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: PBE huh?
Since the PBE server is located in NA it's verry unlikely for you to be accepted, even if ur a wonderfull player.. And the PBE server itself doesn't have a very stable connection as it is. Not to mention what it would be like to connect al the way from Europe. Also not to bother asking to move the server over here since RIOT's development team is based in the US.
BIekko (EUNE)
: Why are Ryze and Sona disabled in urf?
Is it just me or am I only getting like 30 defferent champs. ATM is have played like 50/60+ games and it seems like all champs I've played are comming back while I've not been able to play more champs.
Smerk (EUW)
Thank you!
: Any advice for this scrub adc main?
Go into a bot game. Play for 10 mins. If you cant hit a 85-100 cs before 10. leave and try again. Do this with 2 champs you feel you're good at. Don't play more becuase more champs means you need to know more about positioning etc. Keep it simple. If you feel like you're doing well. Add a ADC bot and try and lane again. Usually these bots will AA you and try and engage. Don't fight em. try to get an advantage through lane. Just get the basics of laning as ADC correct and you'll see your winrate rise. (My advice is to play Twitch-Caitlyn-Jinx-Tristane) Good scaling and a pretty good lanefase. GL !
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Wild Sora (EUW)
: 1 v 1 rank or just permanently (normal)
I remember. It was called snowdown showdown. Extremely funny. Maybe its a posibility to add it as a switchup for ARAM. Maybe like a 1vs1 but with random champs. I'd be interested for sure!
: Rework changed Rengar from what he was
To oneshot someone on rengar you need to be ahead of almost everyone in the game. Once behind rengar is a minion with a bit more health and tickely damage. And btw, building full glasscanon is a stupid idea witch makes for a lot of fun plays and making the enemy team tilt extremely hard! ;P
: New Champs
Create an idea (champion) and post it! They might take a look. Otherwise post it to the NA boards. Much more active rioters over there.
idfc (EUW)
: just disable autofills cuz it sux. always when im promo i get autofill sup jungle adc like what the hell, 3 autofill totally not insta lose
autofill is disabled when in your promo's ;)
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Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: I mean if it's a normal game, the matchmaking is bronzies vs platinums and the game is 0/8 at 5 minutes, then I'd consider the game a waste of time.
I'm talking about Ranked games
Kensei0 (EUNE)
: Well why would you waste a slot on building % dmg item, when you can build lethality and one shoot tanks and everyone else, instead of shredding them for few seconds?
That just means Lethality is broken AF. When we used to hade armor pen you bought that for early game dmg. The trade beeing your damage in lategame teamfights is reduced due to lesser effect. Now they just buffed lethality to be better that 40% armor pen and health % dmg...
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chrille199 (EUNE)
: test
Your test does not work. Please try again later.
XHorology (EUW)
: Giving up...
Good to see all of you react so positive!
: You have the correct mindset, you will improve you will get out of bronze, however the people you refer to, not soo much lol
Well the problem is: I can't argue vs a person who's givin up... Its like talking to a tree. But only the tree is more responsive. Without nonsense: I see this more often. Had a game today witch was completely winable but because we lost 1 inhib before 20 min its was over for our mid and jungle (duo q). and they were bringing down the mindset of the botlane witch resulted in a 20 min surrender 4 vs 1
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: Remove Shaco from bloodmoon gamemode
: Remove Yasuo, Rengar and Evelynn from it and it'll be perfect.
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Hey XHorology, Naming & Shaming is aganist the rules on Boards, please remove the summoner name or change the name to "Summoner 1" if you want, if you don't do so, this thread will be removed by Moderator/Rioter. Please take a look at Universal Rules:
I'm sorry --> changed it XHorology being my own in game name can be used I believe..
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: Refunding reworked champions
I get your point but still. Major reworks are announced in advance. Players know whats comming to them and if they don't like the rework they need to go play another champ (witch most of them already do since they're not all one trick pony's).
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: The passive doesn't relay make sense and needs some work and she is too much like Diana but nice concept 6/10.
it needs work but who knows. This may be an awesome idea. :P
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: Riot should consider making more items melee / ranged only to make them easier to balance
I don't think they should do that. It would ruin the diversity in builds that exist atm. I think Riot should focus on champion kits instead. I know making overloaded kits sounds interesting, but is makes it WAY harder to balance aswell. Riot is just tunneld to hard on that and they forget that a simple champion (kit) might be as fun to play as a overloaded one.
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Najns (EUW)
: Riot only accepts people with a clear record, to avoid toxic player on PBE (who are still there, but ok.)
I know that, but showing riot you improved over time should be an option since people change aswell.
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