JustClone (EUNE)
: It is not just one game, most of them are like that. Even the Swain you flame in your post... You die too much, and often you do not do enough damage, to justify the resources you take from your team. And this is your main role as ADC. (to provide consistent damage..) At the same time, the guys you flame (your supports), are doing more, while costing nothing to your team, and bringing a lot of utility. You need to focus on yourself, not on banning your support champions. Or you will never improve. Good luck.
you make me laugh so hard :D ! Dude you won't teach me how to play adc ! But when i see i'm losing the lane i stop tryhard so that why u see bad stats there !
JustClone (EUNE)
: > the problem is i'm a good adc No. > but it all time depends on how is the support doing No. **All it takes is a look at your history, where we find games as:** Ashe 120 cs for 21 minutes game, 3k damage on champions. (this is usually report worthy for trolling in high elo) In same game, Silver 1 Soraka with 4cs and utility build doing more damage than you... Your competence is mediocre to say at best... And as long as you flame your supports for your own mistakes, there will be no room for improvements.
you know how to make a comparison or not ? you went for 1 game ? hahaha better that i don't talk more ! go more down and check other games !
: You know Riot never created idea of tank/fighter top, mage/assassin mid and marksman/support bot and even jungler wasn't a role to begin with. Monsters in jungle were a bonus you could take in free time. It's just what players figured out will be most effective in meta.
if you main adc you know the feeling ! i agree that they are good champions so op yea ! but for me as adc i need a support who cover me not a champion who deal dmg and left me alone :D
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: But Swain and Pantheon support were meta for short time even in challenger. If played correctly, anything can work anywhere. Check pros and Tristana/Lucian top/mid. In solo queue Vayne for a long time is considered a proper top laner. Limiting players with what they can play will also limit their possibilities in fixing the team weak spots. If team has no AP, and I can play only Veigar from ap champions, why not pick him top? In team fights the AP will make a difference. If the team has no hard cc, and one plays as support and his only hard cc champion is Pantheon, why not pick him and fix the team weakness? Even if it is not the best possible pick for that lane.
but they don't main it ! they don't know how to play them even plus that they start it in ranked ! i'm okey with meta in normals yea play even yorik support but in ranked no !
Uraraka (EUNE)
: I played {{champion:143}} initially and then played {{champion:518}} supp even when she was weak, just because of her E. They can catch opponents even if they stand behind minions and I see {{champion:50}} in similar lights. He can catch multiple opponents as well as when they're behind minions and with his passive he can keep on trading while it is difficult to trade back as often. After level 6 it sometimes feels like it is hard to fight him and Idk why you are saying he is useless when he is 2nd in winrate for silver supports this patch. {{champion:45}} is similar with his E and glacial build is actually one of the most annoying thing because items are cheaper than full ap build and he makes up for the missing ap through his passive. Lastly {{champion:80}} point and click stun then E means he can engage and retreat with lesser damage, which will be good trades. It isn't better if roles are forced onto champions; there are always meta picks for each role and off-meta picks and even in the highest level of game champions have been played at various roles. Even an off-meta pick can work very well if opponents don't know how to play against it, so just keep grinding and gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
that happen when you main the champion not when a beautiful player who start playing first time swain as support :D in ranked :D
JustClone (EUNE)
: Meanwhile outside of Iron 4... The whole league is complaining that Shaco is ruining games with 55% win rate as support. Skill decides, son. Everything can work, if you know how to apply it.
the problem is i'm a good adc ! but it all time depends on how is the support doing so it can make a big difference in bot lane !
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