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fkingdon (EUW)
: Why aren't the headhunter rengar chromas available for blue essence?
the next ip chroma shopping is near . so just wait a bit . if im not wrong . i think its after half year they release. it come ina BE shopping.
: No, I'm implying that I have a near 70% win-rate in diamond playing only jungle, and a Silver 3 player comes to educate me about jungler routes.
otp player. talking about winrate. just need to ban 1 champ of your poll and you become a hardstuck platinum . and yes youre being educated by a silver . elo means nothing when youre a 5 division afraid of getting demoted.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Do not push, lasthit, make the weave push to you, and this, you eill be relatively safe, and get cs. They will be voulnerable bc of space and vision, and probably lose cs. It is a win-win for you. Also you outlevel them.
win-win getting dove. solo xD
: It's not about luck buddy, it's about the fact that you have 0 purchased control wards in the last 20 matches on top-lane. It's pretty easy and convenient to blame the jungler isn't it? Lemme tell you a little secret, if you're under your tower, enemy can't dive you early game. If you're perma pushing and have not even the slightest idea about lane management and freezing, your jungler has _**no chance**_ to gank you, but you become a **_free meal _**for the enemy jungler. Also, you rarely pass 4CS/min, even in games that you win. So my suggestion is instead the 10minutes that it took you to compose and write this post, type in google or YT "how to top" or "garen top guide" and pay some attention. Cheers !
> If you're perma pushing and have not even the slightest idea about lane management and freezing, your jungler has no chance to gank you always same quote. dont you get tired of it ? there are ton of ways to dive . to roam . to gank . and youre implying that only by wave management jungler are able to gank . there are tons of jungler . and there are tons of rotes to gank . if you only see 1 way through river. is up to you to google or YT "how to gank s8"
: What to do when the oposite hgj always comes to top lane and u face 2 most of the time? :(
first of all . never expect your jungler to be usefull . you have always to expect the worst from your jungle , but thats no reason to flame , or blame him . if you got ganked is your solo fault . and you can correct that. if the enemy jungler is active top-side . you should care more . buying some pinks . getting controls of jump plants. vision plants. placing wards along the enemy jungle to track him while hes farming . do not shove too much . its commom to junglers only gank when you get pushed undertower. (why that happens idk) toplane is currently a 2v1 lane . where most junglers dont know how to help . so its up to you give objective calls . ask your jungle to counter objective . by doing drakes . invading ,ganking other lanes. if none of this help you . start playing with premade jungler . or change your role in game .
Etherim (EUW)
: Beekeeper Thresh
bug catcher would seem better...
: League will die soon because of toxicity and Riot does nothing about it
Hydnoras (EUW)
: True but that is just a keybinding thing. Changing the size of the minimap larger than it is allowed in the in-game options might not be. It gives a competitive advantage that riot might not approve of. I sent a support ticket to riot and i'm waiting for an answer that will confirm their stand on this subject. I can tell you the answer here when i get the answer from riot.
they'll prob asnwer like do it at your own cost , cause every change in the files might lead to a ban . but itsnt gamechanging, indeed.
: im done
people dont know how to react to a good critic . everything is flame or blame its really a pity to have such games , but if you give up on that . league will die someday , maybe the time has come . and riot didnt realise that , yet. go play some fortnite , take a break from league ,
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
might had some misunderstood, im not saying for the toxic players in the middle of the game , i mute everysingle possible troublemaker. the point was for the toxic players while picking/banning
: Are you using the Discord Overlay? I had this on, which almost made it impossible for me to play as I got severe input lag and I almost couldn't move either. Kind regards
i thought they had it fix already;
Zydrax (EUW)
: Invisible MS Lag
my ping never ocillates so , im wont complain about it , but the freeze happen a couple of times
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
but not randomly , if a words trigger the system , it would suggest the votation , or smt like put in certain conditions like , it might work. -the chat block is only for that current game -in case of someone dodging, require another votation , but these 2 players now they can flag the player, (visual flag only for the player something like the actual block ) -if the person triggers the system twice in a row , would chatblock for the current game + the next game , as the stacking chatblock , if it reachs idk 10~20 games , the honor system would give no reward , just locking it till the end of the reform period i personally think that stacking chatblock system would work pretty nice , testing something like this in a reasonable amount of games , (for test only ) just to gather some info . just to see how the players would react to it , if they would abuse it or not , even if it dont work , would still give some good info that could be used in a next system. i know people always find ways to misuse the good ideas. but someone has to give it a try , its hard to come with a flawless system at first. but if riots ask help from players + the work of the staff. would be pretty fast to make it almost perfect even if the idea doesnt sound that great.
: Anti-Troll system for solo/duo q
i just wanted that flamers get chatban by majority vote. cause its freaking common ppl start flaming in picks phase
: [Client] "Lock in" grayed out, thrown out of ranked match!
that happens alot. i lost aorund 40lp coz of that
: Receiving inactivity notification while playing rankeds
if youre above platinum you have a limit of days that you can pass without playing rank . or youll get deranked. simple as that
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: or replays don't load
isnt a riot feature idk why youre making this topic in boards .
HardBl3nd (EUW)
: Can i join a club ?
no. sry only BR allowed
: What in Yasuo's kit makes a Yasuo player start being toxic
from Y to O . its toxic . starting from his passive ending by his ultimate . joking aside. yasuo is a champion that doesnt have a match-up like status towards enemy champion . its only based if enemy is good enough to kill yasuo , or if yasuo is bad enough to kill himself. so everyone is a bit frustated with both experiences.
: Not needed. Just make it a "get an S/S+ in 3 consecutive games" or something like that. Or add some additional challenges tied to masteries. Getting an S/S+ now and then happens to everyone - that said, I dont really think the current system reflects the term "mastery" accurately anyway.
prob would be s+ only. since S/S+ is tied with M7. some unique feature like have at least 50% skins of that champion or associated with mastery points 100K+ mastery points.
: If any player who feed a game should be branded an intentional feeder and troll and permabanned, then LoL would have been dead after two months into S1, maybe less. A bit like, you know, the Overwatch blacklist feature, that was removed almost immediatly because it was for all intents and purposes allowing the players to kill the game by themselves.
perhaps did you see the game score ? they died like 11~13 times and enemy had like 15~16kills . so 90% of those kills was from the same player...
Mada (EUW)
: Depends on what you define as trolling. For example, if someone posts on boards and does stuff like do you met trolls ? lag . durgs/alchol game . , how game . I get really pissed off. Why post anything if it's obviously not worth the time to format or spell check it?
i dont really care about my spelling , since im not native english . so get used to it
: "Skill Culture"
thats too much mimimi, for me if you do care about what others say . youll always be inside that box. there are tons of monoheros . be one.
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TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: i didn't flame it , i just said idc cause i was counter enemy pick too on bot but i beated enemy ... , so i don't think that i am toxic for that while urgot were such feeded that just land in lossing game no mather of my armor pen and feed and items /score
i did reply to him , so its not about your attitude but his .
: Support request bug
once i had same issue but i was logged with pbe account . on pbe board . and here it bugged. might be your case.
Xeald86 (EUNE)
: Shite kudasai=please, or something like that. And yeah you can try to use some translate-stuff like google, you know?)
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: I wonder if this is ban able
yah they trolled your game . but thats riot has not way to detect all trollers. maybe they have a way to track them . but it would mean not a 100% accuracy , and would end up punishing 25 % innocent players(prob more) that might had bad games . so thats not easy bannable . if it only happen'd once or twice . but your report will mark that player and if he stood trolling he will soon get banned.
Rondö (EUW)
: You are the only one who get banned soon Trust me. You better start work on your attitude right now {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
idk why youre being toxic but youre the one who will get punished faster . if you dont change your attitude . perhaps are you a troller ? its a post about trollers and youre protecting them riot should mark these protectors . and track them . to verify if its a real troller or not .
: probably most mains {{champion:55}} would like the old katarina come back
probably. is not a number. kat is in a good spot . has counterplay and still broken . if you dont have enough fingers to play it continue crying.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: If you se a teamfight as old kat, you qre here to clean up with burst and resets. It is like following a line. It was quite instant. Current is delayed. Countering instant can be used or abused simply, simple to balance, and punishing. No luck involved. Flowcharts are simplier to balance than trees.
youre talking about luck while playing a champion , with RESET CD ON ALL skills . gg nice argument. if you have no mechanical knowledge of the champion , just dont play it . next .
: I agree. I want to see old Katarina too! She looks now like a mage, not like a assasin.
watch flyerbek and say it again . is all about mechanical knowledge.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: "no counterplay" You mean release {{champion:142}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:516}} ? Old Kata was a mathematical proplem. Was predictable. Is like Akali.
predictable that youll get a R on your forehead , and die in less than 0,1 S {{champion:7}} W-Q-RQ = kill {{champion:55}} E-W-R= kill {{champion:107}} RW-Q = kill who else have counterplay ?
: Ummm I won and i still lost lp
leaver dont win LP . next
now everyone want to revert . wp riot . bringing the '' no counter-play '' to the game
: [PERMABAN] Just another unjust permban thread
Hydnoras (EUW)
: The level up capsules do not need a buff. You still get more BE than before you are guaranteed at least 810 BE worth of stuff from it. Hextech chests have a limited amount for free and after that you have to pay to get more of them. Previously you could get like an annie shard worth of 90 BE from it and that's that. At least now they gave it a minimum amount as well. Level up capsules still give you more BE than IP with the old system. This is all assuming you meant level up capsules and not honor capsules.
so for you is okay to level up 7 times to get a champion ? (6300BE) each level 1kBE(average) each level you level up , youre okay receiving at least 810BE , that you cant buy literally nothing with it . taking up to 9 levels to buy a 6300BE champion. cause leveling is the only way to win BE, now that you win games doesnt grant you BE. both ''new'' and old system need some adjust in it . if they really wanted to make everyone happy . they would bring back the BE when you win .
Smerk (EUW)
: honor capsules or level up capsules? Those are two very different things
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: > [{quoted}](name=Xr1pper,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=RapBr74Z,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-16T01:16:39.860+0000) > What should happen : when Braum uses his Winter's Bite or Basic AA, it breaks Voild shift , but not applying Concussive Blows. You do realize that his passive isn't CC without 4 stacks? It's like saying that a sejuani passive should be blocked, or any 3 hit passive. Basically im saying.. it would be really bad
Frost is the debuff's name for sejuani , braum's hasnt a specific debuff im not sure if the slow still apply from braum's passive . but since zoe's debuff is now qqs'able before the sleep procs. every debuff should be alike
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Umm... Malzahar can't even have his passive up at the point where braum's passive procs. If you mean the stacks, the stacks are not crowd control.
Zoe's sleepy trouble bubble is now removable before sleepy status, Braum's concussive blows , is debuff like . so it should work the same way . thats what i think .
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NocaNoha (EUNE)
: ARAM - Dodging/Champion pool
> If you dodge: - Penalty time 30 minutes [Was it 15 minutes at the moment?] - You lose 1 roll - You can not swap champions next game - Rolls fill up slower [or not at all] for the next 3 games [I guess that's enough] thats way to much strict for a fun game mode , people dont really play that serious. 1. aram never last more than 30min . so thats a abusive penalty. 2. rolls does take more than 1 game to fill it , so it is bit abusive too 3. nothing against that. 4. yah thats enough . > Also, why the hell are not all champions unlocked? 1. same reason as other queues. >What better could be than to have all of the champions unlocked and then you get a random one.. Might be just the one you wanted to try out? Could be epic! 1. there quite a lot ''monoheroes'' in aram . it would increase queue time. cause monoheros would stop playing it and cause of champions with lower pick rate. instead of that ''yasuo'' aka common picks.
Escalan (EUW)
: Ban
its only a 14day ban . they gave a 2nd chance to keep that account . but if you got a ban . you must have some historic aside that . improve your behavior .dont ever say that ''k** '' not even joking , again.
: LP Problem
prob your game was a loss prevented case. where the ''winners '' get lp halved
: bronze and silver aim for gold, gold is a limbo between being hated and loved by the community. bronze is just straight up hate.
not everybody aim to gold . i've met uncountable silvers and bronze HARDSTUCKS that claim to be happier in bronze . cause there they can troll how much they want . and they call'' higher elos '' new challenger'' to mock them cause they do troll and DONT CARE about the upcome win or lose . they prefer to have fun by trolling some people . and with this new team-like meta it only tends to increas the number cause they dont group, neglect help . and enjoy mocking teammate by forcing them to lose.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xr1pper,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9kjZvnk2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-15T22:24:49.524+0000) > > i once saw cowsep SS'ing and posting on support league instagram. > > but what i usually do is use the feedback system . > then i send a request with SS What do you mean by Request with SS?
ig you have a ScreenShot in game , it can be sent to riot by a request in the support request
you think that only happens to bronze . but everybody show off their elo , e.g platinum says gold are trash, and here it goes from one to another . thats not about being lower elo .the opposite happen too i saw once some bronzes talking '' like gold is the new challenger '' league isnt about elo league is about being toxic. every tier has their perspective of being 'good'. #reform league
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