You will get poolparty illaoi according to a leak.
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: Support is already one of the most fun roles. The only thing holding it back is what you guys think about it. "Supports cant carry" FALSE "Supports are less important than other roles" FALSE "You dont need to be good to play support, just pick janna and press E" FALSE (have you seen those game winning thresh plays?) Just give it a try and you might like it ;)
I've seen and made some game winning {{champion:40}} s too. Ofc its easy to play Janna as a beginner (spannimg E ect.) but making more impactful plays with her is really satisfying and possible.
Eveninn (EUW)
: But runeterra barely has advanced technologie. .-. (Apart from piltover) (I meant in-lore newspaper, like the Journal of Justice used to be. ^^)
Still alot of civilizations have some kind of blackboard or a system to spread news. (btw deleted my old comment by accident)
: These are so great ideas and i have to agree with your point, that this would be an opportunity to keep the world alive! Also i thought of an monthly commentary of shaco, kinda as a troll column! A monthly commentary or something like that from shaco! Another point would be that reader of these reports could make suggestions so that the story would always be surprising or write an own story! Im really glad that you commented thank you very much for that!
Np ^^ I'm really looking forward to the time when they finally updated all the outdated lore and the narrators can take time to work on Projects like this. But with many regions being outdated they will probably focus on fixing that first. Additionally I hope that they will inclode the lore in the game through "events" like "The hunt" (Rengar/Kha'zix) or Rakan/Xayah gameplay interactions that actually change something ingame (not as those cait/vi/jinx or Lissandra/Seju/Ashe interactions). Maybe A thresh Lucian Interaction similar to "the hunt" that gives lucian a buff as a "revenge for his wife" and Thresh one for "completing his Collection" when he picks up Lucians Soul ect..
: League of Legends [Universe](http://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_PL/). You're welcome. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Yea they have short stories ect but regular newspaper articles would be great
: Bring back the Journal of Justice
as a lore lover I really support the idea and have a thew ideas on how to make it more interesting: The "newspaper" will come out once per week (but with multiple articles) and will cover one region per week. Some ideas for rotating themes: Piltovian newspaper with comments of a zaunite ({{champion:245}}?) written between the lines Demacian Blackboard (like in the middle of the town city ect.) Noxian war records with notes of {{champion:50}} or other noxian caracters written next to it. Ionian blackboard or Vastayan News (written on natural stuff like wooden plates) with {{champion:497}} / {{champion:498}} comments Reports of a Shuriman merchand overlord in the capital who is informed about alot everything that happens in the area. Reports of a Bilgewater Black marked merchand who gains information through his network. Bandle city newspaper. Overall it would be nice to have comments of the champs we know and love that shows their point of view in contrast to the one presentet in the newspaper. Would be funny if they write a sentence on how the champion got to comment on the weekly news (for example {{champion:104}} shot the messager of the underworld boss and now reads the information ect.) This would add alot of great possibilitys to introduce new content and would keep the world of lol alive between the lore updates. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: A new Yorick Skin
One riotler once made a joke about a "Grandma" Yorick skin that summons angry cats. This would be amazing... Think of a cat summoning catfood throwing granny with a handback who conistantly slams everything around her xD I got no idea what the ult would look like tho-..
OrenoSei (EUNE)
: [Champions Concept] Yonxu / Mistwalker
I am sorry to sound negative but i think this champion would be boring to play. he has only one interesting ability on his passive (not sure how it works but i guess it would be an empowered basic attack).
Luniious (EUW)
: Taliyah skin Ideas
Poolparty Talyah:some kind of waterbender (saw in on the internet once" She wears shorts and a "Geometry rocks" T-Shirt She surfs on a surfboard with her passive and ultimate. Her Q throws water, coconuts, shells or "beach stuff" Her W are shells or sanddunes on the ground. Her E is a splash of water Her ult is a giant wave that leaves sanddunes
: Illaoi Skin idea
Yea this skin would be amazing ^^. Maybe leave out the comedic element of a gardener and just do it a "fury of nature" skin
: Project Skins!!!!!!!!
They will release new ones soon i guess (begin of summer)
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: [Champion Rework Concept] Tryndamere
The idea of his passive is nice but his ult seems a bit op to me and the rest of his kit may work but does not feel like tryndamere. Try to keep the basic playstyle of him.
: that would kill a lot of what make bard unique to play, the balance between the need to aid his adc in lane and the urge to roam to collect stuff etc bard jungler would totally bypass that, and would be a shame
The old bard gameplay would still exist but I want jgl bard o focus on chime roam mecanic. Additional this kind of role seperation though an exclusive Item would be unique. Heres a change one could make to underline this: Decrease the xp he gets from jgl creeps and increase chime xp.
Maveric93 (EUNE)
: Surfer Taliyah Skin Concept
There are already some nice concepts for her (with a "geometry rocks" T-Shirt :D).
S1R Kontopi (EUNE)
First of all I think Vastaya are a species not a place (they are from Ionia). I still think he is a Vastaya because it would be senseless otherwise to have a humanoid animal that does not count to the one species of humanoid animals we have in he lore.
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I understand that they are annoying and maybe frustrating to play against. But the way for riot to deal with this is not nefing them but giving them complexity like they did with new warwick. They are still easy to acces for new players but are still interesting to play against. Just wait for riot to take care about the really bad/outdated champs (urgot..cought..).
: i admit, i was salty. but i'm honestly tired of reading 100 lines of text just to be disappointed by sth impossible to exist.
know that feeling mate. But think about the person that wrote those 100 lines.. :)
: i'm being critically objective. It would bring lot of new mechanics but this things is impossible to balance with such abilities. Your concept has dmg, tankiness, CC and team support. That's not normal for a single champion. Some champion get banned just for having one of those qualities let alone a champ that has all of them. Good concept, too op to exist on this game.
That sounds like feedback ^^ (btw u said "Your concept", its not mine)
: I want elemental velkoz, pool party velkoz and fifty shades of Velkoz first :<
add dark star vel'koz.
RageFuel (EUW)
: [Item Concept] Tabi Master Gear
Well it may be op ect but thats not the point I want to talk about. The fact that it gives you such a strong buff on a 12% chance is bad gameplay and a design mistake because of randomness. You may always get something and the randomness is just a bonus but at the moment the enemy is praying to god that it does not get triggered it becomes a mistake.
: Now I know why riot doesn't take fan-made champions seriously. I read 3 champion concepts today and everyone is more broken than the previous. His costs are very low for a champion that has no mana. Is it even normal to have hard CC on your passive????? His W is broken, waaaaaaaaaaaay too broken. Heal, mana restoration and dmg amplification on 1 spell that has 20s cd?? warwick's w gives him self movment speed and attack speed and it's on 120s cooldown. Let that sink in. Don't even get me started on that 20% turret max health true dmg... so this guy is a tank that has the dps of an adc on his Q and the tankiness of poppy and can split push better than any champion in the game? pretty balanced i think What the hell is that ult passive? So you're saying that he has a resource called battery and that he can't regenerate it then you give him that passive? on a spell that deals 400dmg in an aoe CC? When you think of a design imagine yourself playing against that champion. Is it fun? are you enjoying it? is he balanced? think before you speak-or post
Maybe slow down a bit and think about how difficult they are to balance. Overall the mana cost cd ect. don't mean anything. If they are op then ignore them and focus on the main kit and gameplay the champ would offer to the game and explayn weaknesses in a normal way. Be nicer and make less use of punktuation marks. ;D
: The one thing that would make lol better?
If you hold it you need cast time on any spell (otherwise it would be pointless because the game would only accept your first click anyway). That means eery ability would be deniable by hard cc. I think you want to add more counterplay with this but I think that most of the abilitys in lague would need changes (for example amumu ult (does it spread if u hold it?!)) to adapt to this. I'ts just impossible what this massive slow down and counterplay would do with the game.
: Fairy Kalista
This skin would be nice to see ingame just to add a "Not-evil-demon" skin to Kalistas skins. Especally the jump passive yould be represented by farywingfly with alot of glitter :D
: kappa look at ashe arrow hitbox. ashe's r hitbox isnt her arrow it is a circle going out of the middle of the arrow. that is "a small design mistake" xd
Well yea then its frustrating to get hit by something u doged. Still morgana Q and ashe R are a different dimension compared to something that is very hard to balance and seems uncounterable to the enemy if played well enough as Yasuo :D
: Yasuo is not OP, but he is fundamentally a broken champion that cannot be balanced in a satisfying way.
I guess that OP and broken are very close to each other and the only thing that keeps a broken champ getting OP is a certain skill required to use the broken kit effectively..
Wen294 (EUW)
: "Dark Binding is VERY favorable on this measurement, because opponents get clutch dodges just like you get clutch hits, so it might actually create fun on both sides" Yeh i love getting snared for 3 seconds by a hitbox that makes no sense. Very fun!
I agree that morgana Q does not give you a feeling thats equal to morgana hitting it and thats a small design mistake in my opinion.
: Yasuo Rework
To all who may say yas is not op: (0. forget about that "he needs skill so he can be op" philosophy. Its k rewarding good players with better outcomes but it cannot make it k if that champs not to counter by so many champions if played well.) 1. Break down his kit into its pieces and draw them on a piece of paper. 2. Look at the parts and mark the parts that are strong compared to other abilitys of other champs that fill the same "role" in red color. 3.Look at ability "roles" that champions with the same role as Yasuo can have and mark how many are in Yasuos Kit. 4. Compare his playstyle abilities ect. with this http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=293417 there you are...
Rouwhorst (EUW)
: I have not said that things need fixing, I only asked for clarification and told you some results of this kit. You can then proceed and clarify or rethink if you want those results. So when I ask if his E has a range for example, I do not imply it would need range. And similar with me stating that he will be bad at sieging, I am not implying that he does need siege power. Or mentioning that he has no flat damage, does not mean that he would need it. His E and R consume the % Cursed Health, does this get reduced by resistances? Does his Despair fill in the fountain?
No the health gets fully consumed (via true damage) Despair only fills if Cursed health gets consumed/turns back. The fountain healing ignores cursed health but does not cleanse it (so no Despair will fill up). That means you cannot farm despair in base.
Braneran (EUW)
: [Visual Update] Amumu Brainstorm
Basiclly it would be nice if riot would use some effects from the "Curse of the Sad Mummy" music video to frehs up amumus look.
: Sounds kinda good but is a bit confusing... do R and e only deal damager to cursed HP? and the cursed HP on allies seems a bit odd (amumu causing his own team to be weaker)
R and E have same flat damage The main goal of this is that he feels lonely. Even his teammates leafe him after the fight and don't want to be near him. Thats why he also curses Allies.
Rouwhorst (EUW)
: Does the cursed health start at 0 health or at the max health? (beginning or end of the bar) So do you regenerate if 2% is cursed and you are at 98%? When dealing damage to Cursed Health, does the Cursed Health lower or does it stay same, dealing damage to the current health? Has his ult a cost? Has his E a range? Do you gain Despair when you kill an enemy with cursed health? His passive is doubled against enemies, does that mean that against neutral monsters his passive is never doubled or only when they are in combat? Does his E cooldown now lower when Amumu attacks and not when you attack, or is this a mistake? Does his Despair fill in the fountain? Now a few notes on the gameplay it creates. Flat damage is almost gone with this, only his Q and W will have some flat damage, this could lead to less burst damage or less damage to squishies. On the other end, a lot of %max health damage entered his kit, meaning he will be able to fight tanks a lot better. The cursed health will be very strong versus drain tanks or other champions that rely on any form of healing to stay alive. His laning phase could be oppressive and maybe even better than the jungle with how easy he applies his passive. His resources pool is much bigger in comparison to the costs, but the regeneration of this might be a lot harder. His E and R create a difficult, unclear optimal choice, namely: do I immediately use them and I will be able to use them again sooner, or wait until it does some more damage? His passive makes him bad at sieges, both defending and attacking side. If you have any questions about a statement of mine, feel free to ask them.
First of all thanks for the feedback. I will try to answer your questions: the cursed health curses the healthpool from the right side and you are unable to heal over the spot where your healthpool is cursed. If you damage the target under its cursed health they can regain it until the point where the cursed part starts. Added range and ult cost (see post). Despair is only generated by cursed health that gets consumed by E/R or if you are out of range. Neutral monsters are counted as enemys so the passive actually is doubled against them. The E was a mistake (fixed it). Your fountain cleanses you from all curses. Overall your right that there are some things that need to be fixed in some way. The main goal of this is that he feels lonely. Even his teammates leafe him after the fight and don't want to be near him.
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: You want to come up with your own concepts, that's cool, but using riot's without permit would probably net you a DCMA.
Yea It was just an idea. I would just love to see this done by riot
Rioter Comments
: Are we ever gonna use the guy in ekko's teaser?
This is just a random zhaunite who got some hextech argumentations i guess
simon0o9 (EUNE)
: concept of Acid seems like it could be too op since if you cs good you'll never run low on it, ulti idea is great, but overall your rework doesn't change that much
Thx for the feedback. Yea I'm not that happy with it too. Maybe some kind of fear effect on his passive would be cool so he feels like the huge Zaun Hextech abomination he is
: Ballerina film, Skin idea
The way how you came th that idea reminds me of me sitting in a train talkin with a friend about lol and suddenly thinking of a great champion idea because I saw a car with bricks on it outside of the window xD
: is blood moon skin line mainly focused on ionia and the ones that aren't from ionia are just filler?
The skin theme is not represented in the lore. If it would it would be based around Ionia because it fits there style. Which champs are choosen for skins is not affecting their lore most of the time. I hope that explains it
BananB0y (EUW)
: Puk the troll miner
It sounds pretty cool, especally with the ultimate where you can see veines of crystals. like it {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: [Champion Suggestion] Kohan, The Fallen Soldier
It's a concept for a Soldier. It wouldn't fit in league but gj for the music and I can totally understand how relaxing it is to make a champion concept. It has been seen {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: They could have it as a rotating game queue
I wonder if they will make a whole new map for it
: New game mode?
I can imagine an event thats called maybe "Hunting Season" where its about collecting trophies andkilling obbjectives on a full jgl summoners rift.
Giøn (EUW)
: I have a great skin idea
Im sorry but this is actually one of the worst ideas I read on this board {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Idea for new game mode!
Yea would be cool and at the start people would play it but it may fall to the same spot as 3v3 is atm after some time
: hmm why do i get the feeling everytime i read a concept is too complicated, just make a champ with ulti saying, copy the last ability used by a target champion, or copy QWER from target champion x) for x? seconds?, with some nerf? maybe dono
Well, If we look at a few of the last champs their abilitys are quite complicated. It's easyer than it looks but I just have to write everything down so everybody understands me ;) The "copy" ability you mentioned sounds nice and there are a few concepts out there but its not that Easy to balance and to build a good kit around that champ or theme. At least I saw no great concept with such an ability and looks like riot thinks so too because we did not get such an ability on a champ yet.
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