: read my nametag....
Funny how if I look at your posting history, you tell everyone to "READ MY NAMETAG DERP" in almost every single thread. You're obviously very proud of your name. The funny thing, though, is that you play at least 10 games a day, sometimes 15 games a day. Yeah, that really looks like someone who has 'no fun' in this 'coin flip' game. Fking hypocrite.
: The Fiddle skin to end all skins, a concept, a marvel of taste
CC King (EUNE)
: nah, not rank anxiety, spending too much time in front of the pc without any physical movement, also, why is it so funny?
rank anxiety and being sedentary are very, very different things. 'rank anxiety': why is it funny? If you have to ask, then it's not worth my time to explain. But believe me, the fact that you think you have 'rank anxiety' is very amusing. Hilarious, in fact.
: tbh we seriously need a real monster around here to scare away all the children xd (mental children, so it includes me)
CC King (EUNE)
: Feeling Dizzy and Lightheaded from playing League?
Rank anxiety??? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} That made my day, thank you.
: Vayne 1v Thresh + Aphelios + minion wave - (i want advice on what happened)
OP just wanted to show off the video, he doesn’t give a toss about what your explanations are. And you fell right into it. Let me join in: It’s because you outplayed them mate, well done, amazing!
: First queue dodge of the evening and i get a 30m timer??????
Good, it should be a 2 hour dodge penalty for the first time. and 4 hours for the second instance.
: League of Salt
If someone is being a cuck, tell the rest of your team to mute him and then do so yourself. The thing is: the harder you try to get them to see things in a civilised way - which they never will - the more emotionally vested you are. You can type whatever you want, but you will never get the catharsis you seek. So deal with it quickly and decisively without getting into a sh±t slinging match. Have your say and mute them.
: Why so many leave Lobby in Normals
I will sing the answer for you: Because... there are lots, of sad little pricks, who play this game, we know as League, Immature and prepubescent, or mature with Sh!t for brains, you can be sure, it will always remain the same Thank you everyone! Now for my next song, "Mad Because I Play League"
Hansiman (EUW)
: > If i go 1-2-20 as a support where my toplaner leaves the match after force feeding the enemy for 15 minutes, and we lose, is it justified that I lose 20lp ? But what if you go 1/2/20 as support, but then just avoid everything in late game refusing to assist your team because you got the KDA you want, and now you just want to pamper those stats rather than playing to win? Do you still deserve +20lp if your team now manages to win 4v5? There's far too many factors in play for a win. How do you measure the value of dying when it ultimately saves your team and helps them win a team fight?
> How do you measure the value of dying when it ultimately saves your team and helps them win a team fight? This is a great point. If I am the carry in a given game, but I die from being focused, and my team cleans up, then that's great. KDA is somewhat superficial. Everyone has to deal with the same toxic/inting BS, down to luck of the draw. I would imagine this affects everyone in roughly the same ratio, so it isn't 'unfair' as such. Annoying, yes. But everyone gets it.
: Game breaking bug: Dead Olaf kills the dragon
: It has been the most Riot Games start of the season ever
Despite all of your complaining, you will continue to play the game religiously. So it begs the question, who truly needs help?
: Finally i saw the ZED FACE
Cool. Amusing that he is in superman position, since that is who all Zed players think they are... Now, please find Jax' face :D {{champion:24}}
: Yasuo
well done we are all very proud of you
Shaebadu (EUW)
: the only broken is your hand from jerking off too much to anime
Rioter Comments
Kurotsu (EUW)
: This is why I smurf
pretty weak justification. just play normals if you are practicing a new role. admit it, you like the feeling of crushing people below your skill level - it makes you feel like a god among men.
: Thought Draven was high risk high reward?
Draven hits like a truck, assuming he hasn't completely screwed his early game
: i made a song for aphelios
Vocals are kind of weird tbh :p Huh huh huh huh sounds like he’s spanking the salami
: i would never play a champion like Tryndamere because im not that Desperate and GP is kinda way to hard for me man ....
What about {{champion:24}} , or like the person above said, {{champion:58}} ? They are still bruisers and easy to play. Or just get an {{champion:2}} in their face. Failing all of the above, just learn {{champion:27}} and yolo swag for the rest of your time playing league. The ranged top players probably aren't going anywhere any time soon so probably best to start getting used to it im afraid.
Juice (EUNE)
: Renekton guide
Nice guide. Dat messy first blood though :P
: Am i playing my Champions in the Wrong lane ?!
play a toplaner like {{champion:23}} or {{champion:41}} into them and make them suffer
bPyWythe (EUW)
: how is that an answer? that is pure toxicness, nothing else
it is just a simple straightforward answer. there are players at all ranks, and their ranks are what they are for a reason.
bPyWythe (EUW)
: "there is no elo hell" or is it?
Well, if you gave Faker or Uzi your account, they would reach challenger before long. So yeah it's down to you. Everyone's dealing with the same sh|t.
: Shortclip - HELP I'M STUCK thank you TRUNDLE - League of Legends
Fyrijou (EUW)
: Well, i already told you WHY Graves and Rengar are much more vulnerable champs than Yi. And Shaco? Are you being serious? That Champ is more of a mage these days than an Assassin. He is always build with AP because of his boxes, Ult and knife throw. Also, he is f**ked when engaging in a 1 v 1 against others. He NEEDS his ult for that and you never see him full on engage in head on teamfights. He places his Boxes, when someone triggers them, he throws his Knife and when it gets dangerous, turn invisible and use R. And after B, repeat the same process. And Jax? Sure, when fed, he and Yi are pretty much on the same wavelength. But unlike Master Yi, Jax NEEDS a good start. He NEEDS the kills and the farm to be as dangerous. If he is „decent“ into the lategame, he stays decent. Yi on the other hand doesn‘t NEED the kills like Jax do.
I can't tell whether you're being ignorant or pig-headed. Either way, enjoy living in your fantasy dreamworld where Master Yi is the most OP champion ever. Hope you one day get your nerfs for him, good luck with it. {{champion:11}}
Fyrijou (EUW)
: Yi was my first Champ i got Mastery 5 with and that VERY easy. I stopped playing him since i got VERY bored of him. And sure, in pro plays, it‘s all about teamplay and ending the game quickly. And this might VERY surprise you, but League is also played by payed for funs. Shocking, i know. And Yi is simply a not fun factor champion who is broken af who don‘t play the game mainly for ranked.
You don't have to tell me that, I have only ever played 1 ranked game in my life. I play exclusively for fun. Let me shock you now: I have fun both playing with and against Yi. And most shocking of all, I understand why he isn't overpowered. Life is only as complicated as you make it. Shaco{{champion:35}} , Graves{{champion:104}} & Jax{{champion:24}} are just a small sample of champions who can wreck Yi almost regardless of how fed he is. Maybe you should play them more.
Fyrijou (EUW)
: I mean, seriously, tell me „easy counters“ to a lategame Yi, since i saw a far behind Yi killing fed Yasuo‘s and Irelias. Yi ONLY needs {{item:3153}}, {{item:1419}} and {{item:3124}} and he has enough items to 1 v 1 anyone.
Well, I have been a fed Master Yi before, and I got 1-shot deleted instantaneously by a starved Rengar, 2 levels below me. I was chasing him in the open, with no bushes, and he just turned around and killed me with Q like it was just another Tuesday. But you don't see me crying about Rengar on boards, I just learn to play around it. Do you know how many un-fed Graves have kicked my ass as Yi, and there is no way for me to outplay it? I can try to predict his abilities/autos, and meditate 1 of them, but all it takes is 1 shotgun blast to the face and it's 90%+ of my HP. I have to pray that he is not fed, otherwise I have to avoid him with 1v1s. The majority of the League of Legends roster can make trash of Yi easily. Even Lucian, an ADC with no CC, can 1v1 a Yi, if they know how to Lucian. Yi is also quite weak without his ult. Trust me - There's a reason he's not used in pro play.
Fyrijou (EUW)
: And you are simply in denial. But what to expect from mains or simply braindeads.
from here it looks like you're the one in denial. Go and play 10 consecutive games as Master Yi and then let us know when you've done it, and we will have a nice look at your OP.GG then we will see who is in denial
Fyrijou (EUW)
: Good luck hitting that Tresh hook in the first place when Yi is running towards you with ult. I said previously, every stun these days is a skillshot and it‘s not a guarantee hit once you threw it out. Also, Yi‘s Q cooldown gets reduced, the stun abilities others don‘t. Again, Q is a click ability, while most hard CC‘s are skillshots.
QuZeed YT (EUW)
: except that I can tell you to f off in your face, and you can do nothing about it.
oooh, we got ourselves a tough guy. except adults don't go round telling people to f off to their face, unless they are looking for trouble. doesn't it make you feel like a little child having a tantrum, getting mad at strangers on a video game? I would find it very embarrassing and shameful, personally.
QuZeed YT (EUW)
: "don't flame" Same situation when someone's parents die and than someone asks "don't cry"
yeah except you're comparing something happening in a game of League to someones parents dying. People who flame in League are just a bunch of jumped-up over-emotional kids who say what they want because they are safely and anonymously sat behind their computer. Basically pathetic childish cowards with no backbone. have a good day
: A guy makes a post about his twitch stream: no one replies, sometimes gets downvoted A girl makes a post about her twitch stream: replies, upvotes, so many thirsty mfos
Not sure why you're being downvoted - what you say is true. This is exactly why certain _scantily clad_ Twitch streamers do so well; it's not exactly a new phenomenon you've described. This should not subtract from this streamer's integrity, though. Far too often do the few ruin things for the many.
Fyrijou (EUW)
: Master Yi desperately needs a rework or a huge nerf
or maybe ur just bad at dealing with a very easy to counter champion
: Game is extremely not enjoyable at the moment.
idk man you seem pretty consumed by the game
: Did you knew you can backdoor like that with shaco?
You mean like, the normal way you back door with Shaco...? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Death's dance, aery, elder buff
LMAO. I was not expecting that. Top shelf lolz.
: This comment is so stupid I don't even know what to reply
I think professional players would tell you that you are the stupid one
: No snowdown is good, wait, where are local whiteknights with "facts"? Nothing to say. Ok, i'll whiteknight properly. It's good, cuz the less gamemodes you have — the less subjects you have to criticize such as balance or suggest own ideas. Isn't that great? You can play rift… and aram. And… that's all. Buy skins ofc, they are struggling today. And the most important: how do you come up with this suggestion? They have no time, they are busy, go make event yourself. (It's just whiteknighting, didn't mean to offend you)
If you hate Riot so much, why do you love their game so much? And if you don't love the game, then why do you care? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: The design of yuumi
She's not that bad, you just need to git gud.
: i write poem to you becouse i need 40 rp
It's a beautiful poem
: i wanna 40 rp plz
That's what she said
: What do you guys do when a teammate ban ur champ?
Deep down I am smiling because of the beautiful irony: the d*head banned my champ, which, if we do end up losing the game, will be a significant contributing factor. I play normals only though, exactly for this reason - when you get scumbags on your team, it doesn't matter, just have fun anyway. They will probably be much more enraged at a loss than I would be. So it is all rather poetic in the end.
: your a idiot @ XL BLENCH PRESS go and report me snowflake.. you probably got bullied at school aswell and now you get butt hurt in a game when someone says nasty things to you,,,,, but your game play is sh iiit. get the fk out
: lol um ok idiot get out you. go play sims and leave the gamers alone nub
this is a 5 month old post LMAO. You're cool.
: Whatever...it's aram
You get the same thing in normals. People like to make out that they are better than those who are taking the game at hand more seriously. It's like an ignorant elitism. By their logic, you might as well just play with one hand whilst watching the TV: _who cares, it's ARAM/norms._ They won't get punished for that, though, I'm afraid. They key to happiness in League is taking the rough with the smooth, and expecting the unexpected, and not engaging with the trashy side of the community, ultimately... Harder than it sounds, though...
Greeapa (EUNE)
: Alistar skin idea
I think it is a great idea, but you definitely couldn't call him that... For his Q, he could uppercut them, and for W, he could charge and do a straight punch. Would look awesome if they did the animation for it. The WQ combo would look sweet. Then for the E stun he could bash them into the ground like a tent peg. R could just be boxing gloves encircling or smth
: Why is that good? Unintentionally ruining a match for 9 people and wasting everyone's time?
It is your fault for trying to dodge. People who dodge ARAM are scum.
: What is wrong with LOL community??!!!
Whenever you complain at someone and then someone else responds on their behalf out of the blue you can be sure that those two people are premades. I see it all the time. Also, yeah - people have heads full of ***. Remember, anyone can download and play League. Anyone with a computer. Let that sink in. Good luck
: Stop releasing new champions this fast-paced. New champion (after Aphelios) already announced.
For all the people going 'omg wut where' it's basically a juggernaut called Sett who is a big hench dude (not as hench as me tho) and he spins people about and throws them into the sunset and he will be like a {{champion:36}} just hanging about in the middle of the fight. have a google.
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