: Things is I have no account atm XD banned again. At 13th of februari I will be getting 3 lvl 30 accounts from friends :/
Nice way to get permabanned for account sharing bro!
Allvs1 (EUW)
: Jinx Player with highwin rate in silver 2 looking for support main ^^
http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=xxradiateurxx this is a good adc page, this is my smurf. Bro you just cant one trick jinx, not now when she will get banned and picked because of the buff. Lighten up
: ex Gold now S1 Jungle/Support main LF mid/ADC main
Yeah sure! Add me if you want! I just started playing league in Europe! My name is my ign.
: I would appeciate that a lot! when will u be available to help me?
any day! Add me! Sorry I don't browse board much lately.
: ADC LF Silver Supp and Tutoring on how to ADC well
Hey bro, I got you! I can help you out with the adc role. Explain to you a couple things here and there!
iHaiku (EUW)
: LF serious silver players
And what is your goal, if I may ask ?
: Silver 1/Gold 4 Supp main LF: Draven/Twitch/Vayne main to Duo
See you in gold 1. I am already silver since yesterday. Sad you rejected me..
: Looking for members
Hey sure! I am an adc. xxradiateurxx I added you!
: [Silver] Aggressive Support looking for CONFIDENT ADC
Hey I added you. I am climbing this season in EUW. I am from Canada. hope we can play together!
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GaraPoes (EUW)
: [EUW] Dutch girl (22 y/o, bronze) looking for a team (English speaking teamspeak or Skype)
Hey! This is my account: xxradiateurxx Background: Just moved from Canada to Luxembourg. Message me, I want to get at least gold or platinum this season here in EUW ! P.s. 22 y/o as well


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