: im done
I'm done too man. between the unbalanced shitfest they call league nowadays and the toxic people I just don't want to play anymore. I'm tired of losing games because some monkey feeds and ruins the game or they just have the team of overpowered easy mode champs. League is not fun anymore.
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: Honor reset for honor 0-1
I've also been level 0 for months now, I've been nice to other players and not received any penalties but tbh it feels like i'm not being given the chance for my honor to rise. You white knights can preach about how its my own fault and i have to earn progression but 6+ months of good/great behavior and still not even level 1 feels extra unfair. How would you feel being in jail showing good behavior for months/years but having nothing knocked off your sentence, its pretty bullsh*t to me. If levels are to be reset, they should be reset for everyone so that others can be given a chance to climb and show their reform instead of being left out and on 0-1 honor for another 6+ months,
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: Urf is currently terrible
Thats how it should be, URF has been gutted. Its nothing like how is was. Now you just get forced into a game with a champ you don't like for however long the game lasts. Not to mention pre-ejaculates moaning because they cant suck each other off in the same lane so they throw the game. %%%% urf
: URF should not be RNG
the problem is riot locking people into their own champion pools, obviously people are going to own the most noob champions so thats all we get to play against. Its not ALL random if its your own (unfinished ) pool of champions to choose. I've tried again and again to enjoy urf like i did when it first came out but its actually less and less fun everytime its here. Another thing that needs to be sorted out is people NOT calling lane but then cry in game about ' we are pre bot, or pre top'. I don't ever give my lane away anymore because 90% of premades i have come across are arrogant little %%%%bags. I'm tired of this game tbh.
: This game is unfair
Just played a game where i chose adc first yet someone who obviously doesnt look at chat also chose adc, So in game obviously i go botlane but so does my other adc, Which is when my jungle had to start tallking shit even though its %%%% all to do with him. In a situation where i would usually go top i instead stay botlane because '%%%% this guy'. my support dies because she was in a really stupid place and joins the adc toplane.. needless to say we lost, with me having the best stats alone 2v1 botlane. And the stupid part is after the game i get a notification saying my jungle got punished as he should do but i get a chat ban for literally %%%% all. I cant stand riot's system


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