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: where is the status?? in the logging window the red thing?
: Servers are down atm, just look at the status. Nothing works right now. Try it again when everything is fine.
I think I got s+ this game and I played Yasuo I was one more s of getting mastery 7. I would be pissed if it didn't record it.
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LIG Gaara (EUW)
: Imagine you're playing football, a teammate is kicking the ball into your own goal, you tell him to %%%%ing stop, the coach comes up and kicks YOU off for being "toxic". That's how riot does things
That is one bad coach.
: You write in one game as much as I write in 30 games. Try to ignore every irrelevant chat entries from other players and dont write irrelevant things. For example: not a single line of your chatlog from above is relevant to the game. Not even "XeNvictus: ok". Also do not use sarcasm in chats. A relevant chat entry would be: "the jungler is topside". Tipps from a guy who never writes gg and never got punished since s1: - do not answer/react to irrelevant chats, only with people you know - do not give people tipps during the game unless they ask for help. you are here to play not to teach. Just teach yourself => you will climb - use pings only for objectives (normal ping/arrow ping) or mia (questionmark ping on where he left, danger ping to where he goes) or to show that your spells are on cooldown (ping on spells) I do 2 things if I am too angry during a game: - Change your mindset so that the other players are like Bots or lesser humans. Bring your ego on a next level. Do your thing but do not troll. You still have to user your team to win the game. This method can fail and lead to tilting. - Remember why you play and focuse on that. The problem here lies in the personality of the user. If the reason why you play is not included in winning the game then its not good. "Having Fun" is not valid, because there exist people in the world who are having fun hurting other people.
But the draven was acting like he was trying to get me banned since heh got everyone on the enemy team on his side. :/
: **Let's Begin** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Technically ur the troll, he got support, he decided to play adc, and u had the chance to leave champion select at that point, let him go adc, or pick adc and complain about it like a kid, u complained that whole game over one small thing? you deserved to be banned for that chat log, and u probably ruined the game more than that draven did, because u kept spamming "report" like a 4 year old every other sentence. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- also you are saying "this is full of more autistics" which is flaming, you are report calling, which u shouldn't do, you are basically putting your anger out by begging people to punish the dude that made you angry, not only that you also say that riven is 0/7, and flaming her too, ur saying that u haven't broken any rule, but during the whole game you are crying, report calling, flaming, and spamming, and u just didn't focus on the game, u only focused on making sure people understand how mad u are that Draven is a %%%%head. You said that Draven is crying, but all u did that game was to cry and beg to the other players. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall, my impression of you by that chatlog, is that you are about 12 years old, you are bronze-silver, you think you are a god at this game, and that you are the best player, and you never make mistakes, you always seem to blame your team for every death you have. You seem very childish, and can't argue, you also failed miserably with your points saying that Draven is crying, while all u did that game was focusing on crying instead of playing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + Honestly you deserved it more than Draven. :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
How does being mad make me a kid?
: so, if someone pisses you off in a game, they should immediately get punished because you have anger problems?
Draven was the one trolling. He typed in chat 'oops I thought I was adc' even knowing he was supposed to support he played like the adc.
: I think I am more curious as to why this board topic cannot be downvoted. I'm sure if people could you'd be in a very negative number by now.
idk anything about boards I just posted this for any comments and opinions.
: >XeNvictus: you might like ur 14 day ban XeNvictus: C:
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
They only other ban I've ever had was a 14-day ban for saying '%%%.'
Viavarian (EUW)
: Well, every single of your lines was only pointless whining. Either play and shut up or better yet, dodge the game. If your support picks Draven, he obviously does not intend to support, not sure why you were acting all surprised that he took farm. Also sounds like you weren't quite innocent either: > XeNvictus: hes mad becuz i bannend kayn > XeNvictus: he dodged last q and pickedddddd kaayn supp
But he was intentionally driving me mad spamming his emotes if he stole minion kills, or if I died. When I said stop taking my minion kills he would just ignore me, and the enemy top lane was going with him. Which too made me even madder.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Thats not an excuse to break the rules
I don't get how this is a permanent ban. Most people get perm banned for actual serious reasons like DDoss, boosting and very abusive language. In this situation. the draven was emoting me and BM'ing me hard. Only the khazix on my team cared , Everyone else didn't care and cho-gath was on his side. Everyone was driving me mad
iSneez (EUNE)
: Meh I feel you. Some People come here and complain that they got banned and when they show the chat logs are total asholes and im so hapyp they got banned because i hate that annoying type of players. Sadly in your case you don't seem annoying to play with, you just got furstrate by ashole human scums like that draven which do everything they can to make somebody mad. They are like annoying girlfriends that know exactly what make you mad an in an argument they keep pushing and pushing you until you crack and call them a %%%% and then they explode. It's similar situation here that troll keep cranking you up more and more and you need to vent out your anger or you lose your mind so you start complaining in chat and assholes team mates instead of supporting you they annoying you even more. I am sure they said stuff like "stop complain and play, stop qq, stop cry etc" those ppl are so hypocrites and annoying and they make you even mad then the troll because you know that if they were in your place they would curse more they would complain more even go afk but when it happen to others they are white knights tilt proof humble and examplare behavior. Sadly it's nothing you can do, you got baited in flaming by a troll, then instead to support you the teammates annoying even more with hypocrisy and fake white knights attitude, and enemy also annoyed you since was in the interest you tilt to and they get free win. Sadly I was also angry like you and flamed a lot to keep my sanity, people say you gain nothing by flaming, ofcourse you gain nothing, it's not like you can make that draven stop he will keep doing it also he can't magically change his pick inside game, but sometime you do it to keep yourself SANE and vent out anger or you implode. Lucky for me I was not banned because only lately like last year the ban wave got out of control and before it happened I manage to calm myself down, its very hard but well I try not let the anger in the chat because well you want to make an stranger asshoel over internet to be logic and have reason and together with a bunch of others white knights asshole teammates that trigger you intentional because humans want to see others crack under pressure its a joy for them to see it. I will no tell you that it's ok you make a new account and learn from mistakes because that's a stupid ignorant replay, it's hard to make a new account and enjoy it especially if your banned account was old with a lot of skins and all champions etc, so meh I don't know what to say, I am sorry people are not allow to access their account some after years of gaming. But this is the online gaming right now, in an word where you get together with millions of humans you need to play as a single player game on mute or as some keep asking WITHOUT chat becuase new generations of players are incapable to act human and polite and are self centered spoiled kids assholes. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
This is the first comment going against the bann. I guess
: Spamming 'report draven' is considered as negative behavior, and I believe the amount of reports don't matter, so there's absolutely no reason to ask other people for reports, as it will only get yourself in trouble. You flamed riven. 'this is full of autistics' is pretty negative/toxic if you ask me. So yes, if you already had a 14-day ban before, just don't bother arguing or complaining in chat, especially as much as you did in that game, and in my opinion this was a justified ban.
But i have anger problems .
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