of 95-100. The problem won't be fixed, just shoved somewhere else. People will cry about getting 94 LP instead of 99
oMoo (EUNE)
: 100% crit from 2 items champs and 1 click are for disabled people!!!
Not that ADC's are much better when a Caitlyn oneshots you with 3 items at 20 minutes from 1300 range due to her critting for 1700+ dmg (with an armor item)
: Kha'Zix Evolved Adaptive Cloaking should be Camouflage
If it's camouflage it literally won't do anything as Kha'Zix needs to come close to be able to do anything. I think the current PBE changes are a step in the right direction
: The previous Marvel movies are just cheap action comedy movies, why is that considered "most anticipated of all time"? And what can you even spoiler? Lots of fighting, lots of jokes, every major character survives, the good guys win. At least that's every other Marvel movie.
** SPOILER ALERT ** ~~The last 2 are false~~
: Riot destroying Jungle role once again
Seems like people misunderstood this thread. I think the point OP was trying to make was that jungle will not become stronger, but that one of the junglers will get lead that the other one won't, effectively making one side completely useless while the other becomes way too strong.
: > [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UwnEelBE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-28T15:26:36.882+0000) > > Sorry, but i don't have much empathy, Jungle is way too annoying. It quite often feels like the game is decided by the jungler and if you get a bit behind then they start camping your lane. > I really like the intent Riot is going for. Soraka, Nami, Janna, Lulu are also annoying it quite feels like u cannot touch the adc if enemy has those champs and the game is decided because nobody in ur team cant get thru the single shield/ heals that they provide with the disengages they have. even if they are behind they can still heal/shield/disengage and be useful still not nerfed KEK
> >go 0/10/0 as support > >still useful because bullshit shields > >??????????????????????? > >profit with free LP
: 40% of accounts being banned is about as true as your chatlogs not showing negativity. Hint: both are not true.
Nah I believe it was 120%. Source: My dad is Riot Tryndamere
11112018 (EUW)
: It is still in game like "Dragonslayer Vayne Chaos". But its only on this one skin and on champion chromas (chromas without skin)
Yeah sorry I meant to say they discontinued it
11112018 (EUW)
: Chroma Skins
There used to be something behind the champion's name, but they discontinued that after the first batch of chromas.
wowlukas (EUNE)
: Lovely thing that randomly happens that makes me happy
Recently got one as well. Was so happy
: How many wins I need in placements to get high silver low gold?
6-7 wins is low silver-high gold. I remember getting placed silver 3 when I went 5-5 on my first placements so you should in theory get gold with 7
: With shaco being fed you are right. But what about a fizz that Deals 60% dmg with Level two only using w and an aa? Also a shaco shouldnt be able to 2 shot ahri? This is ridic. There is no time to Flash or using e..
Fed Shaco SHOULD be able to 2-shot an Ahri when she only has Zhonyas. I can't account for the Fizz damage but I have a feeling that it was more than just one auto and a W. Must have been at least 3-4 autos+W or 2-3 autos+Q+W
: The Hard truth about balancing league
An assassin killing a squishy with presumably only zhonyas and no MR? That was possible in the early seasons as well. I checked your match history btw and they were both really fed so it's only fair that they can both oneshot a squishy
OBS Okami (EUNE)
: He got this idea from Pants are dragon, one of his latest tournament episodes he was talking to a rioter about shyvana and if sh e would've got a new skin and could change in all dragon types from league: Cloud,Infernal,Ocean,Mountain and Elder, yeah pretty dumb idea
Oh no I was wondering about what Skivane was but it's supposed to be Shyvana
siltn (EUNE)
: 2 awesome skin ideas
Rioter Comments
: Well okay, then it's sexually open female, you can flirt with her as she does seem to want that kind of attention, no need to get sexist though. There's a difference between flirting and abusive talk. Sure, having a name like that provokes more sexism rather than a generic name but you should not have to hide the fact you are female in order to evade abuse. It's like saying why do you complain being raped, you had a nice cleavage, you could've gone with a Burka to avoid it.
There is a clear difference between calling yourself "HandsomeGuy" or "SexyDude" and calling yourself "John92" or "MichaelJones"
HonorFive (EUW)
He jumped on you, and his jump counts as a basic attack (which it is). No matter what auto-attack ability, if it is targeted on you, it will deal damage if the animation has begun
: report sexism on girls
Why do you complain about sexist comments if you call yourself 'TheNaughtyGirl'. You probably also start off the game with: "Hey guys I'm a girl!"
: that works too but still, we don't need more cc supports that force feed kills to their adcs
But we certainly don't need more supports that stand at the backline spamming heal and doing nothing
: Spicy food is the way forward
You get it. Spicy food is life
: Reverting The Reworks - The Question of Success
This whole thread screams: "I don't know how to play against assassins" tbh
Saloz Mat (EUW)
: Top is Jung diff
I have no idea what message you are trying to convey
BaconTits (EUNE)
: Aren't turrets supposed to be a threat in this game?
Imo tower's damage should scale. Lategame even an adc can tank ~8 hits without any armor
: Skinshards.. Rerolling is worth it
I see an Ahri skin. How is that worth it?
Yojimpo (EUW)
: i dont understand what that means. i thought boosting was queuing with someone higher than you to get higher rank from winning. if i am completely off the mark, please explain it to me.
What you consider boosting is also boosting, but the allowed form of it. The illegal form is what OP describes, where they pay someone to go on to their account and boost them in rank by playing games.
: What lane needs more champions pool ?
I think ADC should be more in general, but the jungle is looking pretty sparse right now with only a few junglers actually being viable, even though it's advertised as one of the most diverse roles
: Not if you grew up with first season of one piece and dragon ball.
So did I... and still I know Kill la Kill. You have no excuse
: Kassdin ult 1 sec ? and ranger oneshot "Balanced"
Rismosch (EUW)
: But Riot nerfed Shaco so much. He isn't what he once was anymore.
PBE patch notes are all I wanted for Shaco (except that his E still can't kill someone at 100 health)
Dceive (EUW)
: A Shaco mains point of view on his current state
Did you see the changes Riot Repertoir put up on r/shacomains? Q will do damage again :D
Rioter Comments
: idk something lol just ccome here to vote your favourite pizza toppings
I guess chorizo falls under the sausage section?
: The 5 changes I'd consider are 1. Towers buffed significantly in the first 10 minutes of the game. Fortification re-added to bottom lane turret. 2. Grievous Wounds also affects Shield value for 50% of the value it affects healing (so 20% on shields) 3. Lethality removed as a whole, Assassin's can be compensated elsewhere for it. 4. Tank Items like Iceborn Gauntlet becoming melee only. 5. Aftershock removed as a rune. > [{quoted}](name=Agidyne,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wuptWnll,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-27T19:35:47.373+0000) > > - Cost of Zeal items increased from 2600 to 3400. LOL. He said balance changes, not destroying an entire set of items.
How do you want to compensate the removal of lethality? Buff their base damage? That will literally just cause more complaining
: Riot has given you the power to push trough 5 balance changes for 8.6
1. Buff Shaco E early game damage 2. Make Shaco Q actually deal damage again 3. Make crits on Shaco not override his passive 4. Remove/nerf the 10% autoattack damage reduction on ninja tabi's 5. True damage will now go right through shields To be very honest, I made this list pure for Shaco and Rengar, purely because they are unable to do much in the current meta where everyone rushes tabi's and GA and assassins are unable to do the only thing they need to do. The only reason Shaco actually has a high winrate is because OTP's play him, and nobody else dares to play him because they won't be very succesful and it's not worth their time. I also don't think this will be too much, as duskblade will get nerfed in 8.6 and he won't be getting any compensation because he's "strong as he is" (quoting a gold 4 ADC main there btw)
Rioter Comments
: Zoe champion from hero to zero
: "Reworked (Reverted) Rengar- Lines (and maybe animations)
Pretty sure August noted that these sounds are bugged and it will be fixed before the lock-in for next week's patch
: Hey, does anyone have a nice sumonner name idea?
: ADC main Summonername
IHateMyself, ISuckAss, ReportJungler, TrashSupport, TeamHoldsMeBack, B5DueToTeam
: Champion that can shit on Zed in lane?
Smerk (EUW)
: It took around 50 games last season, now progress is two times slower, so go figure
50*2 that's about 600 right
Irarius (EUW)
: Poker Cards League Style
Joker has to be Shaco. Simple as that
TTekkers (EUW)
: So, if I dodge 80%+ of skillshots, but get hit by ONE sleep bubble in late _through a wall from fog and over a screen of range_ I deserve to get 100-0'd because I'm bad? You can give a champion a skillcap without making them super obnoxious to play against. Please refer to Azir, Draven, Aurelion Sol, Cassio, Ryze, Gangplank, Riven, Rakan, Shaco and Volibear (jk) among others.
You can remove Riven from that list of non-obnoxious champions
: > [{quoted}](name=Xêm,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2ykQk4r6,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-01-26T22:29:54.114+0000) > > Yeah I noticed, I have received chat restrictions, but I don't think this chat log is worth a ban by itself. Well, that pretty much explains it. This 14-day ban would have been extreme if it _was_ for that one chatlog, but it wasn't. It was for that chatlog, plus all the other times you've acted like this and ignored the resulting punishments leading up to this 14-day ban. What I would do is take extra care to avoid acting this way when you eventually come back to the game, because as the 14-day ban message says, any slight infraction from there on out will be grounds for an instant permaban. Because continuing to break the rules is basically you subconsiously telling Riot that you won't stop acting this way no matter how harsh the punishments preceding a permaban get.
I understand completely. I don't think it's fair that if you get reported ~5 times throughout 1,5-2 years it should still count towards the next suspension, but okay. I didn't make this game and I don't get to decide its rules
kokoriko8 (EUW)
: To be honest I got a 14 days ban as well for saying I hope we loose in a remake, SO I guess that relatively you deserve your ban mate. Besides, players that give up quickly are becoming more and more common and are really annoying because a lot of games are winnable from behind but players seems to be blinded by their tilt or ego, so this is the reason why you may have been banned.
I mean, 4/5th of my team (except the Blitz) wanted to surrender as well, as we were behind from minute 2, and he was the only one who didn't want to surrender. I flamed him later because he was literally running into my lane, completely missing his hook and then just instantly die to my laner/enemy jungler. I know I shouldn't have flamed him but still, 14 day ban for 3 sentences?
: It is rather odd that this chatlog resulted in a 14-day ban, since while it's not exactly unpleasant, the punishment seems a bit too far ahead to be grounds for an instant punishment. I'd recommend bringing this to the support desk if you haven't received punishments before this. (Although it is kind of worth mentioning that 1-day bans aren't a thing in this game)
Yeah I noticed, I have received chat restrictions, but I don't think this chat log is worth a ban by itself. I think a chat-restriction would be more fitting, but the system doesn't work that way for some reason
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