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: Playing safe
Funny, I'm playing mainly ADC at the moment and my Support's don't want to let me farm or getting at least my fucking B.F. before going into 2 full live enemies. Or just grab them to me and look if I can handle it and if not, just flaming me. Or they just push the minions to their tower, so I can't even ignore them and still playing safe.
: Simple buffs that would break a champion
{{champion:28}} is only visible if she uses abilities or aa's {{champion:78}} can use her ult to throw enemies in desired direction {{champion:64}} isn't blind anymore {{champion:56}} {{champion:15}} spellshield also dealing 100% of the damage back to attacker {{champion:157}} can e through anything at any time
: Most the of games i lost, i lost them because: 1) Most of the team feed from minute 3-5 and it's just crushed shortly after. Expecially fast if it's the bot lane to fall first. 2) Even if my team got an edge in the form of kills or objectives, we lose as soon as TFs become a factor (usually a losing team will begin to all mid in desperation) because some teammates are completely unable to play as a team. They chase and got baited into full enemy team, they NEVER left their lane and push endlessly without wards (of course, they are ganked by 5 people), they waste their ults as soon as they see something moving, they ignore calls, are picked one after another cause they are to strolling around alone (ADCs are particularly prone to this) or are obsessed to go baron or dragon when the enemy team is there even if they are 1 vs 5 and can't achieve nothing but die horribly. And a lot of other things that the medium player will surely knows about. All of that got barely something to do with what champs are played. It's not about champs, but about basic LoL skill. The only very frequent error that got something to do with champs is "Full Assassin Glass Team Cause We Are All Divas And We Are Here To Get Kills And Do Flashy Moves And Feel So Pro" VS "Normal team with one-two tanky champs", which is probably the main reason why people still whines about tanks. If a team got 0 engages and 0 tanks and everyone builds only damage, and get stomped by a team with someone that can engage and soak damage, that team can't blame the game for that. They should blame their brains and do not play trash things like {{champion:157}} Top and the like.
Yep, I'm feeling exactly this type of shit. And even if you're saying "We need a tank" and it's only jungle and mid left who can pick something, the jungler decides to pick Kha'Zix. Early game is fine, but when mid game and the first team fights coming the enemy team is just snowballing you away. You got no vision because the support decided to go full AP Annie or something similar and Kha'Zix is getting his chilling smite. Some mates just look at the map and see a big wave and instead of waiting for the wave to come to a more safe spot, they just get the idea of getting the whole wave near the river. Wards? Why? Getting stomped by the enemy team and next team fight is lost too. It's not just once a game, it's the whole time..
: True, it is the "smurfs only"-queue. (Thank the gods/ritos) My point here is that where i allways play casually, this match was the toughest one i've had since back in Season 5 - even tougher than my promotion series to Diamond V. A normal game. At average level 13. One where i actually had to go all-out, full hardcore, playing my extreme best and only barely coming out on top. MATCHMAKING IS WORKING BETTER AT LEVEL 13 THAN LEVEL 30
Ah k, just watched the flame section to the right or whatever it's called. Didnt see it was a game of 1 hour. Now I got the point of all this. My life is better now.
10962670 (EUW)
: Do you believe some champs just aren't compatible with some people?
Well I just wanted to play Xin Zhao, but even if he's a strong jungler and a strong Champion itself, I just cant play him, simple as he is. Same with Jax, I'm always ganking, dying and tilting. Think it's mostly a thing of practice, but sure it's still a game of a team and not a single person.
: Because they might be playing support, but they are not Supports. As a Support main, I feel offended whenever I see a support without Sightstone, ally or enemy. It feels like a slap in the face of the position itself and in the face of the actual proper Support community. Not only that, this happens aswell when people pick champions that help noone on the team other than themselves, and when they do those full-AP builds that not even midlaners themselves would build, even if they were snowballing hard. To me, a support that can't appreciate items like Zeke's, Sightstone, Mikael's, Locket (and others too, but especially these ones), is not deserving of being recognized as support. So answering your question, it is normal that you find these guys, but they are NOT doing the right thing, so you're right in feeling how you feel. They are playing the support position, but they are NOT looking to Support anyone but themselves. In other words, they just want to carry from a different position. Regarding the jungle item, I don't feel like all junglers should get Tracker's. I'm absolutely okay with people going for blue or red smite if their jungler is more focused on damage than utility. Now, if they are playing a Tank jungler like Nautilus, Rek'Sai, etc (junglers that add more utility than damage), and they are going for blue or red smite, then they might need a touch-up from someone.
Well yeah, these were my thoughts exactly. I played Support very often too, such things as Leona, Thresh, Sona but even as Sona i'd never do a full AP build, I just don't understand why those people pick the Support role if they don't even want to fit in the role. And even if you ask them to buy that needed Sightstone they just answer "Yeah, next Item" after they did just buy the full support item + roaming boots. And of course the next Item isn't Sightstone. Playing ADC mainly atm, so that's why I'm a bit frustrated. The Enemies are'nt dumb, they look over my Support's build and ask the jungler to camp. I just have my trinket and I'm using it every time its off-cooldown, but it just isn't enough. Yes I totally agree with the Jungle Item thing. Don't want a Yi with tracking knife, but a Rek'Sai should at least think about it.
: Insane FPS drop!
I dont think that it's the reason but get MSI Afterburner and check your GPU Temperature, for me my graphics card's fan was broken and so my Card went up to 100° in some situations. As I said, I dont think it's the reason, but you still can try it. But if it's only in Teamfights it could be hard to check it without ruining the game.
: An average game at summoner level 11.
I bet most of them are just smurfs who can't admit that some "noob" played better than them. (maybe they dont know that at this level at least 75% of the players are Smurfs.)
: Akali Tips
Great Item. I miss it. pls.. come back!
: I main mages but need an AD champion
Try Urgot at Top, he is a q spammer and underestimated.
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: Bots completely taking over?
Well didn't see many bots on my Level 30 Account, but when i switched to my level 5 Account I was the only human in an ARAM.. The game was just over after 8 minutes. At first the enemy Bots was just standing behind their turret at exactly the same Point and waited for their first tower to fall. I don't know who scripted this shit, but I think in the end it doesn't even matter. (No problem for the earwig)
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