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: Nuevos ping/timers en el chat no me funcionan (ALT+click)
That's weird ... Have you tried shift + click on an ability or an objectif timer ? Both (with alt+clik) work perfectly well for me ! By the way you are on the english Boards, the spanish Foros :
: Sustain on champions help pls
If you consider percentage the sustain is the same = 10% max hp! But if you consider the number of HP the ability gives back : 10%*8000 = 800 and 10%*800 = 80. In a way the sustain is the same ... I mean if the guy with 800 hp had 8000 hp he would get the same amount back ... > does the 8000 hp champion have more sustain because he has more health meaning a bigger heal Obviously he'll get a bigger heal^^
: How to report an account being boosted?
Yeah indeed it looks weird ... it seems that guy performed EXTREMLY well in his last games ... Here is a link about the MMR boosting dectection Riot has and the punishment you can get if you use such services : You can report that guy at the end of the game : cheating with comment "eloboosting suspicion". You can also directly send a ticket to the support.
: ks?
Well as a support you should try to let kills to your adc (especially when getting gold doesn't do much for your champ) .. Now if you know, for instance, that the ennemy has both summs and could escape if you don't kill him quickly, don't hesitate to take the kill for you. Anyway KS = Kill Secure not Kill Steal : it's still an assist for your mate .. not that bad, isn't it ? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: What do I have to do?
Sad game nothing to do about it, just report that troll and if he keeps showing negative behaviour he'll be punished ... It's the same story when you are getting a disco nunu in your team^^ Just breath, remember in and out xD ! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}


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