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: I dont neglect the fact that you have feelings too, but from their point of view and what I can gather by reading trough what you yourself are saying (in those logs) you were full of negativity from the getgo instead of opening on a more positive note, which from their point of view then makes sence that they wouldnt be the most friendly towards you once you do get in the game. But the problem lays in your actions when they mistreat you.. As everyone has been telling to you.. Riot looks at YOUR actions only, and this is done by an actual person going trough multiple logs, not just of that game. Just because someone is unfriendly or toxic, trying to take over your lane, follow you around in the jungle or is trying to ruin YOUR fun in playing the game doesnt mean you have to sink to the same level and do to them what their doing to you. And.. If you are afraid those people that hurt your feelings are getting away with something dont be afraid of that. Remember when I said an actual person reviewed every side of the story and looked into every report filed (and part reports)? This counts for them aswell... By having your account banned you atleast know one thing for certain now.. There has been an actual person that looked into all those people who (according to you) mistreated you.. Which means atleast their accounts got flagged and if they mistreat someone else who then files a report they will recieve a fit punishment aswell.. Taking what happened to you into account. It all depends on how you look at the situation, just have to find the best angle.{{sticker:poppy-wink}}
My best angle at this situation is that i deserve at most chat restriction, I know that riot follows a strict policy in terms of banning like racism, or calling for harm on others. I don't mind those kind of players getting banned because I myself report them, and expect a ban, but surely i cannot expect a ban from i don't know, negative attitude? Which as i said i can't help having since i had to deal with problems and my enjoyment of game plummeted, added to that behaviour of gang and yi and later enemy zed calling for racism non-stop, triggered me to no end, but despite this the worst word i used is dumbfck, which i used once or maybe twice. So although punishment may be justified, the degree of punishment certainly isn't. And everyone who keeps saying that ban is justified for me are living in a dream. What's more, mute all isn't a solution to everything, how can you even play online game when you mute everyone from the getgo, you may aswell play single player, since you aren't even trying to interact with ppl? Another fact is that muting everyone and ignoring them is a form of toxicity in itself, although this is moot point.
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: First of all, I've read trough your entire bit and am a little annoyed that I can only see your part of the convo. Sorry, this is all a bit negative from your standpoint but its my honest opinion after reading your post and re-reading it while typing my reply. But anyway, here go's.. You enter the game and you dont even say hello, (there is litteraly no sign of you ever even trying to be nice) you go right on with negativity at Teemo that his champion isnt a support champ.. After which the whole discussion begins over which champ should go were (you have 7 lines words in that tiny chat window and its all about why Teemo would be bad.. only then you start defending your own pick which means Teemo probably didnt like that wall of text and critisim from you and talked back.. which is his good right btw when you start a game or even a convo like that..) **Secondly, the reason why they couldnt remake early** (I think you chickend out with your Leona mid pick and tried to make it so they would have an early afker and would remake..) is because **you kept trying to reconnect.** The client realises this and then holds off on giving the all clear on if people are allowed to vote for the game to end early without the need for a full team agreement. So each time you logged in and tried to reconnect the client held off on allowing an early surrender, which means its YOUR fault why they couldnt remake.. So.. at this point all the people on your team has seen from you is judgy and negative behaviour and arguably a more troll pick then Teemo support, followed with an disconnect and them not even able to remake. So at that point they get to have the plesure of your company again which you dont even start of apolizising for the disconnect.. (To them you say it was a bug and to us you say it was because of an mistake....?) and you start of going at them right from the getgo up untill the very end. Even in the end your telling them its because of a bug.. (contradicting my friend..) you vote no on surrender votes just to make their game even worse then you made it in the first place because your at that point holding the team hostage till it doesnt require the full team to agree, I dont know if you think you were the first that came up with it but people have been doing this for a while now in order to be even more annoying then they already are. You litterally are the sole reason why this game was lost and why people didnt have a fun time playing a normal league game. From the very beginning up until the end everything you have done was counterproductive and just outright annoying. And this is something you generally only see on weekends when kids are home from school. I am actually really happy to see you get punished like this, simply because a chat ristriction would litterally be spitting on the face of those 4 people on your team and anyone who ever had the misfortune (pun intended) of having to play with someone who behaves like you did on their team. An account ban means much more then just those 14 days in terms of access and visual stuff (like the honor flair) and everyone says they dont like the visiual stuff anyway but the moment they see someone who does still have their flair they have a small feelsbad feeling for half a sec. So yea, well deserved I'd say and good to see Riot does do their job in terms of keeping games fun. No sign of you being rasist but you were the catalyst of all negativity in those 25-30 minutes. Atleast you havent used that account much if its 5 years old and only level 110. Anyway, back to league, {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Honestly thank you for responding since you are i think the only one who bothered yourself to read those chat logs (according to what you said) but i have to disagree with half of what you said or more because as i said you see situation only from perspective of chats, which is really faulty in my opinion because it gives no clue whatsoever as to what happened in the game. First of all i can assure you that between my lines of chat there is always something written by either enemy or my team, in lobby it was pretty much sentence for sentence between me and teemo. As for hello, nobody says hello in my games you can't really argue with me about that because it's the truth, maybe it happens every few games but it's mostly ignored by everyone, sad reality of this community. Me calling it a bug in chat is justified from my perspective because how can i explain the fact that alt-tabing from loading screen in order to close chrome caused the game to be unable to be alt-tabbed again, there was no way for me so i had to quit>relaunch so i used bug as reason because it was quite possible. Me voting no for surrendering is again spitting in my own face, because when i came back in the game late i played normally and tried to make a difference i even got a few kills on my own somehow, but gang and yi still sat in the base, so from minute 7 to minute 20 they sit around in base running around and arguing with me. What's more this is normal so i play the game for fun and i see no reason to surrender in normal when anything can happens, winning 4v5 is one of the few things that happen, that's why i kept telling gang and yi that they were bad because even without me they could win this game but by abandoning it from (not sure when they started afking, i came back in minute 7 and they were already in the base and top lane was pushed hard) they are the reason for the lost game. One thing that made me laugh is that you are glad person like me is banned when i literally meet ppl in the game calling (not really directed to me) how their mum, dad, sister or someone else from family is (particular profession) or that you should hang yourself or neuter yourself for being bad or using actual racial slurs, and despite reporting these ppl i never received feedback report (assuming that only when person reported by you is banned you do receive this notification). And when i checked similar thread with ppl calling for unjustified bans, i see them mentioning that they did use magical k** words or calling racial slurs, so not sure how can you group me up with those ppl. But i guess there's no use in defending myself because every person who responds to this threat is incarnation of angel, who says hello, apologize for every mistake, gives advice on anything to players and when they are target of insults they ask what's the problem, can i help you resolve it, etc. Honestly i hoped i'll receive answer from more day-to-day players who didn't get ban despite acting like humans but whatever, my fault.
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: Give an honest opinion, should i be banned for this?
Reported for what? And banned for what? Rioter pretty much said i was banned for 14 days for saying stupid and numbfck, considering that those chats are onesided because they are shown without context it's really hard to say if i'm the worst or not and who started it. Another thing is that i would never ban anyone for 14 days for these chat logs, chat restriction? maybe . However ban? That punishment is too harsh in my opinion considered my flawless history in regards to punishments and warning. Another thing, you say that i'm typing more than i'm playing, this game was already lost because it was 3v5 when i came back to game and enemy toplaner and jungler had free reign over what to do. So i was just arguing with gang and yi who insisted that i lost them game and i'm bad, in the meantime enemy midlaner and someone else also started to blame me for ruining the game and they will report me for racism and enjoy ban, and what do ya know. Toxic players won, because i never threatened anyone or tried to band whole game to report someone for something they haven't done.
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