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: South African server check out the player base with out a server
: my bru im also a south african gaming from my pozi in natal and i must say that there cannot be a ZA server for league because we do not have the player base here, yes we have a lot of players and when i lived in joburg and went to rage i met so many people who played LoL but it does not compete with the player base of NA/EUW ect who have millions, we may have probably 10k players, im guessing. so thats my first point, my second point is that our ranks are low, and a huge factor does came from our ms because you cannot do much with our delay and all the LoL players in zA i saw is low elo and im certain that there is a very very small percentage of players that are from south africa in diamond, maybe plat but the max i have seen is gold (im gold 1 for example) so the reason im bringing ranks up is because with our low player base and our irregular ranks you will be sitting in a queue for 30 minutes to an hour, maybe even more for ranked games and then the plat/diamond players won't even be able to find games so they might be forced to play with bronze ans silver and the skill gap will be a massive problem my third point is our internet sucks here, remember the majority of us have telkom wifi and they are not really good, oh yeah others got mweb, thats garbage. unless you have fibre or maybe vodacom you will have pretty bad connections and i doubt our ms will even be 20/30 not even 50 because i have a 10mb telkom line and my csgo is 170ms and thats a south african server i do wish that we had our own servers but at the end of the day it wont work, i have played EUW for 6 years with ms rising every season, started at 180ms back in season 3 and now 230ms in season 9 so we are getting %%%ed still but its manageable, just stay away from playing lee sin type of champs
thanks for the input man i will add a link showing how big our player base actually is
: South African server
> [{quoted}](name=XxJAYDEATHxX,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gFMWbNwG,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-21T21:06:52.794+0000) > > Riot my self and a lot of other south African players enjoy playing the game on the eu west server as it has the lowest ms for us how ever we do encounter major issues in game form time to time and there are more then enough South African players as well as players form areas closer to us that do not have a server that we could use hence our opponents having an unfair advantage with us being at a constant 250ms and any one we face with in the eu region having a ms of only 30 is a big advantage aside form that we have lag spikes i thing the worst i have had was a ms of 20k pretty bad right ? and i am sure you would agree that it makes the game completely unbalanced making games completely one sided based on who has a better connection to the server all so causing players in the region an unfair disadvantage if they have a south African player on there team > so could riot possibly look in to creating a server with in the South African region as away of resolving all the above mentioned issues i am sure that other summoners will leave there comments and thoughts on the subject as well as any issues i may of missed thanks again please leave your vote reason and country in the comments
: do u think ur ms will be 30 in this server ? xD the same thing people asking in fortnite and when the game responded with the ms of the server it was basicly 250+ for us xD
1 this isn't fortnight 2 there would be a major improvement maybe not 30ms but an improvement and why would someone form the eu sing up to play on a south African server any way ? point of this is to create improvement for all players by getting a server in south Africa people who are closer to us then the eu will also experience improvements to game play a drop in 100ms would be amazing
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