Hansiman (EUW)
: You can send in a ticket to support and request them.
Game 1 In-Game XUnfourjhinateX: care invade XUnfourjhinateX: ty XUnfourjhinateX: great trade XUnfourjhinateX: bot lane XUnfourjhinateX: btw XUnfourjhinateX: just XUnfourjhinateX: ff XUnfourjhinateX: it's my fault picking a tank to these %%%%%%ed monkeys XUnfourjhinateX: we have XUnfourjhinateX: np %%%in XUnfourjhinateX: team XUnfourjhinateX: that's what XUnfourjhinateX: and those bot lane %%%%%%s XUnfourjhinateX: didn't leash me XUnfourjhinateX: you had prio mid and didn't help bot crab XUnfourjhinateX: you can go leash your mom XUnfourjhinateX: %%%%%%ed trash XUnfourjhinateX: stupid %%%%%es XUnfourjhinateX: trash XUnfourjhinateX: can't enter my fulin jungle XUnfourjhinateX: trash XUnfourjhinateX: just XUnfourjhinateX: ff XUnfourjhinateX: please XUnfourjhinateX: stfu XUnfourjhinateX: %%%%%%ed piece of shit XUnfourjhinateX: of course when I have no %%%in team to help XUnfourjhinateX: I picked a tank for a useless team XUnfourjhinateX: farm when I can't enter the jungle XUnfourjhinateX: that's a great idea Game 2 Pre-Game XUnfourjhinateX: hahaha In-Game XUnfourjhinateX: ty XUnfourjhinateX: grag bot crab XUnfourjhinateX: don't fight XUnfourjhinateX: like XUnfourjhinateX: ffs XUnfourjhinateX: jusr XUnfourjhinateX: wait XUnfourjhinateX: me XUnfourjhinateX: why 3 v5? XUnfourjhinateX: wait XUnfourjhinateX: stop fighting XUnfourjhinateX: and wait XUnfourjhinateX: wtf XUnfourjhinateX: because XUnfourjhinateX: you are on tier 2 XUnfourjhinateX: turret XUnfourjhinateX: just back of XUnfourjhinateX: stfu XUnfourjhinateX: lease XUnfourjhinateX: and liose XUnfourjhinateX: you can't even XUnfourjhinateX: play the %%%in XUnfourjhinateX: game XUnfourjhinateX: throwing XUnfourjhinateX: 3 times XUnfourjhinateX: %%%%%%s XUnfourjhinateX: go %%%% XUnfourjhinateX: yourself XUnfourjhinateX: stuid trash XUnfourjhinateX: you ruined XUnfourjhinateX: the %%%in XUnfourjhinateX: game XUnfourjhinateX: by dying for free XUnfourjhinateX: 3 times XUnfourjhinateX: go XUnfourjhinateX: %%%% XUnfourjhinateX: yourself XUnfourjhinateX: how about XUnfourjhinateX: that? XUnfourjhinateX: %%%%%%s XUnfourjhinateX: not so hard XUnfourjhinateX: grouping XUnfourjhinateX: right? XUnfourjhinateX: of course XUnfourjhinateX: she can XUnfourjhinateX: carry XUnfourjhinateX: the %%%in XUnfourjhinateX: ight XUnfourjhinateX: when we group and cc them XUnfourjhinateX: not stay at thier XUnfourjhinateX: %%%in XUnfourjhinateX: base XUnfourjhinateX: can't hit XUnfourjhinateX: as ingle XUnfourjhinateX: E XUnfourjhinateX: jax XUnfourjhinateX: back XUnfourjhinateX: door XUnfourjhinateX: gg Game 3 In-Game XUnfourjhinateX: you pinged XUnfourjhinateX: why not follow then? XUnfourjhinateX: you %%%%ed my clear XUnfourjhinateX: kinred XUnfourjhinateX: you just lost us the game XUnfourjhinateX: if you ping XUnfourjhinateX: follow XUnfourjhinateX: your %%%in XUnfourjhinateX: ping XUnfourjhinateX: brone shit XUnfourjhinateX: %%%%%%ed piece of trash XUnfourjhinateX: trash XUnfourjhinateX: it's that %%%%%%ed mid XUnfourjhinateX: that tilted me XUnfourjhinateX: sorry XUnfourjhinateX: you're really good with jhin btw XUnfourjhinateX: %%%%%%
Hansiman (EUW)
: If you were chat restricted, you're set to honor level 1. If you were already at level 1, you'll be set to 0. --- > I called some inters in my games %%%%%%s and trash Unless the behavior you display qualifies as extreme, then it takes more than a single game to get chat restricted. Could you post your entire logs here?
can I get them without opening the game? cuz I uninstalled it, but I remember the honor level locked in the profile The problem is I want my ranks border that's all, it's so unfair to lose it
: First time penalty on high honored account shouldnt be 0, think it was honor level 1. If so then you just proved that the honor system fails. Yet to see someone being demoted in honor to level 1. "You’ll only drop if you receive a penalty. A chat restriction knocks your Honor level to 1, or 0 if you’re already at level 1. A two week suspension will drop your level to 0 (even if you were higher). In both cases, your honor progress will be locked, making your account ineligible for hextech crafting rewards. Your honor progress will unlock some time after your restriction as long as you show signs of reform."
yes the problem is the honor level is locked and I won't receive my rewards which is very frustrating
: Yeah the honor system is a bit too harsh. Before you only missed out on rewards if you were chat banned on the night of the season end or had gotten a 14 day ban after August 26th... Now if you get chat banned once its a race against the time to get back to honor 2. I got chat banned in February and it brought my honor down to lvl 0, its 2 weeks before the end of season and I just hit honor lvl 2 again. Yeah, I almost didn't get rewards because I got chat banned at the start of the season.
It's very frustrating, I'm considering uninstalling the game
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