: Sorry to tell you, but yes.
I guess I'll play on my Platinum smurf. Nice to know I won't be putting any more money towards this game again. Heh. Thanks for the answers.
: Hey, Permabans are not reverted unless it was a 100% mistake. Keep in mind that you don't need to insult to still be toxic.
So all that money is just... gone? Yikes.
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Savrak (EUW)
: First of all, you need to stop having conversations during a game, it will only distract people and cause them to make more mistakes. Retaliating won't get you the justice you seek, it just adds to the negative atmosphere in the game and makes things worse for the other players. Retaliating is also bad because the flamer **wants** you to argue with them so they can report you and get you punished as well. Even saying things like 'shut up' or 'stop trolling', which you mention you say occasionally, are negative comments which the rest of your team don't want to read because it will only make the argument continue. If you were unaware, calling for people to be reported is also something that will swiftly get you banned because again, it is negative to read and only 1 report is needed to trigger an investigation anyway. It isn't worth risking your account to even respond to a toxic player. Instead, say nothing to them and mute them immediately so they can't make you more annoyed. Then just focus on the game. After the game, still say nothing because post game logs are also checked by the system and simply report their behaviour. If you have the chat logs to post, people here can help point out other things you say that are getting you banned.
Just seems like I'll have to do this every game. Time to follow this advice and begin muting everyone for flaming... just really makes me think about how toxic this community really is.
Yaah Yeet (EUW)
: I don't understand what kind of behaviour league accepts.
I also lose rewards, correct? This means 9 months of climbing and endless torment for absolutely nothing...?
: Ok, first of all lets get one thing clear: You are 1 step away from certain doom. After your 14 day ban the next time the system flaggs you as offensive/negative/toxic whatever your account is _gone_. Like in gone _forever_. SInce youself say you dont know why retaliating is unwanted behaviour i strongly advice to use the chat for the 3 following lines: Hello folks Gl&hf GG Nothing more. Ever. I usually think everyone can learn how to be nice. But you got no room left to train this. Permaban is permanent. There wont be a second chance.
I am nice, however. I say "gg" in every single one of my games and I don't get why retaliating is so bad. If I'm being flamed do I just let them flame me? Because that doesn't sound so great to me...
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
It's not flaming the flamer. I told you in this post, I don't flame. I tell them to stop speaking. Is this against the rules now?
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: Hey, Getting honored only slightly boosts your honor progress. Rising in honor levels also depends on the consistency of your behaviour. Quoting for the honor FAQ: > Honor levels are all about consistency. Just show up, don't be an asshole, and you'll rise over the coming weeks and months. If your friend shows good behaviour more consistently than you, that could explain why he has reached level 5 already why you didn't.
What would you call good behaviour? Am I allowed to constructively critisize my team? Because thats what we both do. We attempt to help our team and stray them off flaming.
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DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Hey man Being bad at a game is not punishable you need to understand but being a smart guy who flames everyone is. Also if someone "flame you" doing it back does not justify the actions. and lastly seeking punishment for others cause you got one is really childish. Take responsibility for you actions. don't blame others and cool down cause if you keep this up 14days will be the least of your worries
So I'm not allowed to say anything back if someone literally goes 0/10 and flames me all game? But if I do I get banned? And that person doesn't? Ah. Okay.
: Hey, When you flame it's you who chooses to flame. You can give any reason as to why you flame, but that doesn't justify flaming. A simple solution if you are annoyed by flamers is muting them, so you won't be bothered by them anymore. Everyone gets the same treatment. If other players break the rules, they get punished soon or later as well. You broke the rules as well, resulting in you getting banned for 14 days. After this 14 days suspension you will get one last chance. Every single offense after this punishment might result in a permaban.
So I get one last chance to have actual teams in this disgusting elo I'm in? Sure, as if...
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: [Champion Concept] Sid, Sparkle Princess
: Cant connect to chat, unknow error...
I dont understand where this bug even came from, like... the last update of LoL for me was like 3-4 days ago, so unless something happened I dont see how you can just get random bugs like this. {{item:3070}} {{item:3348}} rip extra ip and playing URF with friends
: just a thought dont mention your rank people wont want to duo with you when they know you are b5 and gl i justgot out of bronze this season and on my way to gold <3 (from b4 to s3 ) 1 tip bronze is a hard place, sliver is easier
So a lower rank where people only play two champions? ( {{champion:11}} {{champion:122}} ) is worse then a rank with no real limit of what is there to be played and less flamers? wat
istenszek (EUW)
: No key fragment in 2 weeks
Haven't got a KeyFrag aswell after about 2 weeks and winning about 50+ games. I was getting so bored of no keyfrags that I literally busted a gemstone to get Vandal Brand {{champion:63}} < how much I'm raging rn
Larry (EUNE)
: The most recent thing you learned while playing this game
Maxing E on Yasuo is actually 69% better then maxing Q
MetaTrace (EUW)
: Something does indeed look odd regarding this game, I am looking into this on your behalf now, and will update here when I have a solution.
Thank you very much <3 {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
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: Can you bring back U.R.F?!?!?
Riot doesn't bring back URF this year, and watch as the community goes bust and we lose half the players. Bring it back, and when you do, please rephrase Nasus quote; "The Cycle of Q and death continues, we will Q, they will die."

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