: We are Number One but with League of Legends
It was only a matter of time...
Darkdash (EUNE)
: If my replies seem a tad ~antsy~ towards people commenting, then that's because almost no one here has taken the time to actually go through my arguments before commenting. Time and time again I have to scroll around the discussion, copy a specific bit of text that answers all their questions and then be presented with another argument that has been addressed _already_. > it seems like you have a lack of tolerance for opinions disagreeing with your own There is a difference between shouting at or insulting another person and responding to their comment by refuting their arguments. You are wrong to think that I am bigoted just because I disagree with what you have to say and am prepared to argue with you. That's the point of discussions and forums like this. You might notice that another, very vocal commenter **did ** -in fact- spout toxicity at me, yet I don't see anyone speaking to **them ** about intolerance. > This game isn't about representing sexuality or gender politics. No game is about representing sexuality or gender politics. There is no game titled "Gender Warriors" or "Sexuality Fiesta" or "Representation Craze". LGBTQ+ representation is important and needed in a lot of games (especially LoL since it has exactly _zero_ queer characters to date). Whether or not Riot started developing LoL with the explicit purpose of representing queer characters is irrelevant (and even if it weren't, there's no reason why they can't include LGBTQ+ characters now).
Look, sorry but the idea that games _need_ queer characters is complete BS. It's purely the developer's right to decide whether they want to include queer characters or not, not yours or anyone else's. If having queer characters is relevant to the gameplay or the storyline of a game, then sure why not? If not, then there is no reason to include them other than solely at the developer's discretion. LoL (or any game for that matter) has no obligation to represent LGBTQ+ or other minorities. I don't know why you feel the need to be represented by characters in a game in the first place. That just makes it seem to me like you're insecure about your sexuality. The mentality that others need to cater to _your_ needs based on your sexuality is only going to draw hostile attitudes, now and in the future. That's reality.
Darkdash (EUNE)
: How about we have some actual, canonical LGBTQ+ representation in this game?
This game isn't about representing sexuality or gender politics. Considering all your replies are dismissive and condescending it seems like you have a lack of tolerance for opinions disagreeing with your own. That's the literal definition of bigotry.
: Its not "Im gay, im special" Its more like "Im gay, but human too!"
Why can't mermaids and centaurs be gay too? Speciesist!
Marbian (EUW)
: This happens to me all the time, I always have to end up finding a fix every few months. My easy solution until I can be bothered is to the client as administrator. Always works for me.
Oh... don't know why that didn't occur to me. Thanks!
Rioter Comments
: Talk about the election
> 2016: Can't believe Trump is president > 2017: Trump can't do that, can he? > 2018: Glad my district won the hunger games
: How he will build a wall {{champion:34}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:268}}
{{champion:38}} You won't keep me out.
Rioter Comments
: ^this I've been active on these boards (+forums) for a loooong time now, and I've seen (literally) tenthousands of threads about punishments....and there were plenty that were exclusively about sportmanship.
"Sportsmanship", that does not mean they were banned exclusively for saying "gg ez". There's very likely a correlation between people who say "gg ez" and people who act unsportsmanlike in a more general sense.
Roblox (EUW)
: ***
I recommend reading each item description fully when you have spare time (i.e. recalling or walking back to lane) and making sure you understand exactly how each item works and whether or not it synergizes with your champ. I'd also recommend champion.gg over Mobafire as a reference point, it gives you statistical information about which builds work best in general (that doesn't mean you have to copy it 100%, just use it to give you an idea).
Roblox (EUW)
: Just got my first S+
Just FYI, it's worth looking at the enemy's team comp and items before deciding what to buy. {{item:3035}} penetrates **bonus armor**, i.e. armor gained from runes, items, etc.. Nobody on the enemy team had a single armor item so getting Last Whisper in your case was completely pointless. Another Zeal or QSS or something would have benefited you more.
: Aatrox
The past few patches? More like the last couple of years.
Eambo (EUW)
: World's 2016: Zedd - Ignite
Warriors and Worlds Collide were both awesome, and set a high standard. Sadly, Ignite didn't come close to that standard for me. Honestly I like the beat at the start but the beat drop ruins it for me (e.g. at 0:23, 0:42). If it was less obnoxious I might have enjoyed it more.
Perilum (EUW)
: 1) It's your fault. Don't ask why. You're the problem. 2) If you don't hard carry the game, you're the worst Bronze 5 in LoL. 3) You're the ward guy. Nobody else does. 4) You've to gank every lane every 60s and win top/mid/bot at the same time. 5) Splitpush? Never heard of that. Stop stealing the farm! 6) Objectives? Why you didn't join the 5 min dance mid and lose a teamfight? 7) /mute all 8) http://i.memeful.com/media/post/BRkWGR2_700wa_0.gif 9) http://i.memeful.com/media/post/1d4B4kM_700w_0.jpg 10) https://www.unrankedsmurfs.com/images/upload/blog/2016/06/DynamicQueueAutoFill.JPG Sincerely Silver Jungle Main
Having jungled quite a few times on a silver smurf, I can 100% relate to this.
Kâyle (EUW)
: My account have been hacked and I asked LoL Player Support to help. They have suspended the account
What do you expect them to do? If they didn't require proof that it's your account, then anyone could ask for someone else's password to be changed to gain access to their account. I can understand not being bothered about the email until it's too late, but still it's your own fault in that regard.
ChodeyWOM (EUW)
: Supporting your adc like
> Supporting your adc **be** like FTFY now you can post it on NA M&G and rake in 100s of upvotes
thankarezos (EUNE)
: you can use a third party programm witch saves all your onwed skin in a web page
The point is you shouldn't NEED to use 3rd party software to do something this basic.
BenatPro9 (EUW)
: If you could "delete" any champion...
{{champion:157}} of course. Cool in theory, cancer in practice. Next would be {{champion:105}} or {{champion:67}} but they don't even come close.
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PPR Indi (EUW)
: Is Ranked match making "scripted"
No, it's just a coincidence but people love to overanalyse it and blame it on some system Riot cooked up to tilt solo players. Well dynamic queue does a good enough job of that already.
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: So if Riot wants you to have a 50% win chance
Fun fact: the average win rate across all games is 50%. 1 team wins, 1 team loses, that's just how it works.
: Since your unreworking kogmaw
Kog'Maw is getting reverted for a different reason, because he makes certain items a nightmare to balance e.g. Rageblade, which is weak/overpriced on pretty much any other champion but if it was buffed then Kog'Maw would instantly become OP unless he received direct nerfs to compensate.
: > There's nothing wrong with it Except that they are ruining the fun for all those bronze players who have to play a match they can't win.
Some (not most, but some) bronze players need a reality check TBH. I see them complaining on boards that they play every game perfectly and it's always their teams fault yadda yadda but if you watch them play against a smurf, the difference between a bronze player who thinks he deserves plat and an actual plat player smurfing in bronze becomes painfully clear. Aside from that, League isn't fair in general. Sometimes the enemy team is overall just much better than your team and you can't do much about it. It happens to me too, not just bronze players. I don't whine about it, I just think about whether or not I could have played better to make us win, and move onto the next game.
: ->spectates game -> exits spectate ->black lol screen only able to chat
That only ever happens to me when I manually spectate from op.gg.
Binnsey (EUW)
: Yasuo needs to be changed somehow
He has the worst design of any champion IMO (gameplay-wise). His whole kit is completely antifun and toxic regardless of whether it's OP or not. Whooo I'm just gonna press this button here (W) and your ultimate disappears. Whooo I'm gonna wait for Malphite while mashing R. You harassed me? I'm gonna run around for a few seconds and get another shield whoooo. You wanna hit me with that skill shot? Nope I'm just gonna spam E on this minion wave whoooo. As far as I care he should either be reworked, completely gutted, or just removed.
: te only issue with the honor system is that you can spam it, and literally earn everything without even doing anything.... aka what happened when the honor iniciative got introduced. "honor me! honor me!!! I did nothing to deserve the honor, but honor me please!" No matter what happens, no matter how great the system could be, it can be taken advantage off.
I personally never honor somebody if they ask for an honor first (well TBH nobody at my ELO including me uses honors anyway). But you could abuse it still by just playing with premades and honoring each other after game. Well that's fixable by disabling it for premades though I guess.
: Its normal to get them, you can be plat and still play with silvers, cause dynamic que. I am plat 3 and i experience more golds then plats in a lot of my games.
Yeah but this was 3 games in a row when before I was almost always the lowest ELO person in my games and in each of these recent games I was the highest ELO. That's too much to just call it coincidence.
Rismosch (EUW)
: As far as I know, mmr doesn't decay. It can only be affected by the games that you've won or lost.
That's why I'm confused. Literally the last ranked game that I played a month ago was only high plat/low diamonds, and then when I came back to ranked a couple days ago all of the games were mid/low plats. I didn't play any ranked inbetween or go on a loss streak or anything like that so it makes no sense to me.
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P0larBear (EUNE)
: "It's always junglers fault,gg."
Honestly I prefer it when my jungler just focuses on farming and securing drake objectives than trying to force awkward ganks. What I dislike more than a jungler who just farms without ganking is one who doesn't bother trying to get objectives.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Why you should play League during night.
Better to play during school hours then :)
: *closing door intensifies*
Type "*" to get * without making it auto format italics
: what is not going to happen? you are allowed to share more then 4 words.
It's implicit from your first comment > I guess the op wants instant perma bans.
: At the first time someone get caught feeding they get a 14 day ban. After that they get a perma ban. I guess the op wants instant perma bans.
I don't like intentional feeders much but I still wouldn't wish for someone who did it because they were tilted/having a bad day/whatever to lose everything on his/her account because of doing it a single time. If it's multiple offences that's obviously a different story, but instant permabans are a scary thing.
: Unfair LeaverBuster
Lol this has happened to my friend multiple times. He has some connection issues so sometimes he DCs at the start of the game, and his team remakes. I think there should still be a LeaverBuster penalty, but I think it should be more lenient if it was caused by remake since the player could have reconnected. Like 10 minutes instead of 20, and without accumulating harsher penalties after (other than counting as a loss in ranked).
LordAlaa (EUNE)
: Fiddlesticks E is too OP in ARAM
Lol if Rito had to balance for everything that's OP in ARAM they'd still be working on it at the next Olympics. The point of ARAM is it's supposed to be fun, not balanced/competitive.
Owyn (EUNE)
: \*pooping intensifies\*
*wiping buttocks intensifies*
: no you cant take objectives without smite. Jungler is different story. Guy in jungle without item cant gain exp like normal junglers do. When you reach lv 6 enemy jungler is lv 10. Without smite you cant do anything in jungle and it impacts game heavy. Feeder and troll mid can be overcomed but without jungle to take objectives you have like 0% chance to win. No barons no elders no drakes.
Yeah, funny you say that since I played a One For All game Monday. Me any my 2 friends picked Sona, one of the other two guys (they were premade as 2) was so salty about playing Sona they rage quit 5 minutes in, and the other one was also salty the whole game and pretty much did nothing but feed, so it was basically 3 v 5. Well the point is, we had no jungler while the enemies (Hecarim) did. They got the first 2 infernal drakes, but after a while we were able to group and fk em up, managed to kill their jungler and take the next infernal drake and then the earth drake after. Then we caught them doing baron later and managed to kill most of them, and take baron for ourselves with 3 people. After that we just ran it down mid and ended, they couldn't do shit cos we just healed each other to full HP. Now ok, I'll admit that might not be the best example since it was One For All (and I wouldn't be surprised if Sona is the most OP champ in that mode), but my point is we were down 1 (basically 2) members AND had no smite, yet we were able to get objectives and win. Just take out the enemy jungler first or start the objectives if you see them on the other side of the map.
: You wont win without smite. No way to take objectives, you cant buy jungler item so you have less xp and get far behind. YOu put team on disadvantage because of your mistake. Huge disadvantage. You wont win plat + game without jungler and smite. Lanes 2-1-2 doesnt work either because you are behind with gold and exp.
I have won a game in mid-plat with a Tahm Kench who was intentionally feeding and trolling us by eating us and spitting us out in towers/enemy team, basically a 4v6 whole game. If games like that can be won, you can be I won't give up just because I'm jungling without smite. I'm not saying it isn't a disadvantage, but disadvantage /= 100% lose. And I don't quit/ff ranked unless it's guaranteed loss.
: Key Fragments
YES this NEEDS to be a feature. Rito pls
It's just a low ELO thing. Doesn't happen as often in gold, hardly ever happens in plat, and never happens in diamond+. When you're playing and people on your team do this, just remember they're low silver/bronze for a **reason**. And lack of tactical knowledge is part of that.
Dreyrr (EUW)
: Queue times: give the less popular roles their IP bonus.
Relatively simple and "lazy" solution, but one that could be very effective in reducing queue times across roles. If they made it so that you got bonus IP based on the how much lower the pick-rate that role is compared to the average pick-rate of each role (within the last hour or so for your MMR) then it should roughly balance out the pick rates of roles, and also encourage people to learn roles they never play. I don't think it should be included in ranked queues though, as people should be playing roles they're comfortable with there. Even with just implementing it in normals though, it could have a knock-on effect by making more people play support, and then more people will put support as primary/secondary in ranked after warming up to the role in normals. I think that could be a good thing.
: I'm not talking about a Overall ratio, i'm saying "70-80% of your games in which you are complaining about teammates are carriable" meaing about 70-80% of from scratch on Bad looking games. However a overall winratio of 95% still seems to be hardly possible.
Ah I've got it now. At first I thought you were referring to OP's games in which he dropped from Silver to Bronze 5 and thought that practically all of those would have been carriable.
: Yes dude , i make mistakes , im not a pro lcs jungler. If i don't gank it;s bcs i can't .
No, you CAN gank. You just need to realise how through observation and practice, but that won't happen until you stop obsessing over your teammates' mistakes and instead focus on improving your own gameplay.
: No, 70-80% is assuming you are damn good at this game, 95% is to much I think. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
In low bronze it's not a stretch that a challenger could win 95% or even higher % of the game, depending on his main roles and champions and how good they are for solo carrying. That said, there are those special games even Faker wouldn't be able to carry.
: Please tell me the logic behind still being able to receive messages after deleting a person just because they still have the chat window open.
Read my above comment. Like I said, removing them alone doesn't make clear that you don't want to be able to receive messages from them when there could be other reasons (like having a full friends list) Tell me, why should it automatically stop you receiving messages from them when there's already a perfectly good way to do that which requires literally just two more clicks?
: You shouldn't have to block someone. If you delete someone it should be enough to stop receiving messages, which is not working right now.
This has never been a thing, and I don't see why it should be. Removing someone from your friends list alone doesn't specify that your intentions are to completely cut off communication with said person. That's why there's an additional step (blocking) in order to clarify your desire to cut off communication.
: People still being able to send you messages after deleting them
There's this super duper secret special method that Rito doesn't want anyone to know about that solves this problem. It's called blocking them.
: biatch pls. Junk players that go jungle without smite are not BAD GAMES. They refuse to leave the game so rest of team wont suffer from LP loss and team cant do remake. Game without jungler is lost game from the start. IF they screw up they should take responsibility and LEAVE the ranked game so others wont loose LP because of their mistake. I dont care if this person get suspended but i dont deserve to waste 20 mins and 20 hard earned LP because of this.
Tell me if I was jungling and forgot smite (and no this has never happened to me specifically, just using myself as an example), what reason would I have to want to leave? I still want to try and win regardless of disadvantages that forgetting smite would bring, so if you want to remake that badly you can jolly well quit yourself.
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