tigar93 (EUNE)
: Whole idea about set 2 seems crazy, people just got used to all champions and items, now all that is new again, and much more new dynamics are introduced, all at once. No patch after patch, etc, all new. I stopped playing tft, because of that. Anyone have information, when is "set 1" coming back?
I also had questions about the need to rotate synergies in and out but honestly I am fine with it since it gives a completely different feel to it, and besides that everyone had to learn from scratch not just you so therefore I think its good because it means that there is a new meta and some people can learn it faster than others meaning it gives opportunities to climb competitively. As for set 1 it wont come back until riot wants it back.
: I disagree with your mage point. Yes they are strong but there are many ways to counter them. You have dragons claw and mystics who are their counter. Also, summoners do counter them as well because the strongest mages are brand and veigar and their spells have a chance to target summoner minions instead of champions. The only way I have found that mages beat summoners is with a mage lux. I understand that your point was that making other champs into mages makes them op but I think that's what makes them balanced. I think they should leave mages, they are fine imo but they do need to look at Olaf. That unit is BS.
Uhh no, you see while summoners counter mages, if you make a summoner into a mage the problem arises, Zyra turns from a 1g unit into a 3g just by being able to double cast, or two tibbers on the field, zed with his army, which he will literally have with just a mage cap and a sojhins spear. I said the mages themselves are pretty balanced imo its just when you combine the synergy with units who aren't mages thats when it gets ridiculous and since spatula is a lot easier to get, getting 3 units to become mages is actually pretty easy. Also infernal is quite stupid with mages too. But yeah I think that the base mage pool is very balanced aside from Vlad but thats just because people build less healing reduction in this season.
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Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: {{champion:22}} and {{champion:113}} are not rivals nor a threat to {{champion:127}} . She is stronger than {{champion:34}} . The only interaction she could have with them would be laughing at flies that are few power levels beneath her.
They control 2 of the other tribes of the Freljord and have the ancient weapons of the Freljord that defeated Lissandra in ages past.
: Will South Africa/Africa ever get a dedicated server?
I agree we need a south African server already.
Lyssner (EUW)
: Female human characters still lack diversity
Just how flat can you be, its their design choice so if they choose to not include a specific type of character its not in their future thoughts. Its not there to conflict with their artistic rights, therefore if they don't want some elderly lady fighting or a fat women going to war then its their choice. Its their artistic priviledge and you as a consumer don't get to critisize that, you don't go to da vinci and ask him to paint a man instead for the mona lisa, you dont go to mozart and ask for more feminine tunes. You don't go to AC/DC and tell them to play reggae instead. This is their artistic privilege the ability to choose what they hell they want to do, you only get a say in that when you become part of the creation process. Besides any inclusion of certain characters might seem forced and unnatural instead making people hate them rather than love them.
: Mordekaiser is neither a tank, nor HP-reliant.
He is in the sense that his sheild and healing from it is based on hp therefore he relies on it as its his only source of durability and sustain, also with conqueror nerf he needs to use it more than ever, although he is classified as a juggernaught he does so much with little damage investment and does have a reliable crowd control in his R which can keep someone from doing anything for a while so you could say he is tanky, I would still define him as a tank tho simply due to his power to isolate targets.
: So you are saying a 20 sec cd keystone are going to take EVERYONES mana? At lvl 18 with 600 AP it is going to burn 190 mana. People at lvl 18 has around 1000 mana so if everyone on your team hits the same target he will not have any mana yes. But if everyone on the team hits the same target he will still has to back anyway that is what happens if you get hit by every ability from a poke comp... Also if everyone takes this keystone no one is really going to run out. I think the most broken thing about this is that it also deals a good amount of scaling damage, honestly removing the damage and give it a bit more scaling mana burn wouldn't hurt, because then you have to choose whether you are playing to nullify your opponent and then survive laning phase for less damage in the lategame(meteor/Aery vs mana burn mechanic). You are seeing an unfun mechanic I see diversity in how you are going to play laning phase since champions like Vladimir, Kennen, Akali, Rumble, Aatrox, Garen, Katarina, Shen, Renekton and some other mana less champions exist.
I think mana burn if a mechanic should be a champion ability instead of a keystone, in fact PBE Kassadin used to have a mana burn type of effect on his W I believe.
RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: New Resolve Runes Idea
No just terrible ideas as a whole, and you cant remove warmogs since hp reliant tanks like zac, mundo and mordekaiser would all get clamped by it
RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=XxninjaPANDAxX,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=2Zw1Foej,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-04T09:33:59.793+0000) > > Insight is broken like Riot is having issues with just banner of command now you want another movement speed mechanic tied to towers. Sage is just pointless and should actually be in inspiration, but its also borderline broken because of pike. Mana burn is also poinless because not every champion uses mana and a lot of the meta heroes don't use it at all. So therefore kinda pointless as a whole. banner of command have been removed from the game 2 seasons ago? I guess you mean zz'rot portal.
{{item:2053}} Sorry I meant this, Raptor cloak
RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: New Precision Small Runes Idea.
How about no more spellvamp, I dont want to go back to the dark age that was will of the ancients. The crit thing is not bad actually it could be a good legend instead for example: Legend Fatality: Gain 0.5% additional physical damage on crits for every legend stack (max 20 stacks. Total 10% physical damage) The third one is kinda pointless as well since maintaining full hp is just not going to happen and if its a persistant effect like the other runes next to it, it can be borderline broken so therefore not a good rune. As for a name Paper Tiger or Glass cannon can work.
RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: New Sorcery Runes Idea.
Insight is broken like Riot is having issues with just banner of command now you want another movement speed mechanic tied to towers. Sage is just pointless and should actually be in inspiration, but its also borderline broken because of pike. Mana burn is also poinless because not every champion uses mana and a lot of the meta heroes don't use it at all. So therefore kinda pointless as a whole.
RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: New Domination Small Runes Idea
The names of the runes dont fit compared to the names of the others. Increasing vision range of wards is inconsistent, unless its a specific hero mechanic it seems very meh and the fact that it only applies to pink wards is kinda bad. I think you should go back to the drawing board.
: How about a Support/Assassin hybrid that becomes stronger when your team is falling behind?
Krσnos (EUNE)
: Are the old legendary skins ever going to get a Visual update ?
Only if the champion gets a mini rework or a visual update will they change things, but I believe they should bring skins to the rank they represent.
FMSonto (EUW)
: Elise rework? Hm, She suffers from the same power problem Jayce and Lee have as well. They're basicly two champions in one kit. So the right move'd be taking away half her kit. How about: Passive: Elise's auto-attack increases her movement speed when hit. The CD of this is reduced with x seconds when Elise hits her abilities. 1st Ability: A dash during which she is invulnerable/intargetable (Skillshots pass through her, she doesnt get damaged by minions) with a AOE damage zone on landing. 2nd Ability: Pretty much the same, Big Slowing Spider Bomb is Thrown out and homes in on nearby enemies. 3rd Ability: Stunning Collidable linear skillshot. 4th Ability: Summons a big Spider (her old spider form) as a controllable pet. Some AOE Damage (hi Annie) and some duration on the spider walking around.
No just no, get this man out of here
: I Want to Say This to Riot, LOL & the Player Base
Well I am glad you have such a positive attitude, to be honest I only came back to league around a month ago after taking a break. I am gonna be honest I disagree with the direction that Riot is taking it but the community seems to be more mellow and cheerful than when I last played so I guess either everyone is positive for once or they are just happy with the state of the game. I mean in all honesty the only reason I came back was cause I got 1000 hours on Dota 2 and thought I would try and mastery rank 7 at least 5 champions on league to compensate since I enjoy both games. But I am just glad about this positive message you shared with everyone. And I hope you remain positive for the future.
: Also if you need an idea for the lore, I've got something you can use if you want it. A scientist/professor who believes that they have discovered the key to evolution and Kino is from a species of animals that is supposedly related to all creatures through genetics, according to them. Now how it turns into an experiment gone wrong is all up to you. Have fun and I hope I get to see your idea someday {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
I tried writing down something but I guess it might be just a bit corny.
: Even bunnies have claws. But yeah, just try the idea and if it doesn't feel right then either try again or try something else. Good luck with that ^^
Thanks your feedback has been super awesome{{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: An expirement gone wrong might be old, but it just all depends on hown you write it. Name me 1 thing that is original, 1 thing that no one has seen anywhere. Someone has already done it. So why be bothered if it's already done? It just depends on how you write. Also on the appearance, maybe make it a bit simple? Like just having 4 front legs that are a pure mixture of different creatures, the hind legs can be what ever. The wings are a nice touch if it becomes a predator and having predator like limbs is a good indication on it. For the Golem evolution I would recomend getting a shell like part on its back since it gets wings from the brambleback. This would so it's a bit more calmer from the golem traits but what animals are passive? Maybe it should have multiple tails XDDD
Passive animals as in bunnies or cows, now that you mention shells it can be a tortise shell or something. But in general just animals that are passive and or peaceful in most cases. And yeah maybe I might give the lore idea a run, see how it will turn out and stuff.
: If you want a backstory then how about making Kine a Piltower or Zaun champion? An experiment that is either gone wrong, a mad creation of some nut job, someones attempt at creating life through science, or a poor victim of the craziest experiments that has ever taken place. So what does Kine look like? I would kinda like to know that. Also, he is in a way of Kayn and Warwick, Warwicks ult being the Ravage and Kayns passive being based on jungle monsters. All in all, a great idea.
Well what I wanted him to look like was this half Lion, Half Dragon, like creature with multiple limbs coming out of its back of many different creatures, it would walk on all fours and well based on its evolution its appearance would change, with the brambleback it would evolve this firey skin with more predatory like limbs and possibly gain wings. Where as for its Golem evolution its veins would light up with blue energy and its limbs would be that of more passive animals. As for the Lore idea of an experiment gone wrong its a good idea I just feel like its already kinda been done before so I am not sure how to go about it.
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: TFT Spirit visage instead Zephyr
: Yeah, you see the situation on URF by now is kinda stupid - but that's the point. They don't have to nerf anything if they allow you to either play all OP champions or nerf/buff shit out. If everyone gets a random champ - 3 guys get an OP stupid shit, 4 get a regular champs, 3 get weak stuff. It's completely unfun to most of the players because most of champs ain't THAT broken on URF. It would be super fun if you would be ablee to both ban 2 champs you surely don't want to see and pick a champ for yourself. It would make from 10 to 20 champs banned - around 10% of all champs in game. You still are free to pick the strong shit, but the absolutely %%%%ing broken tier shit is just disabled - and there's no need to further balance anything.
: New Champion from Shadow Isles when?
I mean I would seriously like this Ruined king they keep talking about. Having him in person would be seriously cool.
: (TFT) zeke's herald and titanic hydra, and other thing
Well I am all for changing items to make more sense and be balanced but there are other issues, namely the champion pool which right now is so bad it actually feels like shit to play TFT, an example would be your going demons, nobody is contesting Morgana but the pool will not let you get her past bronze rating. The fact that Shrinking sword exists which can basically make you getting a teir 3 early absolutely worthless worst of all it disables hp bonuses from synergies like brawler and shapeshifter making the item stupidly broken. This along with gunners applying on hit effects with their additional attacks makes for a serious one sided affair. Glacials who just strait up steamroll unless you somehow kill them before they stun you which doesn't happen. Pantheon who basically gets a free red buff on his ability while other 5g units like Yasuo literally needs his synergy to actually get his 3rd cast from his ability off. The fact that there aren't items to change people into specific classes that could have high contested units like brawler, gunner, ranger, shapeshifter and so on. Also the fact that spatula is so rare that the only people who get them are the ones willing to accept a losing streak early on and get them during the free unit selection process. Not to mention the creep rounds having no garuntee of getting items and gold not making up for it at all.
: Multiple URF Queues
Sure when they balance Urf enough to do that, right now some Urf heroes are miles stronger than the rest, like beyblade garen as an example. The fact is its just simply not a good idea to bring picking back to urf because a lot of heroes are just broken compared to the rest, I would rather play urf with different heroes every time instead of the same 10 heroes over and over.
Vertinhol (EUW)
: New features
: TFT should be removed
Honestly? A waste of space? You don't even know the league community and you think your opinion counts for some reason, most people love the game they just hate that it cant be on its own client. But its still in beta so what does that matter anyway. The point is its very well liked and has enough players to warrant it being there so please get off your hater ass and get lost.
: yeah i agree with that mode its literally useless, its boring af, and there no action in it like normal 5v5, tft is a very shitty game mode and i really want it removed aswell
Oh boi someone needs some milk
Wannes (EUW)
: We will celebrate together. I am sure they will be something in it for us as well for Riot (exposure, new users....). As far as I am concerned it is really something to celebrate, ten years of cutting edge gaming, a huge and healthy community, healthy e-sports and being a MOBA, a game that will stand the test of time. When you look back at the first few years and where we are now, it is really something to be proud of. I am proud to be a part of it..... ^^
I wouldn't say healthy but yes
: yeah some champs fall into the category of having no late game. and akali is just one of those who has no late game. if akali is all about that early game, it must be hell to play against evryone who win and end games within the first 20min. because high elo they dont play around for fun. they open up a can of whoop ass and %%%% evryone up for breakfast because waiting 5-10min can mean evrything inbetween winning or losing even if you carry evrything. so i imagen akali must be even more of a hell to deal with in high elo then anything else. i agree she is more complex to pull off her normal combo. and at the same time, give her electro.. use your q with 1.5s cooldown.. she can burst alot of dmg easy... and fast. im sure thats no news to you. i just think her over all kit.. could be either nerfed abit so laning phase was alittle bit easier.. if we are going to take example from kayle. kayle once she was reworked. she had probly the weakest early game between all champs yet. but once she reached 11. my god she was unstoppable. i read forum comments of how they rape her 7 times. they are just 40 kills as a team while kayle's team has 15 kills. the one destroying kayle had evrything going for him. the right items, being high lvl. took baron. had 2 infernos. what happen? kayle just happen to reach lvl 16 and she just destroyed evryone.. no champ who is 2 lvles behind. 2 items behind. just starts to destroy evryone.. xD kayle was able to pull that off because she had so strong late game potential. what happen to her? she got range lvl 6 so she got stronger abit faster early, and then she fall off late as her true dmg was removed. so she became more balanced. and i think akali could get that same treatment maybe. give her alittle weaker early game, and balance out her oppertunitys to win later on. i think she could need that to take away alot of the complaints people have about her.. what say you?
I mean its not that her early game is perfect as she has a hard time farming, but I agree to take away some of her kill pressue and instead make her scale better as the game progresses, in other words make her the type of hero that can kill early but only if her opponent is stupid, make her rewarding if you can take opportunities while punishing you if you get too risky with her. And make her scaling work better in late game as a whole.
: if reworked akali just wins all laning phases with less to no counters.. that is not balanced. either she needs a major nerf, revert or a rework to balance her out properly. i think its wierd how she can win so many laning phases only to lose later on. it may be because she isnt a good split pusher. and then if you put bad jugdmental calls on top of that shit. then akali gets nothing done at all wich majority of league community has going for them i would argue, as around 50% ++ is iron-silver i belive. having said that. if you know how to work your game, your champs, your items ect. akali can put you pretty far behind because she has a strong laning phase, right? and if you are behind who knows alot about how you can win if you only get a foothold in a match, then you are significantly much weaker overall to the point you just cant follow up on evrything you would like having done because thats just how you win. and unless you have 1-3 other who knows how to play. you are the key to victory, right? and that shouldn be taken away by some unbalanced champ like akali. even if she has a high loss rate, she just straight up kills the fun of the game when people just lose so hard they wanna ff 15min into the game.
No I understand that she has a strong laning phase but because of her poor scaling it ends up being a matter of how soon you can end a game with Akali as her endame is poor in general unless you go AD or Dark harvest but even then its a matter of if you win lane, while Akali's lane is strong for an inexperienced player she is very hard to play and would hardly ever land her abilities properly. I agree that she isn't fun to lane against but in the same breath her main lane opponents are mages who can be an issue for her to fight unless she lands her E or gets close enough with W. Laning against her is winable so long as you can zone her or have an all in stronger than hers. Most mages even in low elo territory can handle her well with characters like Veigar or Annie, but I guess it depends you see Akali also pays for a better laning phase with a worse farming experience as her Q hits minions for little until its maxed meaning akali needs kills to get on a roll if she doesn't get them she gets stagnant and has to wait for her Q max to farm efficiently. But the drop off she has in late is huge so much so that unless Akali is close or near full build you have the potential to come back always. I was playing against an Akali who was 15/0 for most of the game but we stuck out till the endgame and she did not get one more kill further and we won. The fact is she is like rumble an early game lane bully with decent survivability late the only difference is that Rumble is still viable late but Akali is questionable.
: akali
As much as I prefer the old Akali for the most part the reason why she got reworked is cause she would either steamroll a game or be virtually useless, that hasn't changed other than making her kit more complicated to try and compensate for the times she steamrolls while rewarding enough so she doesn't end up being totally useless. In all honesty I just want riot to stop touching her in general I dont want another Ryze to put it simply. Cause as it stands they will either nerf her to oblivion or make her so unrewarding to play that you need to main her to get her benefits. Which makes it a tough situation. Her win rate is also not the best compared to most mid's at the moment unless you are facing a good one. For the moment I am getting used to the way she is and don't think she needs changes, if they need to change something change hextech gunblade
: Some skin ideas for Xerath. Really don't know why he hasn't had a new one since 2015.
lonaceGR (EUNE)
: Please add this back
You can still do both now and you dont have to wait for the game to update to do things like check your loadout etc etc.
: To get that Arash meme transferred from FGO to League
Latarnia40 (EUNE)
: Hail of blades changes | Make it reset on kills
The only use I could see coming from this late game is making it easier to get into guinsnoos rageblade max stack faster, the problem is the champions who you would build that on have already reliable attack speed buffs that work with it. Not to mention Lethal Tempo being just basically a better version of this keystone. I think the resetting on kills might be too powerful on heroes who already reset on kill like Master Yi, but I could see it working if it gave adaptive damage or the attacks occurred instantly for a quick burst of damage, but either way you are right it does need some help.
: They currently have more important issues on hand, like, for an example, to get more money from us. Reworking a keystone that would need about few minutes? Nah, rather, they spend 6 months to make a totally useless feature that pretty much most of the player base does not want anyway.
If you are talking about TFT your a pleb.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I don't think these should be added. Now you need to check through your opponents, how many of the given champions they have, and you can count it that way how many are left in the story. If this gamemode relies so heavily on RNG, at least this thing should stay, because it adds to the skill factor.
The only thing I disagree with is the item RNG, its so bs, you could end up with barely one item but your opponent has shiv and guinsnos. Thats something that needs to be fixed end of story, either garuntee at least 1 item drop every creep round or make the gold you get actually worthwhile instead, instead of just 1g you should start with at least 3g because you don't get nearly enough to compensate poor item rolls.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=RIAklIEk,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-08-12T13:05:14.239+0000) > So having his own origin would be highly possible too. How about Poppy then?
Poppy is already in
kriegnes (EUW)
: also how do i know if spell damage is actually make the spell stronger? i used rabadons on kha once but i didnt feel like it changed anything
With Kha zix it boosts its Isolation damage, so if the enemy is alone, otherwise the damage is physical. Besides there are better candidates for Rabadons
Timikyu (EUW)
: Thought blademaster because she does call her feathers blades
Yeah but another ranged blademaster is kinda scary since draven exists. Also yes they are blades but I still wouldn't see her as a blade-master, especially since ranger would benefit her skill so much more.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: well it's the glacial % proc still but 4 glacials and you can perma cc lock if you give mana to sejuani
True but getting Sej in the first place is also hard not to mention they hard nerfed her ability, it deals less damage and cc's for less long.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: the chain does freeze thats why you need rfc if you want voli to be useful
Hmm ok, I guess you are right since I did test it. Still tho its not a surefire thing.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: or giving him deathcap and seraphs so can 1 shot the entire team from the 1st 3 seconds of the fight along side with shojin if somehow there are left survivors glacials are effective against targets they can hit correct BUT getting sej with mana items and a feeding a voli and suddenly you have team wide spread glacial ccs overlapping constantly correct for gnar but if you have wilds or shapeshifters gnar is one of the most valued units even if 1 starred you just have to protect him till he ults agreed fro leona her ult is op cho is pretty good even after the nerfs even as a standalone thats the point of items so you can stack 1 unit to be your carry pyke isn't that good kat akali and zed even rengar are better than pyke even if he has double shojin the hype is overblown the ability is useless against rfc and his dps isn't that good rangers gunslingers deal with pyke with ease aatrox is busted if you can build him up elise is only good if you start winning early because she puts a lot of pressure on the pace of the game if you don't start winning with her she is a dead unit id argue against that comps are a lot more valued than items getting full 2stars and great econ > many many item drops in the early game items eventually even out and even if they don't you have like 1 or 2 item discrepency which won't decide your game
Nonono buddy Pyke is really good, his stun is long, and with two sojhins as soon as enemies come out of their stun they are stunned again, I have seen Pyke solo carry because of that, its not overhyped its busted, Zed on the other hand always ends up being contested so get that 2 star early on with him is not that easy. Getting Sojhins on akali is stupid since she only needs 25 mana to cast so having just a tear is more than enough for her to spam. Kata benefits from spell damage items more than she does from physical damage. As for Sej and Voli, Sej is a 4 gold unit, Voli is a 3 gold they are very uncommon, I mean if you are going glacial you might have a chance if nobody else is going them but otherwise you never get them early and you never get them with the items you want when you want them. Also Glacials apply the freeze with their main hits voli's chain doesn't freeze, not that it matters because he dies just as he activates it most of the time but he is worth the item investment if you end up getting a lot of him. Elise just needs bloodthirster and some attack speed and she will never die in her Spider form, now that she is a 1g unit getting her to a 3star and benefitting from items is a lot easier, but mainly thats an issue to league's drop tables as 3g and 4g units are a lot more rare than 2g and 1g, and this is because levels add less chance, in most other autochess games 3g are only slightly less common than 2g and getting a level 2 4g isn't as hard as getting a level 2 5g. No items are way wayyy more valueable, having 2 star units is great but having 2 star unit with good items is a lot stronger, varus one shots in the best cases, Lucian and vayne can almost never die, garen and daruis are pretty much busted in comparison to Mordekaiser etc etc. The comps help but like they are a cherry on top with good items a hero can do all the heavy lifting on their own. Even a 1star gnar will last long enough to transform if he has red buff as an example. Items are too strong and make units much stronger than they need to be. The shrink sword, Guinsnoos, Gunblade, sojhins, rabadons are all way too strong and boost people's damage by far too much. Those two items you mentioned on A sol will allow him to carry even if he doesn't have mage synergy. Kassadin as an example doesn't benefit at all from his synergies and is solely dependent on item choices. The only time classes actually help him more is if you can re-class him with a spatula. Thats kind of the truth sometimes item drops will determine what synergy you will go. Also the gold you get early on is not enough at all to compensate for item drops and thats a fact.
Timikyu (EUW)
: Our Vastayan Rebels in TFT?!
Don't see Xayah as a blademaster. Probably hunter is better suited.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: mages demons glacials chogath gnar very few items are worth stacking and usually there are better alternatives
Mages are usually the ones who stack items, and no there are not better alternatives, an Aurulion sol with two sojhins spears is busted as hell as he just uses his ability every 3 seconds in a mage comp its busted. Glacials are primarily effective against the front line, the backline not so much and even less so after the Sejuani nerf. Gnar is pretty bad at 1 star and is difficult to get to 2star since he is a desireable unit, almost never worth going you could argue that Leona is much better in that regaurd. Cho gath also got nerfed and is only good against the backline once he is with the mage synergy. There is too much setup required to counter units with a lot of items and even if you do manage to those items can turn a pretty generic unit into a power house, Vayne, Varus, Pyke, Aatrox, Elise. Etc items hold way more weight than comps and stacking items is pretty bs, an assassin with two infinity edges, any ranger with two guinsnoos its strong and there aren't better alternatives.
: Assassins.
Assassins do shit vs a varus that one shots them as they leap on him, not to mention you can just bunch your units a corner and cause your assassins to only attack the front line, which defeats the whole leaping onto the backline. Not to mention lucian exists who can dash away if an assassin gets close so no assassins are not a counter for item stacking.
: With the mobility of the champs nowadays Udyr indeed faces a lot of hardships, even while melee. Lux is lux.... she's like a 1 round bolt action high caliber riffle. If you hit the run, it's over. If you miss tho, you're pretty useless. I don't feel that any of the two are unbalanced or un-fun to play with/against.
I don't think its a matter of balance its matter of how generic he is. His passive to say the least is the most underwhelming in the game, most of his kit revolves around stances which rely fully on his autos, he is a juggnaught who can be a melee god but even Olaf does his job better just by having a tiny bit of ranged poke. When I say rework I don't mean change who he is which is a melee oriented hero because that should be the primary thing thats preserved about him but he does need some quality of life improvements such as the ability to counter poke ranged opponents, to allow his diversity in terms of building, ad, ap, tank to be more streamline and not cause him to lack in certain areas, (Ad lacks defense from spells, ap takes a while to come online, tank offers no zoning potential), this doesn't mean Udyr is bad its just simply he needs a kit that functions as he does now while giving him better utility as he scaled into the late game, he doesn't need stealth or super left abilities but he does need a bigger impact inside of a teamfight or he will not survive outside of solo que. Its why characters like Amumu are used to climb as you get that satisfying quick jungle clear speed along with massive teamfight presence, udyr doesn't have that because of this he gets cucked on so many areas where he needs to succeed as a jungler.
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