: if ya really want to get good you can enter a practice tool game, choose your main, lock the xp, get your starting items, and farm for 10 mins. I think there are around 120ish minions that spawn during 10 mins. a really good last hitter will get around 100 in that time. Just being able to do this in an actual game should carry you to at the very least silver. the reason you pick your main is to get used to their aa animations and stuff. The reason you lock xp is so you stay at level 1 where last hitting is the hardest. To increase difficulty you could add a bot and put off xp lock. Still try to focus on getting minions while not getting destroyed. Some tips on last hitting: the first wave of minions will probs lower hp by the same amount so if you dont feel that comfortable just auto them a couple times. Also under turret the melee minions take 2 turret shots and 1 (non buffed non ad added)auto to kill. the ranged minions take 1 turret shot and 2 autos to kill(without ad ofc). So while the turret takes 2 shots to kill the frontline minions you can take that time to hit the backline once. You just kinda need to eyeball the canon minions tho.
Thanks again for the help, I will try that and get a hang of it thank you.
: you can play whoever you want really as long as they're not super hard champs like riven or zed or kassadin. just focus on learning how to farm. If you really want to improve asap you can stick to a core of 3-1 champs.
Thank you so much for your reply, do you eventually have any tips on how to farm? I mean I am trying to just focus on the minions in the early game as good as possible
: not exactly for the most part.. and try to focus on last hitting the crepes (if you can) so you end up killing as minions as possible.. try also not to follow an enemy nor turret dive him to kill him.. focus more on farming and earning gold..
That is what I am trying, thank you so much
: yes ashe is a good start too.. need to work on understanding their kit.. if you need anything just ask :)
So from what I understand when I play Ashe, I go bot lane right? I for the most part in early game (bots not pvp) just focus on the creeps and whenever I get enough gold I go back and get items that are recommended, is there anything else I should consider?
: First of all you need to understand the basics : laning, farming & itemization. To improve you simply need to play more, and while playing you'll start to discover new things like jungle path, how to ward, when to trade etc... but 1st thing 1st i recommend to start playing 3 champs to get use to them and to understand their kit. I recommend Garen, Mf, Lux.
Thank you for your response. I tried Lux and Varus and Ashe, so far I really enjoy Ashe and I get a long with her pretty good (if you can say that lol).
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