: Trolls...
Your elo has alot to do with it, so many people have 2 accounts and keep one in mid-low silver for just fun in ranked and playing troll picks etc w/o having to care about the account... the games not going their way and they wont care its a derp account for fun. Playing a full support in that elo is a recipe for tilting you need to play brand/thresh/blitz/morg and carry your adc even if they are garbage
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: i wanna be better
/mute all, turn off nameplates, turn off emotes for all players. If somebody is spam pinging or pinging bad calls mute their pings. Play the game for fun and don't take losses personally and treat missplays as a learning opportunity, maybe trading vs the enemy laner without warding was a bad decision, next time make sure you have good positioning and warding when you try trade, maybe just trade and go for all ins when you see their jungler ganking another lane etc etc You will pick up a lot of tactics and awareness if instead when things go wrong you look for somebody to blame you accept you screwed up or could off done better by doing <insert tactic/play>differently
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: em what, i was tired a 5v5 system is not apparent sure one can invite friends but what about %V% not 5v5 random people vs in a team So i suggested a Clan League and clan vs clan giving to minor poeple in bronze and silver a reason to celebrate jeeze ....Um what
On a scale of 1-10 how high are you?
: They usually make Victorious skin for champs that were really played a lot during the season... I dont think graves was that relevant... (I mean, i hope its not for graves ._. I dont play him ;_;)
Graves had a very high pick ban at the start of S7 I think, seasons are so long that champions who were op at the start of the season have vanished from pro play by the time they chose the victorious skin..
Jhonny5 (EUW)
: ok smartz
um what?
: So.... After much frustration and determination......
Grats man, don't focus too much on improvement just have fun and the improvements will happen :)
: Being "stuck" no matter how good you are! (- NOT ME -)
Idk man I think its more about attitude and how you act, like I just climbed from S2 to G5 the past week playing majority as Nunu support for fun. Only thing was when I wasn't playing to win I played much better and enjoyed it more and raged less.. I improved my warding so much because I just wanted to Ult people walking into brushes without vision(Nunu ult can 90% an anybody except tanks if you rush Ardent censor and have ap quints at lvl 6) think Im like 10-3 as Nunu support atm haha
: I struggle to carry with Talon, what do i do wrong?
I think you should try rush mobi boots after your first serrated dirk and start roaming all lanes/jungle after you push the wave with your W, your aim should be to make either their adc or jungle tilt as much as possible. Preferable their adc because in silver everybody plays the blame game so their adc will die to your roams, he will blame his midlaner and jungler for not ganking/following and tilt them aswell. So basically you have to make them think they have lost the game before its over and make them turn on eachother. Pretty fun champ.


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