: So you are saying that if i buy something, it doesn't become my property and i'm not allowed to do whatever i want with it?
Is the third time i told you just search on google dont waste my time please.
: There is nothing illegal in buying tickets for yourself...
No for yourself is not illegal if u resell them it is, as i said is simple go check it on google.
: How is it illegal? You buy tickets and re-sell them for profit. That's not illegal, that's smart.
Google it, it's simple. If you dont know what are you talking about, do a favor to yourself and stop tiping, there are so many illegal stuff that are "smart" but this dont make them legal.
GLurch (EUW)
: It may be false what the person said, still no need to accuse him of illegal activities.
Yes my bad, but i dont tollerate people who defend illegal activities, and nobody should.
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