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: Permanently Banned
You are not allowed to write in chat if you have gotten a 14 day ban. If you use negative words, such as "bad" when saying "my bad", the system sees that you used the word "bad" which is negative. On the bright side, WoW expansion is coming out in few days. Not spending a dime on league until those oxygen thieves unban my old account.
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: Riot WookieCookie: Full discussion [here]( >TL;DR: We're running an experiment to see if people can grow and change for the better. We're excited to see how this could affect all players, but because of the high risk that comes with this kind of exercise we're only doing it on NA players right now. No players should be getting their hopes up very high that we will allow permabanned players to return to the game and continue their old ways. Players who receive any sort of penalty after returning will be re-banned permanently. At this point, we're not sure that letting players return to the game after a permaban is the best course of action and may decide to keep our current stance on permabanned accounts; but we're very eager to see what kind of results might come up. >Edit: 3:22 PM PST: Got word that the original post I replied to was deleted because of the duplicate topic. Gonna repost my full message here for you all! >I want to keep this pretty brief and to the point because this is an experiment that I'm spending a lot of my resources on currently. Our goal of this experiment is to test assumptions we've made about perma-banned players and their ability to adjust behaviors in the game. We're working with players who are coming to us in good faith to change and stay out of trouble. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of systems in place to run this experiment so a lot of the work is manual on our part (and mainly me). >The biggest issue being; tracking players who are returning to the game and ensuring they stay out of trouble; players who acted in bad faith to participate in this experiment or who fail and fall to their old ways are quickly re-banned with no opportunity to return. >The NA region is able to execute this currently because we have the staff and resources necessary to operate this experiment. In additional we can leverage the expertise of our central PB teams and Player Support teams here on the Los Angeles campus when needed to make sure that the experiment is in line with our long term goals here at Riot. >I can understand how this may feel bad for other regions but I would like to lay out the following context as to why we're comfortable with this path for now: >Allowing permabanned players to return to the game is NOT something we're committed to as a company at this time. There are a large number of risks and factors that we want to take into account before we do this. We're running this small scale on NA with the opportunity to end it at any point if we feel it's compromising the quality of our game and community. >The risk of allowing permabanned players back to the game is so high because it can disrupt our community and create negative experiences for other players. Because of this one of the core pillars of this experiment is that players who fail to change (or who had no intention of changing at all) will be re-banned very quickly and remain banned forever. This extra care is very resource intensive until we decide whether this is a worthwhile process to continue and possibly create some tools to streamline the process. >As we continue this experiment we're very aware that it might show us that permabanned players will need to remain removed from the game for the health of our community. Keeping it limited to a community of players that I am very familiar with makes it easier for us to audit and "shut it down" if necessary and return to our original policy of not allowing permabanned players to return to the game at all. Where as in other regions the culture of their communities can be different and while some norms are similar to that of NA, others are not. And that's without even getting into the language differences that can prove troublesome for auditing behavior. If we find that this experiment is successful we can better share it with our offices all over the world and give them the opportunity to adapt it to their players' needs if they find it useful. Likewise, if we find that the experiment was ultimately not successful we'll be able to better share our results and findings with other regions that highlight the trouble and difficulties we had with the experiment and why we won't be continuing it. >Hopefully this helps share clarify some of our thoughts and goals for this experiment with you all. If I could leave one parting thought with you guys it would be that: this is NOT a change of our policy currently; but an experiment to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of evolving our PB guidelines. We are not under any obligation to lift a permanent suspension(and there are still a great many permabans we are not lifting, and will never lift under ANY circumstance). Also we will only be doing so under the strict guidelines of our experiment so that we can properly track the impact on our overall community and hold participants responsible for any actions they do upon returning to the game.
> [{quoted}](name=ImainLilSatan,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6TO1qVTI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-08T00:02:36.349+0000) > > Riot WookieCookie: > > Full discussion [here]( Erm, the people who got permad most likely made new accounts, and will continue to be toxic on their smurfs, however if their old permabanned account means something to them, I would believe that they will do their best to not get it punished again and lose out on it again. There's nothing to experiment here, toxic people make and buy new accounts every single day, they engage in toxic activity 500000 times per day, unbanning 5000 accounts and putting those accounts on thin ice will not increase the rate of toxicity.
: Banned WTF RIOT!
> [{quoted}](name=Im A Hamstér,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=VN7ApR5u,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-15T19:03:48.919+0000) > > Game 1 > Im A Hamstér: tghey invaded > Im A Hamstér: singed > Im A Hamstér: ty > Im A Hamstér: we cant do anytiung... (flaming me to gank even tho they are on 1/5hp and had loads of minions on the tower) > Im A Hamstér: lol lux > Im A Hamstér: u miss all skills and dont use heal (they flamed me again for not killing bot lane even tho they had 2 heals up on support and adc while i died in a 3v3 fight, so was just saying u had heal stop flaming others) > Im A Hamstér: u both have heal up > Im A Hamstér: and both flash > Im A Hamstér: so pls stfu > Im A Hamstér: useless > Im A Hamstér: can you not read? (still flaming after like 5mins about my gank) > Im A Hamstér: you didnt use any heal > Im A Hamstér: all game > Im A Hamstér: u miss everything (flaming me more so i said u missed all skill shots and are flaming me) > Im A Hamstér: and flame me > Im A Hamstér: wp > Im A Hamstér: omg this lux > Im A Hamstér: muted > Im A Hamstér: need wards > Im A Hamstér: no wards > Im A Hamstér: me? > Im A Hamstér: i dont even know what i attacked, i just spammed Q and hoped for the best (I got a quadra kill, other team said i did well and i was honest and said i just spammed Q) > Im A Hamstér: gg > Post-Game > Im A Hamstér: just had to get that gear xD gg wp > > > this is why i have been PERMA banned and lost hundreds of pounds? people get less for GBH, i was flamed even tho i carried as yi they were just toxic af and I am the one who is perma banned because they are a premade??!?!!? This has got to be a laugh please check the chat and tell me that I deserve this? My brother was permabanned for having 2 inters in a row and telling his team to report them. No joke, I saw the chat logs.

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