: Your choice. But its not fair for me that they ban me after spending 150 € on league
i've spent 725€, what's your point?
: High damage auto attacks still shred you even with high hp, but for example the maw shield absorbs a lot of burst and stack with itself. With maw+the new banshee active it will be impossible to 1v1 someone with those items as an ap mage. Shield+75 mr + spellshield...
welp, mages are supposed to die to ad mids, they are a counterclass to mages, im getting sick of this bullshit, why ppl are crying that they cant 1vs1 an assasin? u already guttered my homie rengar, my buddy talon, my %%%%% zed
Wex0r (EUW)
: maybe 25% is to much but its way to low at the moment
no it's fine,if u are at the point where a mundo can dive u while u are full health,u mostly deserve to die to him
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=WilliTheWit,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=wPnoo0Xj,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-11-03T09:16:50.140+0000) > > No I won't. You're right. > Such a winning streak is extraordinary in a couple of ways: > - mainly one champ, 33 consecutive wins.... > - stats way out of the regular common sense, and different from his other stats. > > It must be that someone other played on his account. > Shall we report him? I already sent riot support a ticket + scrnshots of his match history, they said they'll look into it but can't tell me if he'll get banned due to privacy reasons.
they will ban him only if there are two completely different IPs, perhaps one from germany and the other from brasil
Doomley (EUW)
: You know that "skill cap" and "skill ceiling" are exactly the same thing right? Maybe you meant skill floor?
yeah, sorry.i meant that
jppeer123 (EUW)
: How do i get my account back? (Read before commenting please...)
yeah, not even try to do that, once u get permabanned u can do nothing.just create a new acc and start over.just Don't go to those "FREE RP" sites this time.
: Did that. Didn't work. Not even a bit. Was playing ultra defensive under turret, He was pokin me with basic attacks and would run away with w boost. Rinse and repeat 15 more times and im dead cuz he dived me on quarter of my hp. I'm Nasus. Was first pick.
welp, if u first pick nasus u'll get counter obviously
: > [{quoted}](name=Mpoulis123,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=Ju73ZX8t,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-11-03T21:15:57.222+0000) > > Yes but to one shot somebody you must get fed and get kills so you do need skills to play him. You can't one shot easily if you aren't fed Did you just say that Rengar requires skill?
i find rengar to have the same skill cap of zed, but zed's skill ceiling is higher, u only need a good common sense/positioning/map awareness and have to do the right choice in the right moment, it mostly will be "fukken kill vayne" but still...
Mpoulis123 (EUNE)
: Rengar
actually i tried the new rengo, it's pretty fun and u won't believe but his damage cap got higher, i reached 400 ad at the 20 minutes mark, i wasn't even that fed nor they enemy team wasn't a buch of bonobos
: I want Teemo to get removed from the game.
rush this {{item:3211}} and u'll be just fine
: Who is the most unbalanced champ?
it's lucian, hands down. 2 sec dash, kites u like u had 100 movement speed and he had 500, can go tanky and still has dps, can do a normal adc build and burst u down, he can even go fuking ap and deal 2k damage in 1 sec, can be played top-mid-jungler-adc, could work support too if he goes ap due to his poke but meh, there are better champs for that.
: {{champion:19}} and {{champion:48}} will always be the 1v1 kings.
{{champion:39}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:13}} yeah "kings"
: Does that mean Azir won't be getting compensated for his nerfs? rip EDIT : The same about Kalista, then? Or was she just a very strong champion overall?
only NA rioters works for the balance team, we only got ITs
0xZEDx0 (EUNE)
: People trolling in games
: Sorry, who appointed you the authority on how laconic other people's forum posts should be? Yeah, that would be _no-one_. If people have a lot to say, they'll say a lot. That's the way things are. If _I'm_ putting too much energy into my posts, then what does that make the OP?
i m just saying that u are trying to reanimate ashes these kind of post grow like shrooms, there's gonna be a post like this in an hour, if not, tonight or tomorrow u'll get tired of dealing with this shit after a while
: > [{quoted}](name=Emperor Wyz,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ElclLME9,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-23T20:25:29.202+0000) > > Everyone knows that Rito games is one of the worst companies out there Really? Wow, in a world where Nestle scrabbles to push up the price of drinking water, that's quite the bold statement! ...at least if the word "bold" means "childishly-exaggerating for the sake of playing a martyr act". > not just because their staff is way bellow average IQ, but because they are totally ignoring the fact that there is nothing other than their lazy ass automatic ban system to deal with and punish players, Yeah, "lazy"...which is why that same system _can_ detect the context that toxic words are being used in. If it really _was_ lazy, it would just be a simple word filter. > any type of customer support, [Oh I'm sorry, I must be imagining things.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) > or basically anything that would make them seem like they are actually trying to fix whats already so bad about this game. Well, since player behaviour is the only thing you've brought up thus far, it's great to know you conveniently ignore the fact that there even _are_ consequences for bad behaviour to begin with. And before you try to bring permabans into the equation, that aspect of it isn't meant to be a fix - it's just meant to get rid of the worst of the worst who don't care about reforming. Because that's the key aspect of them trying to fix behaviour - the idea of reformation. Sure, we could quibble to the end of time as to _how_ effective it is, but if what Riot have already said about how the players who are unable to reform are in a vocal minority is anything to go by, the system isn't as token as you're trying to make it out to be. And before you reply, don't bother trying to spin it as if Riot are lying just because you don't agree with them - I'm already prepared for that shambles of a non-argument. > Sure they have this braindead thing about "insulting" and "flaming(random word i know, as i said bellow average iq, i prefer frosting or watering or earthing) It's not random. "Flaming" has always been common parlance for aggressive communication over the internet even _long_ before League existed. How long _have_ you been using the internet, exactly? > " that they use to justify so-called-tribunal, which has nothing to do with anything. You know...aside from collectively referring to the systems in place to detect and punish bad behaviour, such as the aforementioned insulting and flaming. > People are just getting more pissed off and more angry, instead of knowing that a person(or a group of people) who intentionally ruin/s a RANKED(For you people that do know ranked is a competitive part of the game) will get punished, they lose a game, and in my case, get suspended for a few days. Yep thanks riot, not like i care but no wonder this game is getting more and more annoying and the fun is nonexistant. I highly doubt losing the game was the _only_ factor in you getting suspended. Mind you, if you really _were_ secure in the idea that you're the victim of a malfunctioning regulation system, you'd have no problem posting the chat logs you received when you got punished. If not, it's just going to look like you have something to hide. And you're evidently doing a pretty bad job of hiding it, given the phrase that comes next: > But whatever, im sure those 10 year olds who are dropping out of school to play this shitty-ass game are grateful because they dont have no endure "bady wordy" So, you have _this_ kind of aggressive, insulting, condescending outlook on the rest of League's community, yet you're surprised that you got punished? Ok, let's leave aside the sheer brainfart of how you say it's a "shitty" game, yet your aggressive reaction to being banned suggests that you still want to keep playing it, painting that phrase with the most _spicy_ dishonesty. Have you maybe not stopped and thought to yourself that maybe, _just maybe_, you might be more indicative of the problem than you're trying to say Riot is? TL;DR I don't see the problem with the system not banning people. I mean, after all... ...it banned _you_, for one thing.
u put too much energy on such posts, just leave a sarcastic comment and move on
Lux Lux (EUW)
: All I see is a toxic person complaining about toxic people... Even IF you have a higher than average IQ score (let's say 200+ lol), it doesn't give you a reason to insult everyone else or their companies. Having perfect grammar doesn't mean everything you say is correct either. --- Not every punishment is a permaban... Sometimes they don't even ban them because it may be their first time being so toxic at someone. Sometimes they do get punished but only for 14 days. Maybe they only got a warning either in the client or via email. Heck, maybe they did get permabanned but are smurfing. --- So many people complain about the game. Those people either hate Riot, League of Legends itself, the community, the toxic players, the lag, an "undeserved" punishment, other players, some champion, some bug, anything... What I don't get is, **Why don't you people go play another game?!** There are soooooooo many other games for all kinds of people. **Why stick to league** if "the fun is nonexistant"? Why make your life so complicated by complaining on the Boards instead of playing another game where you might have some fun? So many games where people are less toxic, so many games where people can't ruin your fun, so many games where you don't have to rely on others. So why League? --- The other day I got someone who just straight out told me (after all the flaming he was doing to my teammates) "I hate team games".
the fact is, there are really no other games that gets u the way LoL does. i've been seaching so much for a good so so i can leave LoL. if yall have any suggestions tell me pls
: what do u think which champion need a skin?
pool party garen could be sweet a new skin for hecarim maybe? like reindeer heca, since it's xmas u know Santa sion? crinch warwick?
Lyroit (EUW)
: There are players who are playing on a controller. I'm not saying they are good on it, but it is playable and fun (Have tried it out once in a custom^^). So i think that it could be possible. But if they actually would do it (which i don't belive) they would need to disable ranked for it, as you can never be as good with the controlls as someone with keyboard / mouse
u just triggered every single console player in the world
: I understand where you're coming from, although as an adc people don't listen to my dragon/tower/baron calls. Most people do which I appreciate but there's always that one guy who dosen't listen and likes to play by him/herself.
welp, there goes away my interest in this post. filthy adc mains.
Hawrang (EUW)
: She is hard to play beacause you need to master the animation cancel
she is not hard, she COULD be hard, she is like having a lambo but driving with automatic gear
Rioter Comments
LA Losty (EUW)
: What do you mean "it should be near 11.5M now"? Where exactly are you getting those numbers from? Also has anyone ever considered that the reason why they arent releasing new numbers could be because they cant detect all the smurfs? Either way, i havnt really seen any major signs of the playerbase declining.
they haven't been showing numbers because their playerbase is going downhill
Tarolock (EUW)
: the have no control over players and their actions, they made the system which works fine, the feeders/trolls/leavers are ppl from the community not some agents from RIOT to destroy your fun.... and about more and more trolls: thats just the sideeffect from the growing playerbase, the last info i read is lol have around 24M players, and if only 10% is troll/leaver/afk thats a huge number
in 2014 lol peaked at 67M active accounts, nearly 40M players per month.It should be near 11,5M by now http://majorleagueoflegends.s3.amazonaws.com/lol_infographic.png
: ***
wut, autoattack to take the shield down? did i miss something?
: (Quick update for) End-game statistic calculator.
: Leveling experience
hold the fk up, if levelling is frustating, and after lvel 30 it gets more toxic why in the Flying fuck are we ppl playing this game, i don't get it
: some help for disabled ppl: kys
this is too fcking easy lol
: Some help for Disabled peoples
some help for disabled ppl: kys
: I would like to see how do you react if your father died, show some respect douche bag.
yeah i would like it too, since i never had the chance to see him
Shreddar (EUNE)
: I am not a girl but if you find a girlfriend I am down to tag team you know?
this is the comment i was looking for
: Really mate? His dad just passed away. Show some damn respect.
"gne gne my dad passed away gne gne pls donate to me so i can relief my sadness gne gne"
: [NEW SKINS] Dark Star Thresh IS NOT ALONE!!!
varus has so fcking many skins dude
: > - " You didn't gank my lane at all " > > Yeah, so ? Play safe, i got plenty assists and kills on the other lanes, play safe and you'll win the game. The game doesn't revolve around you. It revolves around the good of the team, if other lanes are getting snowballed by your jungler, all you have to do is play safe and you'll eventually win. > You do realize this is a team game, right? Ofc you can go ahead and not gank a lane in order to help somewhere else, get drakes etc. But when your toplaner needs help and is tower hugging with his 0/3 and poor cs maybe you should think about whether it is really worth it. Not saying it is only the junglers fault, because the toplaner must have done some mistakes to have a score like 0/3 or w/e, however if there is something the jungler could have done and chose not to he is partly to blame as well when the enemy toplaner leaves the lane and starts hurting your team. In the end your goal is to win, but completely ignoring a lane for other objectives CAN make that troublesome if mid-late game ends up being essentially a 4v5. I am just writing this because I see a lot of games where the top or mid laner (happened to myself before ofc) needs help but does not get any and ends up getting blamed for losing the game when he is subpar compared to the enemy laner in teamfights. I do not defend players that blame their jungler for their lost lanes, but more often than not it could have been avoided with a little help.
u never gank a losing lane, if my riven/teemo/ekko/nautuless/sion/olaf/panth would be 0/3 and 50 cs under darius, im not gonna fcking gank him 2vs1 because u just can't, u'll need your midlaner too just to be considered a real treat to darius/renekton/jax/tryndamere/fiora/illaoi and the list goes on, and most of the time it's not worth the time or risk to do it so u'd better stay fcking away from top or just ask for bot to rotate top while riven stays bot
Icy Spectre (EUNE)
: See guys? Rito made graves reform, you can reform too.
graves can reforum but tyler1 cant. rito's logic
: You can't play this game before 10pm
yeah and before 11 am it takes so long to find a game, my record was 3:13 minutes as supp or fill
: Depends on your quality for one. And your pr skills and such on the other. Don't expect insta views either you'll probably get traffic just from people searching lol related stuff but you prob won't be in the top results.
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naeks11 (EUNE)
: Fizz is anti-brainded champion
Rioter Comments
: sure it spawns at 20, and the correct answer is 20. You just pressed another answer :(
But there wasnt 20, only 5 7 10 15
: WIN RP - QUIZ FOR LOL second giveaway
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iFroHawk (EUW)
: What happens next makes me cri 3ver tim
that feel when the enemy stomped was you. {{item:3040}} full stacked and you bought another {{item:3070}} just to make sure.
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