ryandub (EUW)
: All Abilities Disabled Mid Game
HavickPT (EUW)
: its just me or reports do nothing?
Reports are worth the effort, although they may not give immediate results
: I checked your so called match history and you insta lock syndra with smite almost every other game? when you already have a jungler not to mention you take predator on literally everything..yeah not the best defense for not being an idiot chief
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: But in your original post you said this: ''Can I make sexual advances towards other players?'' Which is not ok that's all
Im not looking for sex... Just a special someone
: stop saying probably just tell us who you are and why do you feel the need to troll the boards in a daily basis
Thanks man, i appreciate it! {{summoner:31}}
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Yes really but okay
: Opinion from a Riot fanboy about the game
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: But in your original post you said this: ''Can I make sexual advances towards other players?'' Which is not ok that's all
Ive already explained my reasoning behind using league
Spearki (EUW)
: i dont i'm in to cute things but my preference has nothing to do with someone being ugly just bc they not my preference doesn't make them ugly
Looking like a granny isnt attractive
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: That's not really how it works Again, that's an opinion too
Μaeve (EUW)
: Reporting trolls in champ select
RazerX (EUW)
: RIOT already decided to change her.
those assholes...
Bibs (EUW)
: Consistent crashing
: You didn't looked at my mach history and you think i'm just braindead and feeding ? I'm not doing that. I'm almost never behind enemy team. I make other people behind. In fact that idiot some times win game for them(Wins give more exp.) I made Hecarim in my last game so behind he had 2 items and boots with lvl 14 and 45 cs at 42 min mark. While myself i got an ace. You don't need to be person that is weakest in team and need to be carry. That is a chellenge. You can make somebody be that person. That is worst than just giving somebody few kills. This is what drive my targets into madnees. It's helplessness.
Rymundos (EUW)
: Champ Select
Same, its piss
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: But in your original post you said this: ''Can I make sexual advances towards other players?'' Which is not ok that's all
They should tell me before i go too far
: stop saying probably just tell us who you are and why do you feel the need to troll the boards in a daily basis
But you liked my ahri fanfic!
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: **_O P I N I O N S_**
Some opinions are better than others
Spearki (EUW)
: yeah she looks better what about it? something wrong with actually looking human?
Holy shit, you must like grannies
: stop saying probably just tell us who you are and why do you feel the need to troll the boards in a daily basis
I dont see it as trolling, trolling would be directly annoying other users for a reaction
: Sorry but if you dont get 10 dic pics per day at least and arent harrassed by these %%%%s then you dont know anything
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: But in your original post you said this: ''Can I make sexual advances towards other players?'' Which is not ok that's all
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: But being gay has nothing to do with this????? And it's not a fact that most of them are ugly It's your **OPINION** I don't find Tyler1 attractive at all Opinions
If you dont find tyler1 attractive, then all esports players MUST be ugly. Honestly tho, he's got the perfect amount of muscle
: is it the night time now when you feel like a girl again?
Infernape (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=XxCoolGamerGalxX,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=k7g0g6cr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-28T22:08:35.898+0000) > > Only shít you sound privileged. > > 80-200 ping isnt bad... It is when you're used to something like 15-18. If I suddenly had 80+ ping for a game, it would be nigh on unplayable.
15-18, holy shit, how the fuçk?
: That's not how this game works tho. The jungle is designed to be harsh in the early lvls. Taking away the first buff would mean the jungler will have an extremely hard time clearing his jungle, unless he's someone like Fiddlesticks. There is a reason why junglers need leashes on their first buff. The reason of "I want it because I'm better than you" only works up until you're not better than them. It also is a shite reason to ruin someone else's whole game. As an example, you might be better than gold players, but diamond players would stomp you (Not sure if true, just an example). So your reasoning makes 0 sense.
I want the buff because my jng is bad. Since theyre bad they wont be useful to the team, rather they'll just afk farm and feed. So I should have the buff
: > [{quoted}](name=XxCoolGamerGalxX,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1uw9FeET,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-04-28T20:25:31.054+0000) > > Bad Then give better idea :? please
I dont need to give a better idea, your idea is just bad.
: uh it's possible but I rather not think about it the first ever coolgal post I've seen was insulting the other dude so did he make that post to throw off all the suspicions?
: ...you dont realise this dude is just an alt of that other weirdo?
Im not the same as that **FREAK**
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: How the %%%% does being gay have anything to do with this? And you don't have to agree with me. But don't state your opinions as facts 'Cause again: attractiveness etc is in the viewer's eyes You might find someone attractive while i don't find them attractive And ngl i'd say your standards are quite shitty if none of the thousands and thousands of esports players fit them
I literally said im not against gays? Also, its just a fact that most of them are ugly... Of course, there are some expectations like Tyler1, that hottie
Maíko (EUW)
: https://i.imgur.com/AiXlJPD.jpg I bet you feel dumb right now
Sorry man, the image doesnt seem to be loading
Rena (EUW)
: You ask why all esports players are ugly? I ask why you are on your pc when you should put on your make up to look what you would consider "pretty". Jokes aside. It's sad how people care about looks so much. Do you think pros dress up like actors? No they dress up to play a video game.
You dont need to "dress up" to not look ugly
Spearki (EUW)
: poki? or yathatwasabanana? and doubt many streamers care that much about clothing a plain black shirt all you need imo but mostly girls wear nicer cloth cuz 99% of guys just dont care not just gamers in general
Have you seen poki without makeup? Now thats a griffin
: ok but I have no assosiation with him to betray him? hes all yours
He was telling me about how much he appreciated you sticking around... That poor guy
Shamose (EUW)
: https://i.imgur.com/I61FuiJ.jpg[IMG]
https://i.imgur.com/Uazfshl.jpg [](https://i.imgur.com/Uazfshl.jpg) Shouldve been an image there, you get the point
Rioter Comments
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Uhh.... They aren't tho? Some may be but not all And beauty is in the viewers eye So maybe you just have shit standards etc because i think some of them are really attractive
Dont you mean I have high standards, rather than shit standards? Also, Im not against gays, but I dont agree with you
: lol what betrayal? I am not a girl
Ok, dont bring sex into this
: Snapchat notification after I deleted someone?
Cheini (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=XxCoolGamerGalxX,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=4xAIiGxE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-28T21:57:32.144+0000) > > I don't understand, is it because they spend so much time sitting down? {{summoner:3}} > > {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} first, mind their nationality: it is both a plus and minus then, sitting down for their whole lives basically most they do is playing computer games - one specifically, which doesn't allow them think out of its box and with time turns them into cucumbers since league (or any game) is definitely not much of a world the stress and constant need of concentration; with time it takes its toll - both in chara and the way they look/act on the outside again, *only* on one single thing, forever it also changes their chara.. esp if they allow it, and most certainly they do, with time next, they probably have quite a lot of money which means unlimited food (way beyond what is a normal meal) and tons of candies and unhealthy food lastly.. i am not so sure they are happy with their lives.. though maybe they don't realize it :p
I hope the money is worth it, those pigs
: they are not?
The godkarther will hear of this betrayal
: Rotating Game Mode
Suzuken (EUW)
: Euw server ain't stable
Holy shít you sound privileged. 80-200 ping isnt bad...
Shamose (EUW)
: https://i.imgur.com/I61FuiJ.jpg[IMG]
Just you wait until I find out
Shamose (EUW)
: I don't know. https://i.imgur.com/KfdxAyh.gif[IMG]
You will never get an e girl if you treat us like this I feel betrayed
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: You mean the buff that spawns at 1:30? THE first buff? Because junglers need exp and gold, the same way as laners do. Most camps require most junglers to be lvl 2 to actually do them. Do you really want a lvl 3 jungler at 8 minutes?
I dont need the jng to help me lol The whole reason i want to take it is because im better than them
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=XxCoolGamerGalxX,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=zA4oxQbv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-28T21:09:50.736+0000) > > Just steal kills and get fed By bad coordination he meant no tf, it is and late game issue not an early game issue.
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