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: I just found out that i have cancer.
Cancer is the darkness which your light WILL ELIMINATE! You have the entire community on your side OP <3 We love you! And we believe in you 100% that you WILL overcome!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Xiyador (EUW)
: I need some advice
You do have a point, mindset makes or breaks your gameplay. I guess ill chill off league for a few days and flush it all out of my system and start anew :P Thanks guys
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: Quitters and "disconnecters" should be dealt with differently!!!
You do have a point, sometimes you are unable to reconnect due to internet problems, and you get the same punishment as someone who actually meant to afk. I believe that is seriously unfair. Its like someone that went to jail for rape gets the same penalty as someone who went to jail for like, petty theft. This should srsly be dealt with. pls rito
Roekjaer (EUW)
: All Random Ultra Rapid Fire and what we missed
Someone at Riot must have been tripping balls on shrooms when they thought of ARUrf. Its just a big cluster%%%% of bullshit and stompfests. No matter how many people go out on a limb to point out how %%%%%%ed and overly frustrating ARUrf is, and how we just want regular urf with our own picks and bans RIOT DOESNT GIVE A SHIT. I cant remember the last time riot has listened ONCE to what their players want...
Hresvelg (EUW)
: ***
I agree with what you said, about when you FINALLY get lucky and get ur favorite champ, you're against a team of 5 spiky dildos that forgot the lube. You're against vlad veigar yi brand and zilean making sure no one gets buried 6 feet under. Riot are such asshats for turning URF into this... thing
: I'm really enjoying URF this year...
I was so excited for urf this year, from all the youtubers that access the PBE, i was rly hyped. then on my 4th or 5th game or so I already wanted to break my monitor but im broke as shit to buy a new one. Riot %%%%ed us. EVERYONE, over. I understand urf is supposed to be OP and just one big adrenaline rush, but ARUrf is just... just.. BULLSHIT! Like it isnt even fair anymore legit, the only word that comes to my mind is bullshit. I cant play my favorite %%%%ing champs and abuse their spammable abilities and 0 mana costs, without getting %%%%ing stomped on. Its just a big fat stompfest depending on which team has the better comp. ARUrf was just never in my favor. IF riot is about to wet their %%%%ing panties to release ARUrf, at least let us ban certain champs cuz, this is unbelievably ridiculous. A gamemode all about fun has given me everything BUT fun. Its so %%%%ing frustrating like I just cant put it into words how utterly bullshit and %%%%%%ed it is (excuse my profanity im just rly pissed). Riot ruined the best gamemode in league for me. Why would they ever listen to the players? NOO! its not like we're the reason they can go home and put food on the table, why should they listen to us? %%%% ARUrf
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: Adding some ggod stuff to league of legends
+1 would definetly love to see this implemented!!
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Oxorius (EUW)
Yo, this was actually pretty damn good. Sounded awesome! I play the piano, and I like to sometimes see if I can pick up songs from videogames and stuff, and this really motivated me to do so more often, so thanks! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: You should have warded your office so you don't get ganked by your boss like that. Typical bronze.
you deserve a fucking nobel meme prize and an award for "Outstanding TopKekness"
: Anyone else just have a 7k+ ping spike?
riot better give us rp for dis
: euw lag or ddos?
same i just won a game cuz there were only 2 peeps on the nemy team and it wasnt loss prevented we still won but pretty unfair tbh
: im guessing your preference is top lane ? under that assumption maybe try fiora ? renekton i auctually dont know the prices they are i own almost every champion in the game hmm however i can say wukong is very fun to play simple so dont overplay him but hes fun i especially like his voice its got a cocky sort of vibe to it yasuo regardless of what people say i personally hate him but hes super fun if you like high action (and when i say hate only laning against him) i do enjoy playing him while im not crazy good but i picked him up after one for all ended getting put into yasuo games a few times another one i think hes 4800 tho have you tried jarvan? hes quite alot of fun you can make all sorts of weird plays with his EQ and some people underestimate his damage quite alot hes probably a better jungler tho
yeah, I do main top, jgl and supp, so you assumed correct :p I already own fiora, and i dont really like renek that much, but I will pick up wukong and j4. What you mean by not overplaying wukong, is to not play him too much so I dont get bored of him too quickly? Also, any recommended build paths/ item builds for j4 jgl? Thanks bro
Viavarian (EUW)
: It's better not to buy champions you haven't already tried during free week. You'll often regret it even if you previously thought you'd like the champion. Of course, Graves is a strong and very versatile pick right now, so it doesn't hurt to have him.
really? I never thought of that. thanks for that tip!
MonstaX (EUNE)
: Neither graves nor wukong cost 6.300 :P.Also you should choose according to what you main i guess
thats my problem. im confused on what to pick for my main roles xD i main top jgl and supp, but want to get into mid slightly
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Emillie (EUW)
: If there was no cdr cap, who would be the most op champion?
riven, riven, riven, riven, riven, riven, and riven. Did I also mention riven? Honorable Mentions: Malphite (knockup pls) Fizz (explains itself) Soraka (infinite global heals) Orianna (Her ult would wreck face in teamfights) and maybe yasuo?
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: If you don't like to play a random champion
I love aram because it gives me the chance to do batshit insane things that I would never even dare to do in a normal summoner's rift game. The possibilities are pretty much endless!
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: Champions that REALLY need a visual update
I thought I was the only one who noticed pantheon's feet.. look at gragas' and nunu's xD
: Depends, if radiation leaking, or the oxygen generator is down, then the vault is gonna open VERY soon. If all goes well, around 2223
Im guessing this is some sort of Fallout reference
Hansiman (EUNE)
: That type of skin will probably not appear until the next Harrowing event. =/
damn :c Oh well, cant do anything bout it now. Thanks for the quick reply
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Xiyador (EUW)
: Recording Softwares for League
bump. would really like some help
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Noobj3 (EUW)
: What to do with millions of IP
*looks at post* *sees math* OHHHH HELLL NAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Im finding almost no differences that everyone is complaining about my mid kassadin is actually a bit stronger with the changed roa adcs are now way more rewarding to play though still not op. My only problem with this patch is I can't play mundo/ww/aatrox even xin to some extent.
go ahead and play xin. Got facestomped by him. 2 pentas in one game. fucking hell
: {{champion:86}} "where's the next enemy?" {{champion:24}} "Now you know why i have got six eyes!" {{champion:55}} "Your game is at knife's edge now" {{champion:103}} "i am so charmed by your absence" {{champion:34}} "whatever came first - the chicken or the egg - the bird stands last" {{champion:32}} "Alone again, this is so sad" {{champion:51}} "miller time, guys" {{champion:75}} "who, who who who whooo let the dogs out?" {{champion:161}} "Analysis completed"
Those quotes are amazing. Plus, they should make it global so that even the enemy team would hear it. All of them. The game will force us to BM xD
Four Star (EUW)
: Where are you guys at in life?
Makså (EUW)
: Orianna skin [Suggestion]
updoot mr. skeltal orianna thank mr. skeltal
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Muzét,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QEi1dnEl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-01T09:22:16.691+0000) > > I still don't understand why you are mad about him. > Because of his Q damage ? Man it's so obvious when he's got the 3rd on ready, his mace glows red just go b 3 seconds and it's gone. I have to concur. Calling Mordekaiser "Broken" is a gross misstatement in my opinion. His Q is definitely too strong, but it's the only thing he's got going for him. His E damage sucks, his W is useless unless he's in a duo lane, his ult doesn't do a huge amount of damage due to how you build him now (sticky). His Dragon could maybe also use a tweak, but overall he's not "broken". His Q, while the third hit is super strong, is more difficult to hit than you think. You have a 2-3 second window to hit the next Q - so you need to stack twice then hit the third. Given that he has sucky mobility and no CC, any smart champion can dance around him until his Q is down - and now he's useless again. He needs rebalanced overall in my opinion. His W should be usable on minions again (maybe with reduced effect), his E damage should be buffed, and his Q nerfed in return. A champion who is entirely reliant on one skill for 90% of their damage, I feel, makes me a little sad :-P
Actually, I was playing with my friend, and he was playing vayne. So, in a teamfight, the morde got a ghost of my friend (who is a vayne main. yes, go kick him in the nuts if you want to) and legit, the morde got a quadra just by STANDING THERE, and the vayne ghost got all the kills. Fucks sake.
: Gentleman Thresh (skinidea)
Bolshack (EUNE)
: Greetings Summoner, > Please start with the [Patching Issues]( guide > You can also try the Launcher Troubleshooting guide If this doesn't help let me know. Best Regards, ~iAllan
This helped a lot actually :D I just started the game as administrator and it opened up good. Thanks to you and @xCillion
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. Just to clarify, does it look similar to [this](
Yes, It looks exactly like that.
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icespirit12 (EUNE)
: Pink/Vision ward - Add Timer!
One time me and my friend were premade and the pink ward at dragon pit sat there for the whole team. I guess they arent cheap enough for 30 gold. *ezmoneyboiz*
Jabbabax (EUNE)
: The stupidest weapon choices that champions in LoL have chosen.
the only one I had always thought about is when im against a skilled tf player, and I rage by going WHAT THE FUCK, THOSE ARE JUST CARDS. HOW DO THEY DEAL DAMAGE? then I went into a custom and oneshot (literally ONE. AUTOATTACK) with a red card and e at full stacks. Goddamn he does damage. I had around 700 ap btw
: New Item Concept: Gold Pouch & Treasure Chest
I feel like this is a minigame in itself xD
: (Skin Concept) Debonair Jinx
+1 would love to see this :D {{champion:222}}
Coxis (EUNE)
: Let the grinding begin!
FoTonS (EUW)
: IP Party Weekend ARMY !!!
: If there was One item you would delete, which would it be !
I would remove {{item:3285}} older brother oh wait.... rip dfg 2069-20420
: Can we have some skins for the forgotten champions?
{{champion:44}} Gems, Gems are truly outdated
Coxis (EUNE)
: Well, I think that is actually Garen's ulti... >.< My screen seems to crack when he ults me.
that was my mind's reaction when I realized if you were the most fed person on the enemy team, he would do TRUE DAMAGE to you... I've had enough bs with true damage because of darius and cho gath, now we have garen..... jeezus chraist
: looking for a wife in bronze
*plays music in the background* I CAN BEEE YOUR HEEERO BAAAYBEH!
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