: is dynamic Q ruining soloq????
I never thought I would lose interest in league, after 3 diamond 5 accounts and over 4000 games (3+ years) the one thing that now made me lose all my interest for the Rift - was something implemented by RIOT themselves - and which is still here after TONS of players have already pointed out the flaws and disadvantages of solely having one "Dynamic" Queue. All my passion thrown out the window, how? Because RIOT simply doesn't pay attention to what the CLEVER MAJORITY has been spamming the sections with in both EU > NA servers. Dynamic Queue, removing Solo Queue has literally ruined the ranked experience I once used to wake up for. I've been #2 Viktor on 2 different accounts but now I just don't see me climbing anywhere higher than where I am (Dia5). (I am a solo player for various reasons) and it should've NEVER been an obstacle/problem, unless, ofcourse, you replace that excellent queue we once had with Dynamic Queue. Dear Riot, you can still change it back to how it once was, will you? Anyway, Blade n Soul is a great game with huge potential, hope to see some change over here so that one day I can come back and actually ENJOY kicking some non-Dynamic ass on the rift.
Fjiordor (EUW)
: SImply: Never
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hi In the end of the match report them, everything said in the champ select lobby, ingame and endgame lobby is seen by the Tribunal section of the Riot staff
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Eambo (EUW)
: The loss of a great community member
R.I.P Such a emotional post even though I don't know the full background of his death. What does a volunteer do and how can I become one?
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IAmWoralo (EUW)
: My wife doesn't like League anymore
Yeah I feel it has to do mostly with Dynamic queue (3-5) partying and secondly the issue is the hard-reset, putting people randomly in the ladders (setting back 1 division).
: Riot said it´ll be a few weeks after season 6 starts... my guess would be march/june
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do u know when Solo Ranked will be released?
: NA vs EUW server
Yeah we need some more Vi in here, too many lag too many many lag, need some more Vi in here need some more Vi in here theres too many lag too many many lag.
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Törning (EUW)
: Make allies XP visible for teammates!
: >Well, as a mid/top main, I get one or the other 50-50. But when I fill, I always get supp. :P So, yeah. I get why you're troubled by it. The role-distribution is not what bothers people. What bothers people, is that solo-Q players are being FORCED to be the filler material for wannabe-LCS premades, which means: * The personal contribution to the game is diminished * People are excluded from communication * Toxic premades make the game experience worse for the players, by reinforcing each others negative behaviour * ELO Boosting is easier than ever before * Queue timers are through the roof, because not only does the system have to accomodate the role selection, but also match premades of varying sizes * Surrender-abuse And its simply not fun to be the "one guy" on the field...who is ganked by a coordinated 3-man turret dive, which is executed by people with better means of communication...while having NO WAY AT ALL to achieve the same level of communication with the 4 guys in your team, because they are buddy-buddy and you are not invited. Suddenly, you are the lynchpin of why your team is losing, for no fault of your own, and no way to prevent it. Yeah, great fun. I don't know who thought that this was ever a good idea.
Amen. {{champion:236}}
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: why has it destroyed solo players? solo queue is coming after few weeks. Dynamic queue isn't a solo queue.
He is referring to when we had to deal with maximum of 2 (duo-premades), now there can be 4 in one team to increase the level of imbalance. There is a huge difference between how the games with only duo-premades (2) was played compared to the current parties of 2-4 players, that difference is what have put "solo players" motivation down towards playing Ranked. From experience.
Pandour (EUNE)
: I don't even ... what da F ?
Yeah there are some uncivilized players on our servers, some that belong on TR server for example. Some are just immature little kids. That's why I keep my friendlist almost empty.
: The Most 'Toxic' Behaviour in League
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: i wrote it on their facebook site already, they shut servers down so we watch the lcs games who nobody cares about....
A Plebian (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=X1 NIGHTMARE,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=O6Tokqo1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-13T17:00:48.495+0000) > > They got around 50k+ viewers by doing this the last time so I am pretty sure it's all about the $$$. > Damn you RIOT! Haha well probably more people will just watch LCS instead, but let's be reasonable, a prolonged active/no problem EUW will probably generate way more money than viewers of the LCS because of the frequency with which people purchase RP.
Nah, if only you knew what revenue income they get from NALCS alone, there is so much money that revolves around this that it makes RP purchases look like pocket-change. We'll see if EUW comes up before NALCS starts, if so - then my prediction is a failure. After all this time and struggles EUW has suffered, I think they control the servers without problem right now .. so this "EUW down-nonsense" was most likely purposely executed. Either that or some testing they are doing with the servers under the cover of "login issues". Sucks to not be able to play on a saturday evening.
thedaki1 (EUW)
: Let's just hope they don't play this card, if they don't fix this until 21:00CET IT will be more suspicious than it already is
candoodle (EUW)
: #meanwhile at rito headquarters "how do we boost our eu viewer numbers for na lcs?" "i've got it, we'll crash the servers!" "wait... what?! euw isnt down? who gave you permission to stop trolling euw?? your fired take the server down immediately and post an ambiguous 'sumting wong we fixit derp' update!" "oh also if anybody complains blame their firewall and tell them they should get a new isp! bwahahahahahahaha!"
Yeah like you must be stupid to think they can't fix this "login issues" after all these years.. it's too obvious that they are doing it for some fishy purpose ($$$). "Random Player" : damn league is down.. the closest I can come to playing league is to watch Professional LCS! So unless EUW comes online before NALCS starts my theory remains solid. Time will tell.
: im already used to this, anyways, there are more important things than a game, for example, yesterday i tried my luck with my crush...
I am not used to this.. 2nd or 3rd time this year.. but the timing is just too suspicious.. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} If your crush don't love ya, Jesus will. {{champion:236}}
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X1 HeaveN (EUW)
: NA-LCS starts soon.. EUW down soon.. this is the 2nd time within a month... coincidence?
They got around 50k+ viewers by doing this the last time so I am pretty sure it's all about the $$$. Damn you RIOT!
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: Dear RIOT...
Master Yi? Success? EleGiggle
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X1 HeaveN (EUW)
: LF Duo partner in Plat 3+
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Kamdoro (EUW)
: Udyr is balanced, if you got owned by an Udyr then A. You fed him B. You fed him. gg
Yeah im not gonna insult you but please dont talk if u dont know what you are talking about.
X1 HeaveN (EUW)
yall some trolls this is a serious issue ー═┻┳︻▄ξ WutFace ξ▄︻┻┳═一 "NERF UDYR!!".
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Luxray93 (EUW)
: And how could you say the company that brought you what prbably is your favorite game cuase your so into debates about it for trash?
Calm down dork, ranked is up.
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: Too much, recently. Nasty lose streak and unlucky games.
: If you can't play, you HAVE to watch LCS? No, thanks.
but my life is based on the rift.. do you even rift, homie? {{champion:245}}
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