Hansiman (EUNE)
: Most of the players I play with actually select fill as their secondary role.
Most of my friends treat it as an unholy abomination that should never be looked at, let alone touched.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Possibly, but I'd like to call myself impossible patience instead.
Then again, how many players use the fill option? As far as I know, I'm the only one from my whole friends list, that plays a wide array off champions in different roles ever since the new que. And no, I'm not against having them, and putting you in that role, but when I get a role so often, off an option that is sold as "fill", that I can say I main that role? Shouldn't be quite there. I enjoy support, heck, I mained it for a season and a half. But it bothers me, almost feels forced upon me whenever I pick fill.
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: I'd say yes, but as somebody else said it depends on the person viewing it. I don't think a furry would appreciate that type of name and report you.
Well, as a furry i don't mind. It's from person to person, some of my friends would've probably lost their sh*t if they saw it.
Final Ace (EUW)
: Coach looking for player/team
Hmmm, is the offer still standing? I'm a silver 2 (droped down from s1) Nasus main. And... Sorry if this is a necro, was the most recent post i found that was in english and contained the word "coach" -Yain
Dame (EUW)
: How to close main: -Pick the most broken one(most players do that) -Pick the one, who got played most by hyped "pros"(LCS or something like that) -Pick the most sexualizated one
I just started maining Nasus... And, he's not broken (well, if you let him get 700+ stacks he gets rather problematic to deal with) or played much in LCS if he ever has, or sexualized.
RazorTS (EUW)
: depends who you consider early/late and what class is a carry in your eyes. 90% of games adcs gets carried by his support (and rest of his team) for well until he has full build and he still cant do frak against dedicated tank or a decent assassin 1 on 1. Ask yourself do you even have potential to carry your team then pick champs accordingly If you have bad mechanics but have "feel" for gameflow and good situation awareness pick a jungler, maybe your mechanics just average but you can make good calls? go support have godlike mechanics like to make risky plays? pick assassin know how to stay safe make few mistakes and good mechanics? go marksman or mage go toplane if you have no clue whats going on the map and there are champs for every role and lane that are more or less challenging mechanically wise
Now i feel insulted as a main toplaner... (Realy, it's only Nasus i play top. It's either support/adc if i can't get my trusty main.)
BardFace (EUW)
: Is "GG" just an insult now?
I stopped writing "GG" as it could often be under the impression of a sarcastistic claim. However "Good Game." or "It was a good game." isn't, it seems. Most often though, i only write "wp" (only if it's against somebody that played well though)
Sháco (EUW)
: My friend "mains" top lane and takes teleport just for the sake of it... he doesn't ever use it in a practical way, either uses it to get back to lane when he could walk and the wave would be pushing back towards him, or uses it to try teleport into a fight that's either a) already over or b) he's so far away that by the time he walks from where he teleported (some random ward somewhere) that it results in a suicide. The he wonders why he gets flamed... xD
I "main" Nasus, and i often use it to tp back to tower after a back. Only up front of the 15 to 17 minute mark when my stacks aren't that high though. As soon as i hit 300 stacks my TP is (pretty much) only used for getting into teamfights or getting to an objective. Of course. It's always situational, many times i've tp'd back to lane after a teamfight to push down that pesky tower.
: Mafia wouldnt fit because Caitlyn fights for justice. Everyone with the Mafia skins are outlaws, vigilantees, terrorists, and a sneaky rat who is basicaly a bad guy...or animal... you get the point. Its like saying, Officer Jinx, eventhough it sounds really cool, it doesnt fit. Jinx fights against the law, not for it.
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